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Ruby without rails

  1. Ruby without Rails @WebDev Party #3 photo by Crashmaster007 高見見龍龍
  2. 高見見龍龍 a.k.a Eddie or Aquarianboy Live and work in Taipei, Taiwan. Serving in my own little tiny company. Flash / AS3 / Ruby / Rails / Python programming for living. Objective-C for personal inerests. Technical Education and Consulant. PTT Flash BM (since 2007/4). Ruby Certified Programmer (Since 2012/1). Adobe Certified Flash Developer (Since 2006/7). Linux Professional Institue Certification (Since 2005/3). photo by Eddie
  3. Today, We'll alk about.. - some fun(or weird) parts of Ruby - what can you do with Ruby?
  4. no Ruby on Rails oday.
  5. 投資⼀一定有風險,基金投資有賺有 賠,申購前應詳閱公開說明書
  6. 寫Ruby或寫Rails沒有比較潮! 可能會比較溼,俗稱大溼
  7. 會抓貓的就是好貓!
  8. 喵~
  9. 沒比較潮為何要從PHP換到Ruby?
  10. 我本來就不是寫PHP的..
  11. I’m a Flash guy. photo by JD Hancock
  12. 你不寫PHP..? 那去年不是跟那個誰誰 誰⼀一起辦了PHPConf?
  13. 那又是另⼀一個故事了..
  14. 不過,今年,也敬請期待!
  15. Ruby.. a Object-Oriened Programming language
  16. 分支 & 實作品
  17. RVM or Rbenv RVM Rbenvephenson/rbenv Introduce o RVM RVM and gemsets
  18. Ruby is slow?
  19. Live Coding!
  20. This Page Inentionally Left Blank but not blank at all
  21. Wrap it up!
  22. Almost everything in Ruby is an object.
  23. but you can say "Everything evaluaes o an object"
  24. use Ruby 1.9+ Ruby 1.8 has no future! 1.8 v.s 1.9
  25. Rails is not a language
  26. Ruby != Rails, Rails != Ruby
  27. and we usually call Ruby on Rails as “Rails”, not “RoR”.
  28. there's no MAGIC!
  29. So, what can you do with Ruby?
  30. Rake Make, but Ruby version. Rack
  31. Rack it’s a specification (and implemenation) of a minimal abstract Ruby API that models HTTP. such as Sinatra, Ruby on Rails Rack Sinatra Ruby on Rails
  32. developing App on MacOS?
  33. developing App on iOS?
  34. drawing, image processing, music..
  35. 不要讓別人覺得我們阿宅只會寫程式
  36. Ruby is fun!
  37. The only limiation is your imagination.
  38. 想像力力是你的超能力力!
  39. Any Question? photo by jamuraa
  40. Conacts 高見見龍龍 Websie Blog Plurk Facebook Google Plus Twiter https://twit!/eddiekao Email Mobile +886-928-617-687 photo by Eddie