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Definition of service delivery


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the meaning of service delivery

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Definition of service delivery

  1. 1. Definition ofService Delivery?
  2. 2. O Customer Service D-E-L-I-V-E-R-YDuring a research the eight new features ofservice D-E-L-I-V-E-R-Y was discoveredwhich will help our customer servicerepresentatives go to the top of the league.
  3. 3. O "D" is for Dedicated. The moment acustomer needs help, the dedicatedcustomer service representative swingsinto action. The customer should be madeto feel that he is priority number one, notthat hes on the bottom of a list and willhave to wait his turn.
  4. 4. O "E" is for Empowered. The empoweredcustomer service representative is given whathe needs to be able to provide outstandingcustomer service. Empowerment begins withtraining, the provision of tools, and therecognition of individual potential.Empowerment is nurtured by showing trustand support, listening to representatives andhelping them resolve problems, and removingany obstacles or conditions that make theirwork harder.
  5. 5. O "L" is for Linked. The members of acustomer care team must work togetherand share information. Great customerservice cannot be achieved by individualsworking in isolation. Linking should alsoextend beyond the team to include allother employees of the company inmutual support. A company withemployees who work together for themutual benefit of the company and itscustomers will quickly rise to the top.
  6. 6. O "I" is for Informed. In the past the customer service department wasoften neglected by management. Representatives, seen as workersat the bottom of the totem pole, went untrained and uninformed.Today more and more companies have realized the importance ofthese front-line staff and are treating them like royalty. After all, theyare representing the company not only to established customers,but to new and potential customers as well. How customers aretreated is how business goes. Customers deal first with customerservice representatives. These representatives should receivethorough training on the companys products, systems, policies, andprocedures. They should know how to solve problems, what to dowhen a customer has a crisis, where to find needed information,when to ask for outside assistance, who to contact in specificsituations, and how to build customer satisfaction and trust. Theyshould be informed in all aspects of the company and its productsand services.
  7. 7. O"V" is for Valued. Before customer servicerepresentatives can value their work and yourcustomers, you must show them that you value them.If they feel like valuable employees doing work that isvalued, they will produce far greater results than ifthey feel insignificant in an insignificant job. You canemphasize that you value them by providingtraining, asking for their opinions andfeedback, responding to their needs andquestions, acknowledging their contribution, praisingthem, and offering financial incentives to the degreepossible and other rewards. Rewards might includegift certificates or small gifts on appropriateoccasions.
  8. 8. O"E" is for Experienced. An experienced customerservice representative learns to be knowledgeablebut not overly technical with customers. He or sheshows confidence but not arrogance, friendlinessbut not familiarity, helpfulness but not insistence,and attentiveness but not intrusiveness. Therepresentative may be smartly dressed but neveroverpowering. It takes experience to automaticallystrike the right balance and quickly shift to a newbalance for the next customer.
  9. 9. O "R" is for Representative. The customerservice representative should always act inthe best interests of the company. Frompersonal appearance to speech andaction, the representative should project astrong, positive image of the company and asincere interest in helping the customer. At theconclusion of a contact with therepresentative, the customer should feelhappy about doing business with a companywhose employees are warm and friendly aswell as efficient and knowledgeable.
  10. 10. O "Y" is for "Your" Responsibility. Thecustomer service representative acceptsresponsibility for his role as a front-linerepresentative for the company. He knowsthat to a customer, he IS the company.
  11. 11. O Not just customer servicerepresentatives, but all employees of acompany are responsible for deliveringgood customer service, and deliverymeans being adedicated, empowered, linked, informed, valued, and experienced representativewho accepts responsibility.
  12. 12. Reference usedO