Digital Technologies A2 Editing Table


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Digital Technologies A2 Editing Table

  1. 1. How did digital technologies enable you to develop and create more realistic media products in your foundation and advanced productions? TARGET: FOCUS ON A2 TRAILER EDITINGA2 TECHNOLOGY EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID (watch your HOW IT MADE YOUR WORK MORE evaluation videos to revise the processes then say in your essay what you did so the examiner knows the detail and REALISTIC effort you went to)iMovie Clip trimming Sharper edits made dialogue and action faster, and created the impression that the soap is packed with exciting events Changing sound levels if you filmed in a noisy Clear sound is a key feature of TV products- location/couldn’t hear dialogue clearly muffled or quiet sound reduces the quality of the trailer Cropping footage to create a more effective shot e.g. cropping a MS to a ECU conveyed emotion to type audience in a way that met the conventions of the genre and made the trailer more realistic Sound bridging Adding transitions Adding background music and ducking Background music: pace, tone, key, lyrics all add background music to hear dialogue extra meaning to the events in the trailer. Ducking: This is what happens in real media products (name one of your example trailers e.g. Hollyoaks) Voice Over e.g. “now on E4...”
  2. 2. KeyNote Creating title card and adding institutional branding Adding transition to title card e.g. getting “E4” sticker logo to roll on to the screen like it does with real products Positioning of branding on title card using style guides and existing trailers, adding schedule info and hashtags Masking original text on logos if there was any and adding your own text in correct font. (You may have used Photoshop for this) Background images- where did you get them Background image should convey class and from and how did you transfer them to KeyNote narratives that will be occurring in your soap so slide? audiences understand what will happen (familiarity- audiences want to be able to predict what will happen and enjoy watching events unfold) Saving and importing to iMovie N/AGarageband Adding a suitable track Looping the instrumental intro/part of the track Lyrics and beats don’t distract from the dialogue(if you used it) Fading in lyrics so they appear in the right place in your trailer Saving and importing to iMovie N/A