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Different wedding invitation styles


Published on Modern, unique, and fully customizable pocketfold wedding invitations are the hottest trend today. Choose from the most comprehensive line of Pocket Fold Wedding Invites and showcase your wedding at the most fashionable way.

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Different wedding invitation styles

  1. 1. Different WeddingInvitation
  2. 2. Wedding invitations come indifferent style, shape, size, andcolours.
  3. 3. With the myriad of selectionsavailable today, it can be a littletricky deciding which one willperfectly fit to yourdream wedding.
  4. 4. There are formal and informalwedding invitations styles and inorder for you to pick the best onethat will match your weddingconcept, it is important that youknow the different weddinginvitation styles.
  5. 5. Here is a brief preview of the mostpopular and modern weddinginvitation styles offered nowadays.
  6. 6. Letterpress wedding invitation
  7. 7. Engraved wedding invitation
  8. 8. Thermographed invitations
  9. 9. Foil Stamped Invitations
  10. 10. Hand-painted Wedding Invitation
  11. 11. Calligraphy Invitation
  12. 12. Digitally Printed Invitations
  13. 13. Shop Bought Invitations
  14. 14. DIY Wedding Invitations
  15. 15. So these are the different types ofwedding invitations. From here, youshould be able to decide whatinvitation style will fit your Weddingtheme.
  16. 16. Modern, unique, and fullycustomizable pocketfold weddinginvitations are the hottest trendtoday.
  17. 17. Choose from the mostcomprehensive line of PocketFold Wedding Invites andshowcase your wedding at themost fashionable way.
  18. 18.