Cure your yeast infection tips for avoiding yeast infection


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Cure your yeast infection tips for avoiding yeast infection

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go ====There is no need getting worried over a yeast infection as millions of women, and some men toosuffer from this condition across the world. Pregnant women are more prone to yeast infectionsbecause of hormonal changes in the body while infants too have a tendency for yeast infections.However instead of suffering from a yeast infection, there are many steps that can be taken toprevent yeast infections, and take control of your overall health. One such step is wearing of loose,cotton underwear.The reason it is advisable to wear loose and cotton clothing is to let the body breathe, whilemaintaining moisture levels at a minimum. Remember that yeast thrives on moisture and warmth,so wearing loose garments enhances air circulation, and keeps the area relatively cool and dry.This thus reduces the chances of a yeast infection.Avoiding pantyhose restricts yeast infectionsPantyhose is considered to be a breeding place for yeast as it traps moisture, thus helping yeast inmultiplying quickly. So avoid using pantyhose as much as possible; if required, wear good qualitystockings as they are comfortable and help avoiding yeast infections. You could also considerwearing thigh highs instead of pantyhose.If possible, avoid wearing underwear altogether. This is because it limits heat in the crotch area,and thus inhibits growth of yeast and any infection. Wearing a loose gown that does not bind thecrotch area is also a good alternative to avoid yeast infections.Tight pants should be avoided as much as possible as tight pants only create environments thatare great for the growth of yeast. It is preferable to wear skirts whenever possible to avoid theproblems created by tight pants.Bathing is better than showeringRemember to wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent yeast infections. This isbecause the intestinal tract is a great place for yeast to live. So wipe from the back to the front toavoid re infection of yeast.Instead of taking a shower, bathe as this helps get rid of the yeast in the vaginal area. It is better toavoid using soap in this area as soap is in no way useful in treating yeast. In fact, many a times,soaps make an infection worse by killing beneficial bacteria that is useful in balancing the yeast inthe vagina.
  2. 2. Stopping smoking helps in controlling yeast infectionsAfter bathing, ensure that the genital area is dried thoroughly as the moisture that remains in pubichair encourages growth of yeast. This is the same reason you have to get out of a wet swimmingsuit as soon as possible, and to ensure that you dry yourself.It is important to maintain a healthy immune system as this restricts yeast infections. This isbecause yeast infections arise from imbalances in the body. It is possible to boost the immunesystem with multi vitamins, a proper diet with minimal sweets, exercise and by stopping smoking,and thus reduce yeast infections.However if you suffer from repeated yeast infections, it is better to get tested for any other problemas recurring yeast infections indicate other conditions. Consult your health care professional aboutthis.Emily Omay is an expert on yeast infection. Visit her site RIGHT NOW for the best natural cure foryeast infection you will ever see. If you want to know how to cure yeast infection, Emily can helpyou out. Go there now - http://www.yeastinfectionreviews.comArticle Source: ====For more information please go ====