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Economies & diseconomies of scale


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AQA, Aquinas, Economics, ECON1, Markets, Market Failure

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Economies & diseconomies of scale

  1. 1. ECON1 WWW.AQUINASECONOMICSAS.CO.UK @AQUINASECONOMIC Economies & Diseconomies Answer all the questions below 1. Define the term Economies of Scale 2. Explain each of the following a. Technical Economies of Scale b. Marketing Economies of Scale c. Managerial Economies of Scale d. Financial Economies of Scale e. Network Economies of Scale 3. What are external economies of scale? 4. Define the term diseconomies of scale 5. Explain the different types of diseconomies of scale 6. How may a firm avoid incurring diseconomies of scale? 7. Illustrate on a graph a firm which is experiencing economies of scale