How to Flush a Reverse Osmosis Membrane


Published on Learn how to flush your reverse osmosis membrane with this quick presentation from! The instructions pertain specifically to Aquasafe's own reverse osmosis systems, but you should be able to apply them to your own - or at least get a great head start to learning how to do it yourself!

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How to Flush a Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  1. 1. Presents… 1-888-942-0226
  2. 2. “Flushing Your R.O. Membrane for Fun and Profit ” (Just a few minutes a month could add up to a year to its lifespan!) 1-888-942-0226
  3. 3. “Do I Have To?”Technically, a reverse osmosis membrane willperform for its certified lifespan withoutflushing.- But all that really means is that manufacturersdon’t expect users to flush when they specifythe lifespan. 1-888-942-0226
  4. 4. Do it!Just a few minutes amonth can add ayear to themembrane’slifespan.So we highlyrecommend it! 1-888-942-0226
  5. 5. “How Often Should I Flush A Reverse Osmosis Membrane?”Once every month or two should do just fine.As with other filters: the more dissolved solidswithin in your water supply, and the more wateryou produce, the more frequently you’ll want toperform maintenance. 1-888-942-0226
  6. 6. “How Do I Flush a Reverse Osmosis Membrane?”Well, that depends on the kind of R.O. systemyou have.If you’ve chosen an Aquasafe system then let usfirst say “congratulations,” then “thank you,” andfinally – “here’s how…” 1-888-942-0226
  7. 7. How To Flush Your Aquasafe R.O. Membrane:Important:Before you start, first makesure that the “sleeve” on theshaft of your E-Z Flush flowrestrictor is screwed downdown until it’s even with themain body.This serves as the marker to E-Z Flush Flow Restrictorwhich you reposition thedepth of the dial afterconducting the membraneflush. 1-888-942-0226
  8. 8. Flushing The Membrane in Three Simple Steps:Step 1.Turn the dial found on-top of the E-Z Flush FlowRestrictor all the way counter clockwise (left) toopen the flow restriction – this will flush out theReverse Osmosis Membrane. 1-888-942-0226
  9. 9. Flushing The Membrane in Three Simple Steps, ct’d:Step 2.Wait 20 minutes. 1-888-942-0226
  10. 10. Flushing The Membrane in Three Simple Steps, ct’d:Step 3.After 20 minutes is up, set the flow restrictorback to its original position prior to the flush.To do this, simply turn the dial found on-top ofthe E-Z Flush Flow Restrictor to the right(clockwise) until the sleeve is once again evenwith the body of the E-Z Flush Flow Restrictor. 1-888-942-0226
  11. 11. Thanks for Watching!This concludes our instructions on how to flushyour reverse osmosis membrane. 1-888-942-0226
  12. 12. Have questions? Please contact Aquasafe:• Phone: 1-888-942-0226• Skype: aquasafesystems• E-mail: sales@aquasafecanada.comFor the best value in reliably pure water, chooseAquasafe Systems at 1-888-942-0226