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Cover 17th april


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Cover 17th april

  1. 1. Sheena’s lessons Weds 17thApril.A2 Media P1+2Please come to F43 on time. You will be registered and toldwhich room to go to.AS Media P3Finish Absolute live events articles. Plan and write radio essaythat was set in todays lesson:"Discuss the ways in which live radio events are produced anddistributed to audiences by commercial and public serviceinstitutions."Submit in Fridays lesson please.A2 Media P4+5Spend 30 mins planning how you will improve your 1aconventions essay.Spend 40 minutes rewriting the essay by hand.Finish your Collective ID essay "how do contemporaryrepresentations compare to previous time periods?"Collective ID essay in on Friday, conventions essay in onMonday.