Aquent/AMA Webcast: Leveraging the True Power of Social with Email


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Which is it? Do you socialize your email, or email your social? Social marketing + email is a powerful mechanism for improving your business, but there are three basic challenges that organizations face when trying to figure out what to do with social marketing:

-How to create and sustain engagement
-How to increase message impressions
-How to build and improve their marketing database

During this webcast, you will learn: How integrating your social and email campaigns help to create better results

- Why trying to socialize a typical email campaign is not as effective as emailing a social campaign
- Why focusing on the social program first will allow you to feel the full power of what that program can do
- How email, your website, and other traditional online marketing efforts can enhance and expand your social efforts
- How to use time and quantity-limited group deals to encourage people to share information about your brand to their friends

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  • Today ’s biggest brands rely on Aquent experience and knowledge to staff their marketing, creative and digital teams. Their talent’s expertise can give your team the edge you need. To get talent that works, visit
  • Lets back up now and look at the bigger picture... First decide what are we trying to accomplish....SALES
  • I find that a lot of people struggle with SEO. Everyone think it is a secret game that needs to be played by a select few, but if we zoom back up and think about what we need to accomplish everything works really well together. Content frequency is one of the number one drivers to SEO.. Engagement is another really big number. And if you have relevant content, than other sites will reference you which helps to improve your ranking even furtner. Sure their are ways and value to optimizing, but at the end of the day, keeping it simple and using solid marketing tactics drive the results you want.
  • Often organizations have the battle, which is more important - email or social... it becomes the battle of the 20-30 somethings vs the 30-45 somethings
  • Social and email marketing should go hand in hand, one supports the other... and they both support SEO
  • What to note is the email is still deemed the most effective marketing program
  • But the key to remember what drives all of it... is CONTENT... and social has helped evolve the type of content that works, and by mixing the mediums you get the largest bang for you buck on content.
  • As you can see here email improves substantially with social content. emails benefit and social media's influence
  • I knew I had to move to inbound marketing but didn ’t know how or where to start My first opportunity came about when we were invited to participate in the ERP Software Group Blog in the Fall of 2009, and soon afterward in the CRM Software Group Blog The commitment was one blog post for each per month When I saw the results that those blogs were driving (today as high as 15,000 hits/mo) I realized that an Altico blog was a natural next step, but first I had to set up a blog on our Web site Traditional direct marketing was yielding diminishing results
  • In January of this year our President attended a Microsoft executive meeting and came back with the idea that we (meaning I) should be blogging daily. My first thought was that he had to be kidding. How could I possibly find enough time and content. But since I always aim to please my boss, on Valentine ’s Day of 2012, I started blogging daily. At first, I was just repurposing my group blog posts on our Altico blog Why is that all I was doing? Because finding the time and creating good content seemed like a Herculean task
  • We were then introduced to the Socialize Your Stuff/Nurture Marketing/Butterfly Publisher partnership Using Socialize Your Stuff as a social media aggregator, I was then able to post a single item to all three of our social media sites – this was a huge time saver Still I needed content. I slowly learned that there was a ton a great content readily available, in newsletters that were already coming into my inbox, in white papers and case studies that we participated in via the group blogs or on our own or with Microsoft. By this time, I was using more of the tools available from Socialize Your Stuff, namely adding LinkedIn Groups to the recipients of our social media posts, then adding our blog to Socialize Your Stuff by adding an RSS feed to the blog. This enabled me to post on the Altico blog and then via Butterfly Publisher, pick up that same blog post and send it out to 20 or more different sites.
  • Aquent/AMA Webcast: Leveraging the True Power of Social with Email

    1. 1. Leveraging the True Power of Socialwith EmailWhich is it? Do you socialize your email, or email your social?During this webcast, Jeffrey Mesnik, Founder and President of Socialize YourStuff, LLC , will discuss …> How integrating your social and email campaigns help to create better results> Why trying to socialize a typical email campaign is not as effective as emailinga social campaign> Why focusing on the social program first will allow you to feel the full power ofwhat that program can do> How email, your website, and other traditional online marketing efforts canenhance and expand your social efforts> How to use time and quantity-limited group deals to encourage people to shareinformation about your brand to their friends
    2. 2. AMA WebcastLeveraging the True Power of Social with E-MailPresenter:Jeffrey Mesnik, Founder and President, Socialize Your Stuff, LLCModerator:Anthony Salas, American Marketing AssociationSponsored by:The audio portion of today’s presentation is available via broadcast audio.You can also dial in to hear audioParticipants (US & Canada, Toll Free): 888 223 4959International Participants: +1 303 223 4389
    3. 3. Housekeeping Items e c o r d i n g o u w i l l b e p r o v
    4. 4. Webcast Speaker Jeffrey Mesnik, Founder and President, Socialize Your Stuff, LLC
    5. 5. The Role of Social NewslettersIn The Age Of Content Marketing
    6. 6. AgendaThe world is complex enough, lets keepmarketing simpleStatistics to help understand how to focusCase studiesTactical ideas on deployment
    7. 7. Quick SurveyHow does the number of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter compare to the number of emails in your mailing list?a. I have more emails than fans and followersb. I have more fans and followers than emailsc. I do not have any fans or followers yetd. I do not have an email list
    8. 8. Right.... So what does going digital mean?
    9. 9. Oh crap!! is this the landscape?
    10. 10. And dont forget the rest
    11. 11. Keep the objectives simple1. Marketing objectives a. Drive traffic to an online or offline store b. Create interest for a sales call2. What are the steps? a. Reach prospects b. Identify interest c. Convert interest d. Sustain
    12. 12. Where do we start? ContentAnd frequent content has the highest impact on SEO, followed by engagement
    13. 13. Is it Email vs. Social or...
    14. 14. Integrate content email + social
    15. 15. Email drives people to content
    16. 16. Why integrate?1. eMail is still the number one medium for conversions2. Social content, like videos have the highest click rates3. Earned media, case studies and whitepapers have the highest share rateIf we put it together we get......
    17. 17. Marketing by the numbers
    18. 18. More work!How are we supposed to beable to maintain all of thenew content channels?• Create email content• Create blog content• Create Facebook posts,Twitter posts, manageLinkedIN groups
    19. 19. Case Study: B2CMitsubishi -3,000 people received an email asking to share how much they love their TVs24 hours later the email created: o More than 2% shared the promotion o Creating over 60,000 new impressions o Increased the database by 5% o Created new sales opportunities
    20. 20. Case Study B2B: Altico AdvisorsThe directive: "Go digital"•Started from nothing•Contributor to one large blog•Daily blogging•Created a weekly social newsletter•Almost doubled quality web visits
    21. 21. 15,000 hits/mo
    22. 22. Struggle of getting started1. Repurposed content from CRMSoftware2. Started posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN3. ROAD BLOCK: Content a. Where to go for content b. How to blog daily c. How to get it found d. How to leverage social sites
    23. 23. Success found1. Started sourcing content from Microsoft a. Microsoft has a ton of content, but finding it all was NOT easy2. Found that white papers, if broken out, gave me multiple posts3. Started leveraging LinkedIN4. Started creating weekly social newsletters with the content
    24. 24. Traction and ROIThree days after blogging daily,Alticos blog was getting indexedby GoogleAltico also used a weekly socialnewsletter to alert folks to thecontentAnd by the end of the year theyalmost doubled quality visitsAnd the tracking has createdqualified leads to hand over to the
    25. 25. Other stories of success• Dan Harding is a Regional • VP of Marketing at Director of Sales at technology vendor, ConnectandSell newScale, Mark Hamilton • He has increased pipeline • Created a group and used using LinkedIn in part by free content to drive people posting presentations and into an offer. other articles of content • This was part of a social • Those posts get emailed out marketing plan that increased in network updates the sales pipeline by over $3 Million
    26. 26. How? Dont recreate the wheelLeverage your content• Focus on the blog first• Tweet your blog• Facebook your blog• Newsletters are created fromyour posts and user generatedcontent on your sitePlace social content into youremail newsletter, and watchyour traffic grow
    27. 27. ContentLeveraging LinkedIN Groups1.Use popular comments and questionsto build a blog2.Respond to the comment and post alink to the blog for more3.Use highly engaging comments asconversation starters on your ownFacebook, Twitter, and blog sites
    28. 28. User-generated content (earned media)Using theFacebookconversation in anemail creates moreengagement!
    29. 29. RSS feedsPointing to other sites and blogs is agood thing• Keeps the content fresh• Demonstrates understanding ofrelevance• Helps with SEO
    30. 30. Leverage content from partners1. Share your content a. Your content may be all over the place ex: Microsoft i. ERP has four YouTube channels ii. Seven Twitter channels iii. 5 or 6 blogs b. Make it easy to find2. Educate partners on goals3. Share solutions that can help you work together
    31. 31. Social Newsletters allow organizations to connect the dotsbetween social and email, creating a new opportunity to driveloyalty and sales
    32. 32. Quick Survey 2How many of you have a newsletter, and if so how much time does it take to put together1. Less than an hour2. More than two hours3. About a day4. More
    33. 33. Take awayIt all starts with content; frequencyand recency of content influencesSEO above all elseEmail Newsletters are thecornerstone of your content strategyeMail Social promotions for highestimpactLinkedIn groups are great sources forcontent and content ideas
    34. 34. Special OfferWe are offering two months free with a one year subscription to the Butterfly Publisher application: o Content sources provided based on need o Social Dashboard - for managing social networks o Social Newsletter platform o Training and best
    35. 35. Thank You for your Participation! Additional questions? General AMA Questions can be sent to: Recording and slides You will be provided with a recording of today’s presentation. Twitter Please reference #AMAAquent, when tweeting about this webinar. Today’s Presentation was brought to you by the ReadyTalk Web Conferencing Platform. If you are interested in learning more about ReadyTalk and their services, please visit