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A great vacation escape to solvang california


Published on Discover what to do in Solvang. Stay at magnificent Solvang lodging, hotels, and motels that are nestled at the heart of the Danish town.

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A great vacation escape to solvang california

  1. 1. A Great Vacation Escape to Solvang California
  2. 2. For a unique great getaway experience, Solvang California isamong the best destinations to go.
  3. 3. The place is a great vacation ideaas it exceptionally reflects Danish-inspired villages, architectures, and structures in the whole city.
  4. 4. A themed town or city is alwaysexciting for travelers who want a different taste of experience.
  5. 5. More than just the uniqueness ofthe Danish-style village, the place has a lot to offer too.
  6. 6. Wineries, bakeries, beer gardens, candy shops, thrift stores, traditional pubs, boutiques, shopping stores, restaurants, bars, andother night-life establishments.
  7. 7. For anyone who is interested invisiting Solvang, here are some of the attractions you can visit andactivities you can participate in...
  8. 8. Birding in the Valley A popular bird species thatis common in the area is the
  9. 9. Yellow-billedMagpie
  10. 10. Elverhoj Museum of History and Art
  11. 11. Hans Christian Andersen Park
  12. 12. Sunny Fields Park
  13. 13. Solvang Park
  14. 14. Glider rides Tour a lavender farm, ostrich farm or horse ranch
  15. 15. Hiking and Biking
  16. 16. The Chumash Indian Casino
  17. 17. Mission Santa Ines
  18. 18. Nojoqui Falls
  19. 19. There are really lots of attractions and activities to do in Solvang California.
  20. 20. So you will never run-out ofwhat to do in Solvang.
  21. 21. If you are curious on where is Solvang, check out
  22. 22.