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  1. 1. The evaluation• There are SEVEN questions that relate to the planning and production of your music magazine• You must find interesting and VISUAL ways to interest the moderator in your work.• Use plenty of images, thumbnails, links etc• Use colour codes, highlighting and keys for important information• Use lots of space, don’t cram slides with information
  2. 2. You will be expected to submit at least FIVE slides per question but this can vary if you have a hyperlink on a single slide. You are asked to demonstrate good communication skills. Lots of negative spaceAllinformationis clearly Statistics arevisible and displayedeasy to interestinglyread
  3. 3. AS Media Studies at Aquinas Your coursework brief:OCR G321: Foundation PortfolioCreate the front cover, contentsand double page spread for a new music magazine
  4. 4. Your first slide should look like this...
  5. 5. Name:Candidate number :Centre: 33435 Aquinas CollegeAS Media StudiesOCR G321: Foundation PortfolioBrief from OCR syllabus
  6. 6. • There are SEVEN questions• The evaluation is worth 20 marks• You must address each question separately• If working in a PowerPoint, you should aim for a minimum of five slides per question, with lots of detail. This is your chance to prove what you have learned.
  7. 7. Question 1 Who would be theaudience for your media product?
  8. 8. Question 2 How does your mediaproduct represent particular social groups?
  9. 9. Question 3 What kind of mediainstitution might distribute your media product and why?
  10. 10. Question 4In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  11. 11. Question 5 How did youattract/address your audience?
  12. 12. Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product?
  13. 13. Question 7 Looking back at your preliminarytask (Aquinas College magazine), what do you feel you have learnt in theprogression to the full product?
  14. 14. The following slides are only arough guide to what you should include in your evaluation
  15. 15. Q1.Who would be theaudience for your media product?
  16. 16. Q1. Who would be the audience for your media product?• You should include results of an audience questionnaire here that: – Proves there is a need for your product – Defines the age, gender and lifestyle of your primary audience – Shows what media your primary audience currently consume
  17. 17. You should also include:• Photos from your scrapbook that show who your audience really are: what they like, FaceBook photos, gig tickets and wristbands, and examples of what kind of design they like from magazines they currently read.• You can do a spider diagram that illustrates concisely who your target audience are so the examiner can see right away who you are targeting before going into detail, see next slide...
  18. 18. Q1. Who would be the audience for your media product? Live in the InfluencedWho know what city they like.. 16-24 year oldsWho go to gigs.. I aimed my magazine at.. Women Educated Who spend money Who like to shop on.. at..
  19. 19. Q1. Who would be the audience foryour media product?I feel that my magazine would be similar to NME andthe audience that buys that, however would be slightlymore mainstream. I also felt very strongly frompersonal experience that there was a gap in the marketfor an indie music magazine aimed at young women.This would be my unique selling point.
  20. 20. Sub- genres and hybrid publications Based on my audience research, I have found that there is a gap in the market for a niche magazine that combines indie music with high- street fashion aimed at a primary audience of middle class, teenage females. NOTE: You should aim to add a couple of slides showing why current audiences enjoy using these publications and how you will combine them to create a new product.
  21. 21. Q1. Who would be the audience for your media product?This issue of NME usesmore feminine colours thatwould attract women. Italso appeals to the samegenre of music lovers asmy magazine would.However, NME’s primaryaudience is males aged16-24, so this suggeststhat the brand is trying towiden it’s audience.
  22. 22. (Includes images of my scrapbook which helps explain what genre of magazine I want to make)
  23. 23. The primary audience for myproduct would be mostly females asmy magazine is of a hybrid genrewhich includes fashion. This will becombined with the genre of popmusic, and although this may appealto males, I would class them asbeing more of a secondaryaudience, as I think that the majorityof the features I would include withinmy magazine would be more femalerelated. The age range for myprimary audience would beteenagers to young adults as I thinkthat these make up a largepercentage of people that listen topopular culture music.
  24. 24. My secondary audience would bepeople that would not necessarily buymy magazine, but would read it whenpartners, friends or family membershad purchased it. I would aim mymagazine at 16-25 year olds, howeverthis may not be the only age rangethat would read it. I would aim mymagazine at a demographic who arevery interested in popular music, andcelebrities that are in the charts. Iwould also aim my product at peoplewho are interested in the style andfashions that these celebritiespromote, and readers that aspire to belike these people. However, thesemay not be the only people that wouldbe reading my product as somepeople may just read it because it isavailable to them (friends, partnersetc.).
  25. 25. The demographic for my product wouldbe basically be people who desire to belike an A-list celebrity. These aremainstream people who shop in placessuch as Hollister, Topshop and Office.
  26. 26. An example of products similar to myown on the market at the momentwould be Billboard, however this isnot sold widely in the UK as it is anAmerican product and so does nothave nearly as many copiescirculating as I would want mymagazine to across the UnitedKingdom.
  27. 27. Within my research, I have been lookingat the biggest stars in the genre of popthat I can re-create within my ownproduct. These are huge names such asBeyoncé, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry andRihanna. I also looked at people whocreate pop music and are also seen asfashion Icons, such as the names listedabove. This is the reason I thought that ahybrid genre of pop and fashion wouldwork well because more or less thesame celebrities relate to both. Forexample; Beyoncé is one of the biggestpop stars of this generation, but is also ahuge fashion icon. Thus the sameaudience would be interested, and wouldbe interested in my product. However Iwould not include people like The StoneRoses, Arctic Monkeys or Jake Bugg inmy product as these are not artists thatappeal to my target audience.
  28. 28. The ideal reader for my product issomeone who aspires to be likeBeyoncé, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.These are people who modelthemselves on these celebrities and willcopy their hairstyles, fashion and stylebecause they want to be like them. Theideal reader for my magazine arepeople who are very up to date withtheir music taste and constantly areaware of what is in the charts and whoare the biggest celebrities of the time.
  29. 29. Q2 : How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  30. 30. “REPRESENTATION”• How a person, group, social group or brand is FILTERED to send specific messages to audiences.• Representations are CONSTRUCTED to INCLUDE and EXCLUDE different groups of people With this question you must demonstrate how you have FILTERED your star to reflect your ideal reader.
  31. 31. Q2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? MODE OF ADDRESS: The use of intertexuality within my features creates a code that the audience of my publication would understand. IDEAL READER: My star represents the ideal reader, with the use of mise en scene. Her costume and performance connote a rebellious side, straying away from traditional conventions for female stars. Therefore my target audience would ASPIRE to be like her.
  32. 32. Q2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?•To appeal to the correct TARGET AUDIENCE, my starwould have to represent an idealised version of thereader. In order to appeal to as many consumers aspossible, the star must appear mainstream and non-threatening.•On the following slides I will demonstrate how TaylorMomsen, one of the celebrities my chosen audience isinterested in, filters her appearance and performancedepending on her audience
  33. 33. Q2. How does your star represent particular social groups?
  34. 34. Taylor Momsen: mainstream representation Neat blonde hairDirect eye makes her look likecontact with the “girl next- door”audience Neutral/positive Delicate heels are facial expression feminine and youthful“Barely there”make up Demure body language- she is posing for theBut black bracelets cameraand thumb ring She is trying toshow that she has appeal to a young,a subversive side female audience as a positive role model
  35. 35. Taylor Momsen: niche representationSunglassescreate an Stockings andenigma and keep visiblethe audience at suspenders arearm’s length overtly sexualNot smiling, so Studs on tight-not welcoming fitting basque arethe audience aggressiveLong hair Crucifix connotesis un- “good girl gonebrushed bad”Perspex platformheels are worn to Multiple leatherencourage the bracelets makemale gaze her seem tough
  36. 36. Q2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? COSTUME: Both outfits represent different images. The yellow dress connotes innocence, whereas the high heels and suspenders connote a more rebellious teenager. Both these would appeal to different AUDIENCES. Likewise, this outfit would notMomsen would not wear this be appropriate for heroutfit while fronting her band, as appearance on Gossip Girl,it does not represent the image as it would not appeal to thethat she promotes. audience.
  37. 37. Q2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?COVER STAR:In all the photographs of my star, I tried to make sure she would be APSIRATIONALfor the readers. She is the same age and gender as my IDEAL READER, thereforewould attract the TARGET AUDIENCE. The mise en scene of the star represents aslightly rebellious young woman, and the use of glasses connote a sense ofconfrontation.
  38. 38. TIP:• To give a really solid answer for this question you could include images from your scrapbook or social networks of your chosen social group. This would help reinforce for the examiner exactly who you are trying to reflect with your star.
  39. 39. Q3: What kind of mediainstitution might distribute your product?
  40. 40. DISTRIBUTION: Which institution would sell your magazine?• Would you try to make your magazine a sister publication for an existing magazine by going for the same institution? (see your tables of terms)• Or would you go for a rival company and try to steal your competitor’s audience?• How often is your magazine going to publish? Weekly or fortnightly for mainstream magazines, monthly or quarterly for more niche magazines with an emphasis on quality. How will this affect the price?
  41. 41. How do you make your brand easy for the audience to access?On your contents page, double page spread and frontcover do you give the audience ways to find your brand inother ways than the print magazine?The aim is to encourage the audience to make it a habit tocome to you for all their information and lifestyle choices.You are trying to encourage brand loyalty so youradvertisers will continue to give you money
  42. 42. Sponsored hashtags Gigs, tours, festival stages Online radio website Twitter feeds DISTRIBUTION: ways for the audience subscription to find your product. Show the examiner how many you have used appsInstagram for readers to upload user generated content Facebook pages and groups Music channels on TV Blippar
  43. 43. Here is a B grade answer for DISTRIBUTION:
  44. 44. I’d choose Development Hell Ltd to distribute my publication as I feel that CTRL and Mixmag would both compliment eachother. Development Hell Ltd currently publish and distribute Mixmag; The Worlds Biggest Dance Music and Clubbing Magazine. Development Hell Ltd also own Don’t Stay In which is an company that organises and promotes club nights.As the genre my publication caters for is becoming more and more popular amongst clubgoers, Development Hell Ltd would have the expertise to promote the genre in clubs(through “Don’t Stay In”). CTRL would also compliment Mixmag, as it is a branch of danceand electronic genre.
  45. 45. CTRL processed beats for a new generationCTRL would be a monthly magazine priced at £2.80 an issue,which is a similar price to MixMag which is issued monthly,but cheaper than AnOther magazine which is publishedquarterly.There will also be a lot of advertisements in the magazine.
  46. 46. ‘s Mixmag website.
  47. 47. The publication claims itself to be “The World’s Biggest Dance Music and Clubbing Magazine” which attracts anyone who is interested in that genre. Advertising an “Exclusive Carl Cox Blog” on their website also attracts the reader as it’s exclusive and creates a unique selling point. This may also encourage the website audience to buy the magazine as it gives a good impression.Having podcasts, nights out and a television channel increases thebrand reach. This means that the brand can reach a wider audience,and therefore sell more. can increase the brand loyalty. This would keep a steady rate of sales, as people like that the publication are giving back to the people who buy it.
  48. 48. Here is an A grade example (you can do better)
  49. 49. Question 6 - website My website has a Has my brand logo so it subscription link that is recognised straight offers them the latest away dealsIncludes our five This is the image ofmain stories which the magazine issuewould attract the that is on sale at thereaders. It has scroll moment. It has aover tabs at the section by the sidebottom so therefore describing what itif the story moves on consists ofthey can select it This is the section where people canThis section has the vote, have their saylatest news coming and be involved inin which will be polls. It is updatedupdated every hour, dailyincluding new gigdates, stories aboutupcoming pop starsand much more This is where the latest downloads, playlists, and videos can be downloaded or viewed. This attracts the audience
  50. 50. Question 6 - Merchandise
  51. 51. Question 6 - Apps.
  52. 52. Question 6 -‘M’ Festival Stage
  53. 53. Question 6 - DistributionI researched the music magazines NME and Q in order to get an idea of the different media conventions and institutions to how Ishould develop and distribute my own music magazine M. Both magazines are for different genres and so using both as examples ithelped me show how to distribute my magazine as my genre was a mixture of both, more chart based.The brand statement for Kerrang magazine is “the worlds biggest selling weekly rock magazine”.This statement helps sell the brand as it uses statistics and so people are likely to believe facts over opinions and buy the magazinethinking it is professional and popular. Whereas my brand statement is “This years number one indie magazine of the year” whichalthough it isnt facts sells the brand to the audience as it tells them that the magazine is better than others and promotes the issue.It also promises them that there will be quality interviews and stories in the magazine which beats others.IPC Media ( an upmarket group that produces over 85 iconic media brands ) and also the publishers of NME magazine and Uncutmagazine which are sister publications. These two magazines being published by IPC media would help M magazine as it wouldincrease the general chart music brand identity that all the magazine have. The number one indie music magazine of the year £4.40
  54. 54. Question 4In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  55. 55. • For this question you should paste in all the slides you made that analyse magazines that are similar to yours, with a slide first to explain why you chose those particular magazines e.g. Billboard because you are making a pop magazine for adults.• You should have annotated front covers, contents pages and double page spreads of at least two magazines that fall within your genre or sub- genre, or that match your magazine stylistically
  56. 56. • You are trying to show with your annotations that codes and conventions are universal, but that they can change subtly depending on what the brand is trying to connote to the audience• CODE: (cultural signifiers that the audience understand e.g. A rose = love)• CONVENTION: (defining features of a type of media e.g. Masthead always goes top left because we read from top left as a culture, or theme tune always goes at the start of a TV show...)
  57. 57. Question Five:How did you attract/address your audience?
  58. 58. This question is really in two parts:
  59. 59. • How did you ATTRACT your audience? – When your magazine is on the newsstand with competitors, what codes, conventions and features have you used to persuade your primary audience to pick up and buy your product?•Bold masthead •Price•Star’s eyes in top 1/3 •Different size text to show•Star’s facial expression audience which features are most•Eye contact with audience important•Button with prize •Unique Selling Points are clearly•At least five features to convey definedvalue for money •Clear colour scheme and consistent fonts to create brand ID
  60. 60. • How did you ADDRESS your audience?– How did you speak to audience visually, verbally, through colour?– What kind of language (mode of address) do you use when speaking to the audience? (informative, intellectual, like an older sibling, like an equal, friendly, aggressive?)– What were you trying to CONNOTE to the audience about the genre and content through the FONTS you used?– What are you trying to tell the reader about the VALUES of the magazine from the performance of the star? (confident, rebellious, warm, angry, happy?)– Does your front cover make the reader aspire to be like the star?
  61. 61. Audience Research• In order to determine whether you have made a product that successfully attracts your target audience, we must obtain feedback from several classmates.• Leave your questionnaire in front of your computer with your front cover on the screen, for the rest of the class to evaluate• When you have your results convert them to charts in your PowerPoint so you have evidence to back up your points
  62. 62. Example: Yes: I can relate to the cover star Yes: I like the colours No: I am a male and this magazine appears to be aimed at females
  63. 63. STUDENT EXAMPLES:Demonstrating how practical pieces attract and address audiences
  64. 64. Q2Question Five
  65. 65. Q2Masthead Extra ImageRepetitiveFeature FeaturesStrapline Main ImageFree Cover StarGiveawayAnchored Unique SellingText Point
  66. 66. Gender, Age and Artist Q2 Gender: My magazine is aimed primarily at females but could also target males that like the same music and artists. The cover star is a female however doesnt look glamorous, she just looks casual which is the look my target audience generally prefer. Age: The target audience for my magazine is mainly aimed at teenagers from the age of 16 up to about 22. The cover star is within this age range so the reader can relate and be like her. Genre: The genre is ‘Urban Chart’ this is portrayed through the cover stars clothes and where she is. It is also portrayed through the other stars included in the magazine and through the stars name.
  67. 67. Q2The word ‘biggest’ draws the readerin because there is nothing else onthe market like it or as big as this.With it being at the top this drawsthe reader and this is the first thingthey will see when its on the news This is a repeat of the free giveawaystand. the reader gets with the magazine. It is at the top because this is the first thing the reader sees and the word ‘free’ is in a different colour so it stands out from the rest of the magazine. The word ‘free’ draws the reader in The masthead stands out because it is in a because it is something that they bright colour and also it also breaking dont have to pay for and get free if conventions because it is in lower case text they buy the magazine. It is also which doesnt happen with many other bigger because it persuades the magazines. reader to buy the magazine.
  68. 68. Q2ColourThe use of the gold colour stands outbecause it contrast with the purple so thetext in gold stands out.The gold colour is totally opposite from thepurple so its eye catching drawing thereader into buying the magazine.Extra ArtistsThe use of the extra artists listed at thebottom has information to offer aboutother artists which is widening theaudience because if they don’t like thecover star there are other features they canlook at.Main FeatureThe main storyline stands out on the pagebecause the grey box behind it is onlyincluded there.
  69. 69. Q2 The heading is in the same colour as the colours used on the front and throughout the rest of the contents page. This creates a unique selling point and keeps the house style. Using pictures emphases the main articles and draws the reader in to flick through the magazine. It also helps them get an idea of what else the features include. Giving the reader free giveaways and discounts draws them into buying the magazine if theyThe white colour used on the ‘features’ makes like the offer. Including it again on the contentsthem stand out from the page and draws the page shows them where to look for it andreader into looking at them and looking reminds them that its there.through the magazine.
  70. 70. The use of the extra images Q2 lets the reader see what the artist is wearing and what she looks like so that if they like her they can copy it too look like her.The tab used in the top left handcorner of the page draws the readerin because as they are flickingthrough the magazine they can seethe feature and are drawn to it. The grey box includes extra information about the star whichThe use of two different colours and two different fonts draws the reader in because if theydraws the reader in because it makes the pull out quote want to get tickets for her gigs, orstand out and gives them an idea of what else is included buy her album they can just look atin the interview. the feature and see this immediately.
  71. 71. Q2-A repetitive colour scheme consisting of purple, white and gold.-The purple colour is quite feminine so it connotes to my target audience which is why Ikept it consistent throughout.-The gold and white contrast with the purple making the more important features standout.
  72. 72. Q2QUESTION FIVE: How did you attract/address your audience? (high B grade answer
  74. 74. Q2AGE:The target audience is around 15-20year olds. This is within the cover starsage range so the audience can relate toher and the issues within the magazine.GENDER:My magazine is aimed at females. Thesecondary audience would be littlesisters. My cover star is portraying afemale indie look.GENRE:The genre is indie/rock. This isportrayed through the cover star’sexpression and pose. Also, the names ofother artists in this genre are labelledon the strap line.
  75. 75. Q2The word ‘First’ drawsthe audience in because The masthead stands outthere is nothing else like amongst competitorsthis on the market. It is because it is layered andat the top of the looks like organisedmagazine so it catches chaos which matches thethe reader’s eye. genre.A button on the side ofthe magazine so that theaudience will read it. Thewhite contrasts the restof the colours – eye The word ‘FREE’ is incatching. bold so that it draws the reader is and persuades them to buy the magazine.
  76. 76. Q2The use of the white colour contrasts the black and pink. The main features are in white which stands out to the audience. Other artists names on the covershows that the magazine has to offer other artists in which the target audience will be interested in.
  77. 77. Q2 Using pictures emphases the articles and draws the reader in to flick to the main articles. The font is the same font used on the Front Cover. This creates brand identity as the reader will be familiar with this font.By giving the readeroffers and discounts, thispersuades them to buythe magazine and then The use of the pink coloursubscribe to it. for the word ‘Features’ makes it stand out. It is also in a different font so that it doesn’t get lost on the page.
  78. 78. Q2Tabs draw the audiencein because they can be I think that the contrastflicking through the of sans serif andmagazine and be drawn serif fonts work welltowards to article. together.A button at the bottomof the magazine so thatthe audience will read it.The white contrasts the The grey box gives therest of the colours – eye reader more informationcatching. about the star and their upcoming albums or gigs.
  79. 79. Q2•A repetitive colour scheme of pink, black and white.• Pink is mainly a female colour, that is why it’s used alot – to suit the audience.• The white and black contrast the pink, making things stand out.
  80. 80. Question Five:How did you attract/address your audience? (B grade answer)
  81. 81. Q5 How did you attract/address your audience?I chose to address the ‘Metal’ audience, by using langue such as “gore” and “music for thebroken” I tried to get into the mind’s of the reader and reflect this through text.I took the theme all throughout the magazine, starting with the cover star for my star I useda female of 17 years old, because she has piercing and tattoos this helps me to create aMetal theme and attracts the correct audience, instantly it hints at more of the same kind ofstars inside the magazine to come.Also on my cover I included feature bands such as parkway drive, Pantera, amends to thedead and more...The fonts used within my front cover may be successful to attract the genre aimed atbecause it relates to the scruffy and scribble writing used on album covers, relating to thecontents of the magazineMy magazine is similar to kerrang or rocksound due to style of music, bands used and dress and appearance.This being a metal magazine, I can compare the two, and get a rough idea of what I can do toimprove my own work
  82. 82. Q5 How did you attract/address your audience? Masthead Tagline/ brand statement button Eye contact canting Colour scheme Selling pointAnchoring featuresColour scheme price Bar code
  83. 83. Q5 How did you attract/address your audience? Cover starGender;My magazine is aimed at both genders, but Ithink primarily girls will pick up thismagazine due to the feminine font and girlcover star I think this magazine can also beintroduced to boys because of the featuredbands and blue tint to the backdrop used inthe imageAge;The cover star I used was purposelychosen to be roughly around the age of mytarget audience, so my audience can relateGenre;My cover star represents thegenre I want my magazineto reflect by having piercings and tattoos
  84. 84. Q5 How did you attract/address your audience? ‘Music for the broken’ is the first thing the potential buyer see’s as it is at the top of the page so that the reader can relate to the magazine before they read on.The masthead is a feminine but grungy font witchaddresses my target audience (metal, for women) andthe word ‘damage’ suggests violence and anarchy andthe tagline anchors who it is for. The button is placed on the This feature was placed right at the top of top third of the page with the page so that it was one of the first things large font to draw the readers you read it immediately anchors to the attention to it, stating up genre and target audience of the magazine, coming gigs because girls are known for shopping.
  85. 85. Q5 How did you attract/address your audience?Aimed at peoplewho enjoy going to ‘Get inside almostwatch there suggests you canfavoured bands become a part of Anchors the targetThe words ‘gore’ audience of girls whoand ‘Ive seen the are into there fashionend’ anchor the and metal musicmetal theme ofhorror and death
  86. 86. Q5 How did you attract/address your audience? My colour scheme was red because it stands out on a plain background and makes it ‘pop’ also red is a colour for danger, blood and romance to draw in the correct type of audience. The colour runs through out the main pages to keep it fresh in the buyers mind the brand they are reading but new colours are introduced as well as the cover star dressed different to prevent it being boring
  87. 87. Question Six What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product?
  88. 88. Over the next slides is a grade Aexample of how to answer this question.Use your print screens to showhow you constructed your FC, Contents and DPS.
  89. 89. Photoshop: Contents How I achieved this (next slide)
  90. 90. I used the magic wand tool to select the I then deleted the white white area at the top of the image. space and removed the lock from the layer.ORIGINAL I deleted the white space and then I then made a new layer to deselected the area. I used the magic make the background go wand tool to select transparent. the area between Jacks legs that hadn’t been removed.
  91. 91. I then desaturated the background layer to make it black and white. Then I used the magnetic I then boosted thelasso tool to go round Jack saturation on the and select him. Then I foreground layer to used ‘Layer via Cut’ make it more vibrant. I repeated the last step to make a 3rd layer of Jack, and decreased the transparency a littleI then duplicated the further. layer so there were more layers of Jack. I transformed the second layer to make Jack bigger, and then altered the transparency.
  92. 92. Publisher: Contents How I achieved this (next slide)
  93. 93. I inserted WordArt to create the ‘ontents’ and a seperate C for the capital, but it didn’t work, so I changed it. I inserted the image I made in Photoshopinto publisher document and then cropped it to fit. I inserted boxes behind the numbers, and changed the colour of the number to white. I changed the font (OCR Extended) and then decided to create 3 different pieces for Contents splitting the word up.
  94. 94. I used a square behind the parallelogram to I used a parallelogram, a square and a make the red, and then changed the font to fit triangle to create the shape behind the with the masthead and brand. photo, and inserted the image from file.I used a square behind the triangle to make the red, and I then added another square and photo and anchored all of then changed the font to fit with the masthead and the feature headings to the relevant photos. brand.
  95. 95. DPS: Photoshop & Publisher
  96. 96. I selected the part of the image I then shuffled the image about, and I wanted to move. moved the selected area of the image on the right side of the star. When I was happy with the positioning I saved the image and inserted it into Publisher. I then used WordArt to make The dull yellow really didn’tthe “Jack: I’ve seen the light” in work and made the double 3 different pieces of WordArt: paged spread look dull, which “Jack”, “I’ve seen the” and didn’t fit in with the audience I “light.” wanted to attract to my magazine, so I removed it and worked in Photoshop.
  97. 97. I typed the word “light.” in Then I created a new layer, and I used “Stroke Path” with the brush tool white on a hollow canvas in used the pen tool to create a and selected “Simulate Pressure”. Photoshop. path. This created the line around the text, but I had to remove the parts where it looked like the streak was going over the word, by using the eraser tool. This allowed to me to change the layerstyle, and made the streak a white colour, with an outer glow of light blue.
  98. 98. The same technique using outerglow I added the Stand First in to introduce I then:(light blue) and inner fill (white) was the article to the readers. •Added the tab “CTRL CATCH UP” as a used on the “JACK” text. feature of the magazine. •Added the [MMJ STAR] subheading under “Jack” •Added the speech marks around the quote •Changed the “I’ve” to “We’ve” to include the other members of the band. I inserted images from file to create the banner. To create the border I increased the border thickness and changed the colour to white.
  99. 99. The WordArt, and AutoShapes to create the grey box, the page number, the branding and the “IN 3 WORDS” feature. I added 3 columns of text, and the Drop Cap.I added the text into the columns to make it stand out I then altered the grey box. and gave it quotation marks.
  100. 100. Question SevenLooking back at your preliminary task (Aquinas College magazine), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product?
  101. 101. For this question you need all your drafts andfeedback, which should have been kept in your folder. You will annotate JPEGS of your drafts with your feedback to show how you have improved over the last three monthsYou will also paste in all the slides that evaluate yourrule of thirds DPS and Aquinas Magazine to show that you understood what you needed to do to improve (you should have done this as part of the October checklist)
  102. 102. Warning:This is generally the weakest questionbecause it has to be done last. Pleasefinish everything on time so you don’t rush it.The examiner will penalise you if your evaluation tails off towards the end.
  103. 103. Here is part of an A gradeQuestion Seven answer.
  104. 104. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do youfeel you have learnt in the progression from this tothe final product? Question 7
  105. 105. I feel that my work had progressed throughoutthis unit, and that my Photoshop skills haveimproved hugely.I have learnt about magazine conventionswhich is reflected through my three double pagespreads
  106. 106. My first DPS design is less detailed. The colour scheme links to thestars (LMFAO)However the right page seems quite plain. It is missing conventionssuch as a grey box, page numbers, strap/tab. It does include apull out quote which makes the text seem appealing.
  107. 107. Colour schemes and formulas are important when presentingdifferent ideologies in a magazine.Each of my double page spreads has a particular colour scheme whichrelates to it’s genre and style.E.g. LMFAO are a Electro Pop / Dance group so I have used neon coloursto reflect this image.My final music magazine DPS is about a Pop/Rock singer with slightattitude, so the red and white portray a more dangerous idea.
  108. 108. I feel that this DPS is a huge improvement to the previous. It fits the genreand audience of teenage girls, and relates to the consumer.The colour scheme links to summer which is the topic of the article.I feel my Photoshop skills have developed and are used effectively togive outer glows and to remove the background of the star.
  109. 109. •With my first contents page I tried touse the contrast of light and shadowin the image to anchor the rest ofthe page.•I placed black text on the whitebackground and vice versa•I used the bright yellow to createfocal points and make the pagenumbers stand out so the readercould scan the page•I used the same number of featureson either side of the star to createsymmetry and balance•I anchored the name of the star onthe image to let the reader know whohe is
  110. 110. TechnologiesUsed:•Publisher•Adobe Photoshop•Digital Cameras•Altering and manipulatingphotos
  111. 111. Bold main feature Used same font as master-head. Big quotation marks for quote. I have used textStrap at top left to encourage reader to read inside... anchoring to overlap the words onto the edge of the Highlighted Features ensure that the photo. text stands out and is made obvious at a first glance. A 70% opacity change enabled me to anchor the text boxes onto the star’s hair. A change in font colour draws in the attention of the reader and gives a second bright colour to the colour scheme.
  112. 112. Anchoring- Master-head links with image by overlapping slightly onto star’s hair. Blending Options  Outer Glow used to make lettering stand outStrap to show extra featuresinside the mag.Basic square shape with white-to-clear gradient used to make textvisible and stand out. Button is relatable to both male and female audiences and promotes a fun activity which will encourage them to read on.
  113. 113. This high angle shot makes the star seem small as if the reader is looking down on herI felt that the photowhere Emily islooking away fromthe camera wouldportray herpersonality in a betterway and make theaudience inquisitive,rather than herlooking straight at the
  114. 114. TechnologiesUsed:•Publisher•Adobe Photoshop•Digital Cameras•Altering and manipulatingphotos
  115. 115. I anchored the text I anchored the by shaping it text by around the shaping it image around the Also, the page number is large image because it is the Also, the page main featurenumber is large because it is the main The page feature numbers are larger and bold to make the information clear.
  116. 116. I incorporated the Aquinas logo in my contents page and linked it with the colour scheme by making the letter “a” green. I made the title tilt at an angle which fits inwith other pieces of angled text on the page. It also makes it more interesting to look at. I also added the college website to the bottom of the page to promote the online college information
  117. 117. I chose this image because Emily is leaning against a white pillar which I could use for my contents features. It is a good layout template for my contents page and also creates negative space.I made the title tilt at an angle whichfits in with other pieces of angled text onthe page. It also makes it moreinteresting to look at.
  118. 118. lighting to make the wall brighter, andI have made several modifications to this photo. I changed thecleaner-looking. I changed the colour of her jacket using Photoshop to fit in with my purple colourscheme. I also spent some time in Photoshop changing the colour of her watch to include the splash ofgreen linking to the colour scheme of the page.
  119. 119. bold title with a red outerStrongglow which fits the colourscheme. iPod shuffle sign used within themasthead. Features that will appeal to my audience. The word “win” is emphasised in size and colour to make it stand out. Button that will stand out and shows a feature that will appeal to the audience. The is page reference creates easy navigation to the desired feature.
  120. 120. The Star’s head covers part of themasthead to show her importance. This is anexample of text-image anchoring.The banner/strapdraws the reader in by using anattractive free gift advertisementThe main feature islarge and gives a sense of importance.The reflects the personalityof the star who appears aggressivein the photo
  121. 121. Large bold titleThe star’s eyes standout to the reader and draw themin. I feel this photo is strong andgripping and shows deep emotionwhich makes the consumerwant to read more.The star’s eyes stand out tothe reader and draw them in. I feel this photo isstrong and grippingand shows deep emotion whichmakes the consumer want to read