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Deck humanity 1.2


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Humanity Deck

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Deck humanity 1.2

  1. 1. Humanity
  2. 2. Points1. Mission2. Problem3. Solution4. Market Size5. Business Model6. Technology / Product7. Competitors8. Market Plan9. Team10. Financing
  3. 3. VWC & HumanityCompanyVirtual Work Corporation is a technology company founded in The United States in 2007.Its strength is fusing the best global IT Talent to offer a high level, trustable, andaccessible International IT Services.Our main product is “Humanity”Humanity integrates a virtual reality, geo-positioning, e-commerce, and social andbusiness networking in an Internet platform, which is developed to penetrate the non-ITexpert people while bringing a new experience to the advanced users.Status of HumanityVWC developed the platform and completed 14 prototypes for a variety of businesses.The business plan was designed in order to complete the following phases ofimplementation.Phases of ImplementationStep 1: Launch the Internet platform “Humanity”.Step 2: Virtualize physical and non physical businesses.Step 3: Offer Support business services.Step 4: Develop a social network for entrepreneurs.Step 5: Invest money for our clients (venture capital).
  4. 4. Problem & factso Less than half of the Internet users in the world are using Ecommerce because of complex technologies and webs, un-trusted to share financial information, no bank tools, and no easy, logic or intuitive environment.o The e-commerce is increasing, but few people know how to use it. Online shoppers will boost spending 15% this year (2012) in The United States.o Most of businesses are not receiving or they don’t know how to measure the expected incomes through their single business web-pages due to lack of resources, knowledge and support.o Technologically inexperienced people and business (Digital breach or Gap) need help to participate in the Internet’s benefits easily.o There is not an unique and global platform that centralizes the e-commerce between businesses and consumers using a virtual reality to market products and bring a easy, logic and intuitive way to use without IT knowledge.
  5. 5. Solutiono Offer an intuitive, logic, trustable, and easy environment in order to sale, buy or negotiate trough Internet on a virtual life.o Support to entrepreneurs to access and use e-commerce across a global market by accompanying them through the e-Business process, which includes: marketing on internet, logistics, sales tracking performance.o Provide not only technology but also human services to users. Whenever they need help, Humanity team will be able to support their needs.o Offer an administration tool to get measures and statistics of the markets so that companies will follow up: trends of consumption, profits, and bestsellers products.o Integrate inexpert technology users to the opportunities given by internet platforms easily.
  6. 6. Screenshots
  7. 7. Screenshots
  8. 8. Market SizeIn 2011, Internet market size was projected to exceed one trillion USD Dollars. According toJP Morgan North American Equity Research (excluding eBay transactions), this is equivalentto USD $ 2 million per second.The U.S. Department of Commerce said that last year totaled $194.3 billion, up 16.1% from$167.3 billion in 2010.VWC strategic planning launch the platform in four countries initially: The United States(North America), Dominican Republic (Caribbean), Colombia (South America), and Spain(Europe), where actually VWC has its team work. Country Ecommerce Growth Internet Users Growth USA By the end 2013 will growth in 52.94% Growth of 3%, actual period 2010-2013 reaching USD$ 254.7 users 245 millions. Billions Dominican Between 2009 and 2011 growth 300% Growth 16%, actual Users Republic 4,2 millions. Colombia Growth by 100% in 2012 exceed US$2 Growth 18.9%, actual billions Users 25 millions. Spain By 2011 growth to 2,421 million euros, Growth of 6%, actual equal to 27.4%. users 31 millions.
  9. 9. Business ModelBasic ServiceIt is based on a flat monthly fee for virtualization, hosting, maintenance, supportand human services paid by direct clients, such as small and personal businesses.Transactional Service feeIt is a percentage fee charged on each transaction done on Humanity platform.(All amounts are explained in the financial plan).Customized ServicesIt is based on an amount paid once by big clients and real state businesses, whichrequire customized services for virtualization and applications development. Theamount depends on the property size and needs of application development.
  10. 10. Technology ComponentsHumanity portal backend has the following layers. • 3D Art photography technique. Interface • VWC’s virtualization technology. App GPS • Geo-positioning platforms. App E- • Standard e-commerce commerce applications DB’s Engine & • Data Base analysis, BI, Data Data Analysis Mining, others.. layer HOSTING
  11. 11. Humanity Users will find two intuitive ways to search for products & services: 1) by using the geographic earth and maps Interface. 2) by using the avatar assistant help. Humanity provides an intuitive funnel visualization to explore and buy in stores or businesses, but also execute actions for social or business networking: 1- Earth 2. Country 3. City 4. Store or business 5.Product and services.Once the user find the place for the action desired , such as shopping orsocial networking action, he or she will be able to visit in a virtualenvironment the place, pickup a product , explore the product in 3D, andbuy it.. Also, he or she will walk around and chat with somebody else inavatar experience. In backend Humanity will collect data to process valuable information forour clients, that will be used to make decisions, measure sales performances etc.
  12. 12. CompetitorsHumanity does not currently has direct competitors due to there are noplatforms that integrate all of the features offered by Humanity on a one place.Traditional and recognizable competitors have achieved success, but they haveneglected the market potential (Digital Gap). However, we identified them asour competitors indirectly.E-commerce: with revenue of USD 24 billion, was the largest US onlinemerchant within the B2C segment in 2009. Ebay, in 2012, expected income of 14 millionUSD.Virtual Worlds: Active Worlds, Inc. renewed over 65,000 citizenships. Also,in 2009, the total size of the Second Life economy grew 65% to US$567 million, about 25%of the entire U.S. virtual goods market.Social and Business networks: Facebook generated more than $4 billion in revenue for2011. LinkedIn showed tremendous growth growing 102% from 2009 to 2010 with totalrevenue of $243 million.Geo-positioning: recently in 2012, Apple announced the separation from Google maps tofocus in developing their own 3D map system and integrating to social networking withFacebook. Additionally, Google announced their total focus for 3D maps.
  13. 13. Market PlanThe marketing plan is based on these three phases:1. Public Expectation: series of commercials in order to create expectation among the audience. These ads will be based on human being experiences that might placed on a virtual life.2. Global Launch: during the launch date, the strategy turns in to a direct information about the platform, and its services.3. Humanity Marketing Team: VWC will have a marketing team who will analyze different ways to promote our clients businesses. In addition, they will do marketing plans for each new feature integrated to the platform.
  14. 14. Team CEO (Anthony CAO Quemba) (Noel Quemba)VP Marketing CCO CFO Ana (Ricardo CIO (Jacqueline Monsalve Quemba) (Fedor Vidal) Blanco) Team Accounting Marketing Product Director Analyst Analysts (Johnny Beltran) Country Sales Billing Local Project Leaders Manager COL Analyst /Spain/RD/USA Rafael OchoaTeam Customer Photography Service Adriana Virtualization Infrastructure Leader Moyano Leader LeaderRepresentatives (Arnoldo Oscar (Julián Cruz) (John Beltran) Blanco) Cantillo Team Team Jorge Team Virtual Infrastructure Photography Romero Technicians Technicians Technicians Jose Perez
  15. 15. FinancialAccording to the Operational plan, two scenarios were designed to invest.1- Invest an amount of $1.6MM during the first year to develop ONLY Phase 1. The other two phases willbe developed through re-investment of capital. Once each phase is finished, the next phase will start.2- Invest an amount of $10MM to develop all phases at the same time. Humanity Development Phases Investment, Phases Cost & Projected Income PHASE 1 INVESTMENT: Whole Humanity platform version production 1.0; $ 1.6 MM USD integration to first languages English and Spanish. TIME DEVELOPMENT IN Services for hosting, virtualization, geo positioning, PRODUCTION e-commerce v1.0. 1 YEAR Data Analysis layer tools v1.0; Planning and Development. TOTAL FIRST YEAR INCOME Customer support human services; soft version. USD$ 1.706.000 Social networking sections, soft apps. TOTAL SECOND YEAR INCOME USD$ 4.031.000 PHASE 2: Continue platform evolution future versions. TOTAL THIRD YEAR INCOME USD$ 10.879.000 Customer support human services; professional version. Data Analysis layer tools v1.0; Integration to INVESTMENT production. $2.5 MM USD Smart E-marketing. Design and development first version Avatar TIME DEVELOPMENT IN customize. PRODUCTION Social networking professional services 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR PHASE 3 Continue platform evolution future versions. Customer support human services; Business advisors integration. INVESTMENT Data Analysis layer tools v1.0; Integration to $5 MM USD production. Smart E-marketing, future versions. TIME DEVELOPMENT IN Smart queries. PRODUCTION Put on production first version Avatar customizes; 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR multilingual support. Social networking professional services future versions.
  16. 16. Confidentiality AgreementIt is understood and agreed to that the below identified discloser of confidential informationmay provide certain information that is and must be kept confidential. To ensure the protectionof such information, and to preserve any confidentiality necessary under patent and/or trade secret laws,it is agreed that:1. The Confidential Information to be disclosed about “HUMANITY” can be described as and includes:Invention description(s), technical and business information relating to proprietary ideas and inventions,ideas, patentable ideas, trade secrets, drawings and/or illustrations, patent searches, existing and/orcontemplated products and services, research and development, production, costs, profit and margininformation, finances and financial projections, customers, clients, marketing, and current or futurebusiness plans and models, regardless of whether such information is designated as “ConfidentialInformation” at the time of its disclosure.2. The Recipient agrees not to disclose the confidential information obtained from the discloser toanyone unless required to do so by law.3. This Agreement states the entire agreement between the parties concerning the disclosure ofConfidential Information. Any addition or modification to this Agreement must be made in writing andsigned by the parties.4. If any of the provisions of this Agreement are found to be unenforceable, the remainder shall beenforced as fully as possible and the unenforceable provision(s) shall be deemed modified to the limitedextent required to permit enforcement of the Agreement as a whole.WHEREFORE, the parties acknowledge that they have read and understand this Agreement andvoluntarily accept the duties and obligations set forth herein.Recipient of Confidential Information:As soon as you access this document by Internet, you will agree this confidentiality agreement becausethe automatic record of your IP address, date and time of access.