Find out which type of protein shake you should buy


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Find out which type of protein shake you should buy

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go to: ====How does one figure out how to buy the best protein shake? Protein shakes have been around formany years now, and they are still popular with bodybuilders and athletes today. Athletes buyprotein shakes to help recuperate from their workouts and be stronger for the next workout.Protein shakes are a safe alternative to ingesting larger amounts of protein with regular food.What Are Protein Shakes?Protein shakes are simply powdered proteins that can be mixed with any sort of liquid. Most of thetime the shakes are mixed with milk as a shake, though many will mix the protein powder withwater or a preferred fruit juice. They provide an easy and convenient way to get protein into thebody and are completely safe.What Are The Types Of Protein?There are many different brands of protein shakes, and after you learn what to look for in a proteinshake, you can then choose the appropriate one for you. In the meantime, you should learn a littleabout how much and what type of proteins are in these protein shakes.There are 5 general types of proteins.CaseinEggMilkSoyWheyThe difference between these proteins are the sources and the speed with which they areabsorbed. Whey is the fastest protein absorbed by the body, while Casein is the slowest. It is agood idea to have both fast absorbing and slow absorbing in your system. Some protein shakescontain only one type of protein, while others may contain a combination. If you have allergies toone type of protein, you can fulfill your protein needs with one of the other types.These products also differ by the amount of protein they contain in relation to fats andcarbohydrates. Some protein shakes contain only a small amount of protein and are more weightgainer shakes than protein shakes. On the other end of the spectrum, there are protein shakesthat are 100 percent protein. These are the types of protein shakes that are the most beneficial tothose who are wanting to lose fat, while either maintaining or gaining lean muscle mass. If you aretrying to add muscle mass, you shouldnt exceed 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.
  2. 2. Where Can I Buy Protein Shakes?You can buy protein shakes almost anywhere these days, from health food stores, to grocerystores, and online. Protein shakes have even gotten to the point that they dont taste so bad andoffer different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.Article Source: ====For more information please go to: ====