Cancer prevention through nutrition


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Cancer prevention through nutrition

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go to: ====When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, one of the questions I asked was," What causesebladder cancer?"  My doctor told me that people who smoke, work in beauty salons andhandle dye, and people who work in the petroleum industry are the most prone to get bladdercancer.   While I never did any of the things he related were causes, I wassurrounded by second hand tobacco smoke all my life.  I had regularly dyed my hair fromthe age of sixteen, and I used petroleum products on a regular basis.  Just examining mycosmetic labels and cleaning fluids revealed my exposure to petroleum.    NextI asked my doctor if there was anything I could do in my diet that could prevent the cancer fromcoming back.  He told me to eat a normal healthy diet.My whole experience with bladder cancer sent me on a quest to find out exactly why exposure tothe above mentioned chemicals would cause bladder cancer.  I have a friend who owned ahealth food store called "Better Health Naturally".  She knew a lot about nutrition anddisease, so I approached her with the question about preventing cancer.  She gave me a lotof information that I have been using successfully.  Through library research and herinformative literature I learned why cancerous cells form in the body and how to prevent that fromhappening.   Here is the caveat :  Nutrition is very important to the health of thehuman body, but it is very complicated and a careful diagnosis of what is needed at the cellularlevel must be made in order to prevent cancer. Here is what I learned.  There are numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants,amino acids, and other nutrients that play an important role in healthy cellular function.  Theimmune system uses some of these nutrients to fight off disease and abnormal cellularactivity.  When foreign toxic elements enter the bloodstream, if the immune system isfunctioning properly it will recognize and attack to destroy these foreign particles.  However,if it is not healthy, it will ignore the toxins and let them pass.  The body then, if it does nothave the materials it needs, will pick up these toxins and take them into the cells and this causesthe abnormal or cancerous cells to form.  Then the rna sends messages to the dna toreproduce these abnormal cells. EXAMPLE:   One building block of cellular structure is magnesium.  If we arenot taking in magnesium in a form that the body can use, then the amino acids that carry themagnesium to the cell for use will recognize cadmium ( a main component of second handcigarette smoke) as the mineral it needs.  (Cadmium is similar to magnesium instructure).  When cadmium is taken into the cell, cancerous cells may be formed.What type of cancer is formed depends on many factors.  If a persons genetics has atendency toward skin cancer, the cancer may form in the skin....if to lung cancer, it may form in thelungs.  If a person has a weakness in a certain body part because of an injury or because of
  2. 2. exposure to harmful drugs or environmental pollution, the cancer could form in that area. Also if a person has a diet that has damaged some organ, or  if one leads a stressfullifestyle, those factors can determine which body part will become cancerous.Proper nutrition can prevent cancer.  Learning about myself and my lifestyle habits, helpedme to avoid the harmful chemicals that contribute to bladder cancer.  Learning aboutnutrition that benefits the immune system, and the bladder helped me to build up my defensesagainst  cancer.  By feeding my body the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and aminoacids it needs, I can insure that the proper building blocks for healthy cell production arethere.  By getting the antioxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables and supplements, Iam aiding my immune system in its proper function.   Will I get cancer again? The caveat mentioned above leaves the question unanswerable.  I do not have the wisdom,or the means to make absolutely 100% sure that my body has every thing it needs to stay cancerfree, but I do have the satisfaction of knowing that to my best ability I am feeding it what it needs tostay healthy and I have been cancer free for ten years.Get Hydrogen! Get Healty![]Article Source: ====For more information please go to: ====