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Cellular health the first step to true health


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Cellular health the first step to true health

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go to: ====We are in the age of having everything in the blink of an eye. We want it, and we want it now! Weare fine with settling for the sausage biscuit for breakfast and the cheeseburger for lunch. We havedone it consistently for so long that it is now routine, and our body has paid the price.Our cells are now not as strong. They cannot fight the free radicals that we take in everyday. Thenatural production of antioxidants is not enough to fight the free radicals. This is where cellularnutrition comes in. Cellular nutrition helps to fight free radicals that we are taking in everyday at aphenomenal rate due to the increase of environmental pollution, poor diets, airborne toxins,medications, drinking and smoking, just to name a few. Cellular nutrition actually begins to startrepairing the body at its cellular core.You will feel the difference after beginning a cellular program. For starters, your body will actuallybegin to absorb more of the key nutrients and deliver them to your cells.The process begins in your small intestines. There live villi (tiny finger-like protrusions.) If you wereto spread your fingers wide open and wiggle them, it would give you a general idea of healthy villi.This is where our bodies absorb all the nutrients from food and vitamins that we intake.When the villi become damaged, they begin to close up, their function, becomes minimal andstrained. Image those spread out wiggling fingers now closed up into a fist like position. This is thebreakdown of your villi. Over the years, they will absorb less and less of the nutrients we need, ourbodies will begin to breakdown, and we will feel worse and worse as time moves forward. Ourbodies are also fooled into thinking that we are starving because the nutrients we are getting arenot getting to the villi it needs to be healthy.We begin to crave sugars and fats, as they are the easiest for our bodies to absorb. The fats andsugars then tend to make us feel more fatigued and tired. Our bodies then store the fat because itbelieves it is starving. If you are trying to lose weight, this will be a most impossible feat. Your bodyis in the mode of storing fat, not burning it.Cellular nutrition can repair your villi, and restore your body to its health, leaving you with thebenefits of feeling more energetic, healthier and even thinner.-Lisa Corkern(504) 485-3922
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