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1b Audience essay plan


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1b Audience essay plan

  1. 1. Q 1 (b). Analyse the role of AUDIENCE in one of your production pieces.Focus on your A2 Production - SOAP TRAILER/MUSIC VIDEOYou only have 30 minutes to write a response to question 1 (b).A possible writing schemeINTRODUCTIONA brief account of the soap trailer/music promo workOutline the importance of audience to the construction of a media product; researching theaudience is crucial for institution if the product is to find its target audience.MAIN BODYThe focus for audience will come from a number of key areas:a). AUDIENCE RESEARCH• What did studying similar products tell you about audiences?• How did you identify your audience?• How did you classify your audience; by class, age, gender?• Any use of questionnaires? How effective were they in helping you to determine youraudience?• How did your target audience help you determine the content of your soaptrailer/music promo and ancillary products?• What were the modes of address you implemented? – this refers to the use of thecover star, colours, fonts, design and layout, music, sound, editing, camera shots,branding, etc• Consider also institutional research – what did programme scheduling and viewingfigures tell you about audience?b). FEEDBACK – AUDIENCE RESPONSE• What was the audience response for the final product? How did you gather this data;questionnaire, audio/visual, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook?
  2. 2. • How effective was the product in reaching the intended audience? Refer here to theeffectiveness of modes of address – were they appropriate to the genre, etc.• What uses and gratifications did your product potentially fulfil for the audience?CONCLUSIONComment on how both the research and analysis of audience consumption and behaviouris essential to finding an appropriate and potential audience.THEORISTS AND TERMS TO USETheorist TheoryGeorge Gerbner- Cultivationtheory• The media is seen as part of our socialisation process- we areexposed as we grow up• Media communicates dominant ideologies to us• Repeated exposure “normalises” the ideas and values until westop questioning them• Soap opera: the way characters and narratives are treatedaffects the way the audience receives and responds in real lifee.g. a couple who’s secret affair is discovered may come underflak from other characters, causing the audience to viewcheating as a taboo behaviourStuart Hall- Reception Theory • How the text is interpreted depends on the existing beliefs, pastexperiences and environment of the audience• Audience create meaning for themselves based on age, gender,culture, religion, upbringing, education• Producers can never guarantee that the audience will react thesame way to a text, so even when they try to “close down”meaning (through stereotypes, unambiguous editing, culturalcodes and conventions) the audience may interpret the textdifferently• THREE WAYS TO READ A TEXT• DOMINANT- the expected, “correct” way• NEGOTIATED- acceptance of the intended meaning but changedto fit your beliefs• OPPOSITIONAL- understand the intended meaning but rejectedfor your own
  3. 3. Term How would you use it in this essay? (a sentence analysingyour work using this term)Mass audienceNiche audienceTarget audienceAudience consumptiontrendsUses and gratificationsEscapismFeedbackCatharsisCultivationReceptionSocialisation