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Rails Girls in Taipei

  1. @eddiekao
  2. @eddiekao @ryudoawaru@taiansu
  3. 1st event in 2013/9
  4. We don’t expect any girls will join this kind of nerdy event.
  5. more than 300 girls signed up in 1 day!
  6. CS student! Web Developer
  7. totally newbie!
  8. 2nd event in 2013/11
  9. more than 300 girls signed up again!
  10. 3rd event in 2014/3
  11. “Until now, we have more than 150 Rails Girls already”
  12. “About 20 volunteers in RubyConf Taiwan 2014 are from Rails Girls.”
  13. “I want to learn more about Rails, is there any course I can take?”
  14. then we held a weekly event for RG Alumni, named “Let’s Try Rails Tuesday”
  15. a.k.a LTRT
  16. @ManicLF
  17. “Not only just girls learn something in RG event…”
  18. “Thank you, coaches!”
  19. “We’ll have more RG event if possible”
  20. “We need more coaches!”
  21. “and more sponsorship, of course!”
  22. puts 1.more.thing
  23. Taipe.rb
  24. @eddiekao