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1.8 migration and population control


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1.8 migration and population control

  1. 1. Migration and Population Control By the end of this lesson you will have: • Looked at immigration and transmigration as a way of controlling population • Considered the issue of sustainability (overshoot and collapse??) • Revised the pro/antinatalist policies
  2. 2. Immigration and Transmigration • 1. How many people arrive each day from Mexico to the USA? • 2. How many border points are there? • 3. What does I.N.S stand for? • 4. How many immigrants were caught at ye border in 2000? • 5. In what ways do countries deal with immigration control? • 6. Who used to rule Indonesia? • 7. What were the three main goals of the Indonesian transmigration? • 8. What two problems came about as a result of the transmigration policies? • 9. What is the picture of Indonesia’s migration policies like today? • 10. How will exportation help Indonesia’s migration?
  3. 3. Sustainability • Read page 86 and 87 on ‘sustainability – the dilemma’ and answer the essay question in your yellow population booklet