1.0.1 human geography expectations and basic skills


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1.0.1 human geography expectations and basic skills

  1. 1. Human Geography By the end of this lesson you will: • Be aware of the structure of the course and it’s demands • Have gotten to know people in your group • Understood what is expected of you in the next month • Have been introduced to some basic Human Geography skills
  2. 2. Resources • Introductory booklets (given to you already) • Population booklets (in 4 parts, you will be given part one today) • Reading Log • AQA AS Geography Text Book (will be given to you in the Library) • A pad where all your notes are in one place (you have to buy this yourself)
  3. 3. Week Link to Spec Week 1 Introduction to the course Week 2 Preparation for first timed assessment Week 3 Timed assessment - Population indicators – measurements, birth rates, death rates Week 4 Population change – fertility, explosion/implosion, mortality, migration Week 5 Population structures at different times of the Demographic Transition Model Stage 3 and stage 5 countries Week 6 Population change – The Demographic Transition Model, it’s validity and applicability Week 7 Population structures – Youthful and ageing populations Week 8 The implications of population change on resources – Optimistic and pessimistic approaches Week 9 Social, economic and political implications of population change Week 10 Two case studies and how they manage population change – Pro-Natalist Week 11 Two case studies and how they manage population change – Anti-Natalist Week 12 Population change in rural and urban areas Week 13 Case studies of two areas in the UK – rural and urban Week 14 Case studies of two areas in the UK – rural and urban Week 15 Implications of rural and urban settlements on social welfare
  4. 4. Exam Info • ‘Geog 1’ (physical and human geography) • Monday 12th May – Afternoon Exam • 2hrs - 1hr on physical geography 1hr on human geography • There are 4 questions all together – 2 on physical geography, 2 on human geography • The human geography topics are World Population and Health Issues • You will spend 30mins on each question.
  5. 5. Module Structure • Human geography is joined with physical geography in the exam • This exam, sat in May, will contribute towards 70% of your AS mark, the other 30% is the skills paper • You will have a section on physical geography then on human geography • Therefore, the Human Geography section is worth 35% • In Geography, there are extremely narrow boundaries between a U and an A grade • This means that EVERY topic you study is very important
  6. 6. Population change Fertility Population growth Causes Measurement Enumeration district Censuses Explosion/Implosion Less developed/ developed Mortality Demographic Transition Model Population Structure Age/Sex in UK Demographic Transition Model Ageing population Migration Population & resource balance Migration Social, economic, political effects Case study comparison Rural/Urban population change Inner city UK rural settlements Rural European/NonEuropean case study Rural service decline Optimistic/ Pessimistic approaches Using census data Sustainable development Social Welfare Population policies
  7. 7. What’s Important in Human Geography? • There’s a lot of content so you need to keep organised notes and start making revision tools early. I will be checking files, notes and evidence of revision on a regular basis. • Poor literacy skills can make the difference between a C and a B/A so you need to keep practising spelling and writing skills. I will be giving you spelling tests every week and will help you understand how write clear responses in the exam.
  8. 8. Expectations Your expectations of me: • To mark your homework in guidance with the college policy • To be reasonable and treat you as responsible adults • To plan and deliver accurate and thorough lessons
  9. 9. Expectations My expectations of you: • To be a good asset to the class – no distracting others/talking when asked to be quiet • To put your utmost effort into class tasks and homework tasks • To come and see me when you have missed work/don’t understand some work • To resist your phone addiction during lessons and keep them in your bag out of temptation
  10. 10. Get to Know You • 2 truths, 1 lie • Clap name game • Seating – next to someone new
  11. 11. Homework Check • World Geography Alphabet Quiz • Let’s go through the answers
  12. 12. Induction Quiz! • • • • 1) Answer questions individually 2) Peer-mark and correct mistakes 3) Hand back to me to check 4) Full marks get a sticker or star 
  13. 13. Map Activity • In your groups, study the map which is in front of you. • A) Which city do you think the map is taken from? • B) What can you spot from boxes A-D? • C) Which area do you think is the most affluent and why? • D) Which box do you think holds the most immigrants and why?
  14. 14. Homework • To introduce your learning of reading skills you must read the article from your reading log entitled India to be World’s most populous country by 2028 and complete the survey monkey reading log online. • You must put your name at the beginning of EACH question so I can check who has completed their log • If you can’t access the website or are struggling you must come and see me before your next lesson.