Your True Reality Short Version


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10 Principles to enjoy and understand life with a higher consciousness.

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Your True Reality Short Version

  1. 1. ‘Your True Reality’ <br />Awareness brings a new Life <br /><br /><br />
  2. 2. 10 SIMPLE STEPS TO TOTALLY CHANGE YOUR OWN & PERSONAL UNIVERSE<br />Your sub-conscious mind has been inadvertently programmed since the day you were born.<br />Your life is just the manifestation of this programming running and dictating who you are, what you do and HOW you do it. <br />If you want to CHANGE your results, YOU have to change.<br />“YOU have been sub-consciously creating what you define as “Reality”. <br />Become 100% RESPONSIBLE OF YOUR OWN LIFE AND STOP BLAMING THE OUTSIDE.<br />Do not look for someone to blame for your own life. Only YOU are in charge.<br />You have been doing it the best you could. Now, allow me to share with you some “missing clues”… <br />
  3. 3. “You will always see whatever you expect to see” (Consciously or Unconsciously). <br />Nothing exists outside of yourself, NOTHING. This is only the exterior reflex of your beingness. <br />NEVER EVER AGAIN COMPLAINT ABOUT ANYTHING NOR ANYBODY.<br />Every time you complaint about a situation or a person you pre-dispose your sub-conscious mind to “find” and to create MORE reasons, conditions and circumstances to keep complaining. <br />Only does whatever you put into it. If you focus your attention in something you do NOT want for you, is like ‘asking’ for it. <br />Just remove your attention from it. <br />STOP thinking about it! <br />
  4. 4. 2)Every coin has two faces.<br />Every situation or event in your life has a negative and a positive side.. <br />Is YOUR DECISION and right, the side of the coin you decide to look upon. <br />NOBODY CAN DO IT FOR YOU!<br />We make decisions every second of our lives, mostly without being aware of the implications of our “choices”. <br />Look ALWAYS, (ALL- WAYS) the good side of the spectrum, and it will be there. <br />And just KNOW within your heart that “At an unfortunate event a great good lays within it”.<br />
  5. 5. 3)<br />Always, no matter the circumstances you will have reasons to which you can be grateful for. <br />Put your attention in something you feel really good about. <br />By focusing on the good, your sub-conscious mind will make you notice more thing to appreciate.<br />Do not underestimate this exercise.<br />THANK YOU FOR RECEIVING THIS MESSAGE AND FOR HAVING THE POSSIBILITY TO HAVE THE SIGHT TO READ IT.<br />
  6. 6. 4) Bless and praise in others that which you wish to experience in yourself. <br />Your mind works in strange ways, that we are now beginning to understand, its greatest potential is sub-conscious. <br />If you envy, hate or abhor the wealthy & joyous people you will never have it for yourself, EVER! <br />Your sub-conscious will never allow you to reach for something to which you “feel” so negative about. <br />Bless in others what you want for yourself. <br />Money loves to be around those who treat it good!<br />
  7. 7. 5) Don’t blame or criticize ANYBODY nor ANYTHING. <br />Be aware of your actions and choices.<br />When you make external circumstances or somebody else responsible for your ownsituation you are giving them a power and control over yourselfthey DO NOT have. <br />Make yourself responsible of your own actions, no matter what. Your own thoughts are what you have to work on. <br />The people and conditions have only come to you to show you that you have been thinking in a way that does not serve you anymore. <br />Choose again, but get clear FIRST where it is that you WANT to go, and then think how you could get there, and you will.<br />
  8. 8. 6) Pay CLOSE attention “HOW” you express yourself.<br />We’ve been programming our own sub-conscious brain to look for what we DO NOT want, instead of what WE DO WANT. <br />We think and SAY to ourselves and others what we want by saying FIRST what we DO NOT want. Example: “ I DO NOT WANT to get fat”, “I DO NOT WANT to get fired from my job”, “I DO NOT WANT to remain alone”, “I DO NOT WANT to go through that same situation again”, you’ve got the point. <br />Our mind will only react to our commands, consciously or unconsciously. To say it in another way, it will direct our feelings and actions toward what we’ve putted in it. <br />Start listening to yourself when you talk and when you think about what you will like to happen to you and stop yourself when you realize that you are saying what you DO NOT want, and start saying its opposite. <br />Say instead to yourself how GOOD you are, tons of times. A lie repeated over & over, eventually will be accepted by your sub-conscious as true. <br />
  9. 9. 7) Release the “need” for CONTROL !<br />Stop trying to control things and people around you over which you have no control whatsoever. <br />As much as you try you will be giving your own energy to that which you are trying to “control” or “push away” from you making it even stronger around you. <br />You can “feel” yourself the limitation of your freedom when somebody tries to control you or try to limit your acting, reveling yourself against it. <br />Do not waste your time and energy trying to do something to which you will never win no matter how hard you try. <br />“Freedom is the most precious gift given by nature. Give it away freely and openly and you will receive it the same way”<br />
  10. 10. 8) Increase your faith.<br />“If you have but the faith of a mustard seed you shall move mountains” <br />It means that you KNOW that what you want and desire for yourself, somehow it will be provided and accomplished. <br />Nobody ever mention HOW we can use this inner power in our favor. Write and read affirmations out loud several times a day of what YOU WANT. <br />FEEL what you are reading, add emotions to it. Feel them true, as you read them, as if they were already accomplished. <br />Your sub-conscious will pick up this NEW MESSAGE from you and will begin to influence your behaviors to get you closer to your goal. You will get amazed as you play with this.<br />
  11. 11. 9) Go with the flow, NOT against it.<br />We “FELT” too many times in our lives WHAT we ‘should’ have done, but didn’t. <br />To find out that what we “FELT” but which we could NOT EXPLAIN rationally, it was the right choice. <br />What we “FEEL” it is ALWAYS the truth, no matter what our mind is trying to make us believe. <br />Follow your “gut” instinct. It will “magically” guide you to your destination. You have been created from the same source energy that has created this nebulae in the picture. You are IT. <br />Go with the flow. Do not fight against it. It will only guide you where you said you want to go. Trust your instincts and your feelings, they KNOW the truth. <br />
  12. 12. 10) Appreciate & Love your Self FIRST.<br />Nobody can give you something you do not have for yourself. <br />BE yourself FIRST all you can be and everything else will follow. Be all the love and compassion you want to see around you.<br />It is YOUR CHOICE. Why you should love yourself FIRST? Because only this way you will be able to accept and share the freedom to BE who you are CHOOSING you want to BE, unconditionally. <br />You will ONLY be able to share with others what you already posses for yourself. Be Love. <br />Adrian A. Boniardi<br />November, 2007.<br />(extracted from “Life, User Manual”. (currently in production)<br />YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR OWN IMAGINATION.<br />THINK BIG!<br />