Complement your bariatric surgery diet with protein drinks


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Complement your bariatric surgery diet with protein drinks

  1. 1. ==== ====For Healthy Alternative - Click below ====Once a person has undergone bariatric surgery his/her body switches to a high gear of recovery torepair all the tissues and muscles that were destroyed during this rigorous procedure. Accordingly,a bariatric surgery diet which is protein filled and also containing amino acids, vitamins andminerals is prescribed. A bariatric convalescent can typically not immediately indulge in largequantities of food to supply the nutrients needed, especially proteins. Such persons are thusadvised to include protein drinks in their diets.A typical scenario of bariatric dieting starts with purely liquid and pureed food for the initial threemonths. The liquid foods take precedence for the first month and then pureed food is graduallyintroduced and continued for the next two months. After this, soft foods come into play for anotherfew months and finally the solid foods are introduced. The bariatric surgery diet directs that aminimum of 100mg of proteins be consumed daily. Considering the small food rations that are alsomeant to provide the minerals, vitamins and amino acids, protein drinks are engaged so as tosupplement the protein requirements.Other than helping in the rebuilding of muscles and tissues, the bariatric surgery diet should bedesigned towards preventing any chance of relapsing to over indulgence. In short, this diet at allcosts combats craving for food due to hunger. As this diet is low in calories, carbohydrates andfats, the body will always yearn for calories in the blood stream and so food craving is alwaysbound to happen. To counter this scenario proteins drinks are included in the diet and this isbecause protein rich products are known to invoke a feeling of fullness effectively combating foodcraving.Protein supplements used for bariatric surgery diet can have their protein obtained from eitheranimal or plant sources. One of the animal proteins mostly used is egg protein as it is one of thebest and purest forms of protein we have around. This protein is however only helpful to animalprotein tolerant people. For intolerant people, rice or soy protein drinks should do and might beeven better since these plant products are free of cholesterol. From another perspective, riceprotein can be considered the best as it low in sugar, carbohydrates and fats but more important isthat it is gluten free thus making it suitable for people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).Whether you are intolerant to a particular protein or not, dont just buy plain protein drinks. Insteadyou should opt for a supplement that comes enriched with extra vitamins, minerals and aminoacids to complete your bariatric surgery diet.For more information about Protein Drinks please visit
  2. 2. Article Source: ====For Healthy Alternative - Click below ====