A2 compulsory question


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A2 compulsory question

  1. 1. Communication and Culture A2 Compulsory Question Key Concepts Examples Advice The key concepts at AS are Communication Culture Context Code Value Representation
  2. 2. Power Identity You used these to answer the ‘stretch and challenge’ question in the AS exam. Spend a moment revisiting these and check that you can expand on them.The AS key concepts are still relevant to your A2 courseas they are the foundation to your studies. The Additional Key concepts at A2 are Ideology Mode of Address Discourse Narrative Technology The Compulsory question will be a passage of text for you to read and assimilate. It may be from
  3. 3. A text book A newspaper article A poem Book or CD review Or othersThe question is 50% of your exam and therefore it isvery important you become skilled at the techniques itinvolves.You will have to read the text and extract the views of it.It will be a comment on Society or our Culture and willexpect you to be able to analyse it in the light of the keyconcepts. This is known as a adopting a ‘critical stance’.We will work on essay writing skills and giving structureto this work so that you will at least feel secure aboutthat before entering the exam. Then all that will berequired is the application of the Key concepts, i.e. youcan ‘think’ about issues from a Communication andCulture perspective.We are going to be doing these exercises every fortnight,eventually under exam conditions so it will soon becomevery natural to you.
  4. 4. Think in key concepts to frame your response.Combine what the text is saying with how that reflects orinforms us about for instance, non verbal communication(codes).There will be no ‘right’ answer to this section of thepaper, just your very well informed opinion.So, read the extract belowTechnique
  5. 5. 1. Summarise the main points the text is making 2. Whose point of view is it? Are they famous? What else have they done? 3. Who are they talking to? (audience) 4. What is the purpose of the text? What is attempting to do?You now have your opening paragraph of your responseas it will be a summary of these points.Next think sequentially of the key concepts and howthey are relevant and can be applied to the issue. AS..
  6. 6. Communication.ContextCultureValueRepresentation
  7. 7. Power CodeIdentityA2Ideology Mode of Address
  8. 8. Discourse Narrative TechnologyEach one of these will be a paragraph of text for your essay.Fill them in as best you can using the previous extract.Write this up in a coherent, logical way and you have an ‘A’ graderesponse.