TECH BRIEF  Mu Studio Performance Suite  Introduction  With the deployment of application-aware systems such as applicatio...
TECH BRIEF Examples of Systems Under Test                                          - Multi-track   • DPI                  ...
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Mu Studio Performance Suite


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Mu Studio Performance Suite

  1. 1. TECH BRIEF Mu Studio Performance Suite Introduction With the deployment of application-aware systems such as application firewalls, UTMs, and DPI engines, the network is becoming more intelligent at the application level. With this awareness the network has the ability to implement intelligent traffic management, security and QoS policies that are tied to specific application and user characteristics. However, with hundreds of thousands of applications on the network and hundreds of new ones being released every day on millions of devices, test teams are struggling to quickly and effectively test their app-aware systems and networks. Mu Studio Performance Suite is the industry’s first performance testing solution designed for testing application-aware networks. For the first time users are able to address the use cases listed below: Use Cases • Measure the accuracy of application detection and classification • Test the effectiveness of application QoS policies on traffic management • Test the impact of security policies on application performance • Benchmark scalability numbers of real users on their platform Key Benefits • Mirror your production network by re-creating mixes of application traffic in the lab • Gain immediate access to thousands of ready-to-run application tests • Keep up with the latest versions and client types (e.g. Skype, BitTorrent, Jabber on Android, iPhone, PC and iPad) • Gain insight into the root cause of problems using detailed app & user level metrics so you can quickly resolve issues Components • Mu TestCloud • Mu Test Management Server • Mu Scale AppliancesCopyright ©2011, Mu Dynamics, Inc. 1
  2. 2. TECH BRIEF Examples of Systems Under Test - Multi-track • DPI - Select multiple classes of applications and run them • Next Generation Firewall on separate tracks • IPS - Measure policies on a per IP or per interface or per • DLP & data ex-filtration application basis using separate tracks • Email and web security gateways • Multi-user • Lawful Intercept - Multiple testers can be accessing the solution at the • Mobile gateways like the PGw and SGw same time and run tests simultaneously. The UI allows for large teams of testers to use the solution Key Capabilities at the same time. • Mu TestCloud • Multi-Player - Immediately access thousands of ready-to-run - Elastic scale allows you to increase the load of application tests from the Mu TestCloud store via a application traffic by increasing the number of scale unified UI appliances based on the need. The same UI can - Keep up with the latest versions of these apps that control multiple scale appliances enabling a linear are being updated every week increase in performance. - Keep up with variations of these applications on • Complex Topologies different devices - Test with complex topologies involving source and - Keep up with geographic variations of these destination NAT and proxies applications – e.g. Skype in Asia/Europe/U.S. • Detailed Metrics • Security Testing - Throughput, connections per second, max connec- - Generate multiple forms of bad traffic including tions, user concurrency, bytes sent and received malware, known attacks, exploits, threats, and much more. malformed traffic • Test case creation Links to other resources: - Convert your own pcaps to test cases within 1. minutes 2. - Convert web interactions to test cases within 3. minutes 4. Business Apps Games/Facebook Apps Communication • Oracle • FarmVille • AIM • MSSQL • Lord of the Rings • GMail • VMware • Mafia Wars • MS Exchange • WebEx • World of Warcraft • Google Talk • Salesforce • Zynga • ICQ • QQIM Peer-2-Peer (P@P) • Jabber • BitTorrent • MSN • Gnucleus Real Apps & Devices • Rediff Bol • Frostwire • Yahoo! Messenger • Gnutella • Swapper Known Security Attacks Streaming Social Networking • Microsoft • BBC iPlayer • Bebo • Adobe • Hulu • Flixter • VMware • Metacafe • Friendster • Cisco • Silverlight • MySpace • Oracle • Skype • Orkut • Apple • VNCWeb: Copyright © 2011 Mu Dynamics. All rights reserved. Mu Dynamics,Address: 686 W. Maude Avenue, Suite 104, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA Mu Test Suite, Mu-4000, Mu-8000, Mu Dynamics logo, andPhone: 866-276-4640 or 408-329-6330Fax: 408-329-6317Copyright ©2011, Mu Dynamics, Inc. 2