Choosing a resort or wedding site


Published on Get started on the path to choosing a resort to stay at and to possibly get married at. Do you have any other suggestions or Destination Wedding ideas? Be sure to leave your questions answered. Check out Destination Wedding Survival Guide for ANSWERS

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Choosing a resort or wedding site

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Once youve chosen your destination it will be time to choose your resort and/or wedding site.
  3. 3. If you havent done so make sure you also read, "Choosing a Destination" before you get started here
  4. 4. Choosing a resort can either be a place for you to stay or it can be where youstay and where you get married so well look at both.
  5. 5. What to Consider in aResort as a Place to Stay
  6. 6. Are you a 5 star resort kind of girl or aquaint, off the beaten path, hang with the locals type?
  7. 7. You might even be a "something inbetween" gal but Im going to list somethings you will want to find out about the places youre considering as your place to stay.
  8. 8. ~ How many rooms do they have total(you need to know there will be plentyof rooms for you and your guests)?~ What is the price per night includingany taxes or surcharges?~ Is there a honeymoon suite, and if so,what is the price?
  9. 9. ~ Are you able to reserve blocks ofrooms?~ Can they accommodate any guestswith special needs?~ Do they offer connecting rooms (ifneeded for large families)?
  10. 10. ~ What are the different room types andhow does the price differ for each?~ Whats in the room (i.e. airconditioning, refrigerator, microwave,personal safe, closet with hangers,bathtub, balcony/patio, etc.)?
  11. 11. ~ Do they pride themselves on theirservice? On their food? On theircleanliness?~ Is there internet access in the room (ifneeded for you and/or your guests)?~ Is there internet access on theproperty? If so, whats the cost?
  12. 12. And all other QUESTIONS…
  13. 13. What to consider in a Resort as a Place to Get Married
  14. 14. If you are looking to have your wedding at the resort where youre staying, here are some tips about what youll want to ask the resort
  15. 15. ~ Do they offer an on-site weddingcoordinator?~ How can they be accessed (phone,email, etc.)?~ What times do they offer for yourceremony?
  16. 16. ~ How many weddings do they book perday?~ Do they have a curfew or volumerestriction on music and partying?~ Do they have wedding packages and ifso whats included - and can you makechanges/substitutions?
  17. 17. ~ Can you hire your own vendors or areyou required to use theirs?~ How are the wedding spaces usuallydecorated and what can you change?~ How far in advance do you need toselect your wedding choices?
  18. 18. This should get you started on the path to choosing a resort to stay at and to possibly get married at.
  19. 19. Do you have any other suggestions orDestination Wedding ideas to add to these lists? Be sure to leave your questions answered.
  20. 20. Check outDestination Wedding Survival Guide for ANSWERS