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Absolute radio revision


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Absolute radio revision

  1. 1. Absolute Radio launches 'world first' playlist choice for Breakfast Show. Article useful for:  Proliferation  Convergence  Audience diversification  Targeting national audiences  Production  Ownership (Audience share has increased since Bauer acquired Absolute) Absolute Radio is to offer listeners of The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show a choice of music across seven playlists in between the show’s live links, features and news bulletins. In what the radio company is calling a „world-first‟, audiences will be able to hear songs from Absolute Radio 60s, Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute Radio 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 00s, Absolute Classic Rock or the main Absolute Radio station. Absolute Radio‟s content director Tony Moorey said: “For the first time we‟re able to do what we‟ve always wanted to – combine entertainment from award-winning broadcasters with music that the listeners to all seven of our stations love.” The new interactive option follows months of development work by the One Golden Square team and developers at RCS, who are responsible for the station‟s GSelector music scheduling software. Jon Earley, managing director of RCS UK, said: “Absolute Radio are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done on radio – finding new ways to give the listeners the best possible listening experience. Our GSelector software has been designed to do just that.” The latest Rajar figures for Q1 2014 show that The Absolute Radio Network has added 291,000 new listeners year-on-year, now reaching 3.5m listeners per week. The award-winning Christian O‟Connoll Breakfast Show reaches 1.5m listeners per week.
  2. 2. Absolute Radio will promote Open University across its network this March, and give away a year‟s free study plus iPad. Article useful for:  Synergy  Convergence  Proliferation  Targeting specific audiences  The „reluctant adult‟ audience  Marketing The promotional campaign will be on radio, online and on mobile apps, and is specifically geared towards employed adults between the ages of 20-57 who don’t have an undergraduate qualification and are interested in studying part time for career purposes. Open University’s messaging and competition mechanic will be include on-air trails and live read scripts where listeners will be directed to enter online. The prize to study with The Open University is listed up to the value of £5280 and must be completed by 31 December 2016. The package also includes a two week sponsorship of Absolute Radio’s main station profile on Radioplayer. Absolute Radio Head of Promotions Katherine Knapp told RadioToday: “This fantastic promotion is all about giving people a second chance. Our tech-savvy audience are a great fit for OU and we‟ve delivered a brief that will help maximise the campaign by using multiple platforms” A spokesperson from OU said “We feel it’s a great opportunity to be working alongside Absolute radio and reaching the wide range listeners they engage with. We hope that this will urge listeners into looking at options to study further and gain new qualifications,. This competition is an excellent way of opening doors up for them.” The campaign was planned by Lloyd Emeka, Account Director at RAPP and negotiated by Absolute Radio Promotions Executive Brendan Appleton and Kirsten Jeffrey, Account Director at Radioworks and will run until 30th March.
  3. 3. Absolute repeats promoted tweets promotion Article use for:  Audience consumption trends  Listening incentives  Marketing/distribution  Synergy  Proliferation  Convergence Absolute Radio is bringing back its #nowplaying campaign for two, week-long, promotions beginning 17th February and 10th March. The Bauer station aims to drive awareness for their music by creating conversations around the hashtag. Listeners can win £250 every hour by getting involved. The initial campaign, launched in 2012, lasted 24 hours and saw Absolute Radio become the first radio station in the UK to sign up to the Twitter promoted Trend service. Tweeters, who entering the competition became brand ambassadors, sharing the live updates of Absolute Radio’s playlist with all of their followers. This meant that bands like the Rolling Stones, Primal Scream, Snow Patrol and Blur began to trend, replacing the usual suspects of One Direction and Justin Bieber – something the station says Twitter had never seen happen before. Whilst this year’s mechanic and execution remains the same, the competition will run for a week during the No Repeat Guarantee from 10am – 5pm and will be supported by Promoted Tweets. The station’s ambition is that natural discovery will fuel the overall awareness of the campaign and subsequently, of the station’s playlist. Marketing Director at Absolute Radio Clare Baker said: “#NowPlaying is designed to deliver an immediate and interactive taste of the Absolute Radio brand’s core music proposition to our digitally savvy audience. This execution sees an extended time-frame of two weeks, in an expansion from the original 24 hours” Pre-promotion for the #nowplaying competition begins this week.
  4. 4. Social Media Stats
  5. 5. Above are some of the competitions Absolute is currently promoting via their radio and digital platforms. The main idea behind using competitions is to promote synergy between brands and to offer listeners reasons to participate with the brand. If audiences are actively engaged with the radio station, they will continue to listen to its content thus increasing brand loyalty.
  6. 6. Example: Absolute are synergising with the Isle of White Festival through giveaways and competitions. Absolute is the official partner of the Isle of White Festival. Absolute benefits from this as they will have visual presence at the festival increasing their brand reach. The festival benefits as it is promoted through the Absolute network and will receive coverage on the stations and their digital platforms.
  7. 7. In the Absolute Brand Book, there are a number of different case studies of advertising campaigns which Absolute has invested in. In the Above case study, Orange wanted to promote a phone plan to under 24 year olds. As you can see above, the campaign was successful. You need to use specific examples like this when you are talking about synergy between brands.
  8. 8. oipupoio[ This campaign was to create a documentary series to promote the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The result was that the programmes received 25,000 on demand plays and demonstrates how Absolute’s social media presence has been used to create synergy between Absolute and the exhibition promoters.