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Aqualogic monitoring system datasheet


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Aqualogic monitoring system datasheet

  1. 1. DatasheetAqualogic Monitoring System Key Benefits of Aqualogic Monitoring SystemMonitoring Experience Agent less monitoring saves time and ensures system availabilityRedefined Avoid additional time and cost on training : Easier installation and ImplementationGet more Monitoring Acumen Highly Customizable & Rich Dashboard : Can be tailor-made to clients specificat no extra cost! needs for realtime statistics Unique Log reader component allowsAMS is a powerful application monitoring solution that users to read remote log file without user accounts on production systemsenables administrators and IT Managers to pro actively andefficiently manage and maintain their multitasking Log Monitoring : AMS monitors log files and generates alertsenvironment from a single user interface. Role based security/monitoringAMS generates live statistics and alerts of Connection Pools, Configurable Alert Interval : GetServlets, EJBs, Thread Pools, JMS Queues and Topics, Web monitoring results every 15 secondsSessions, Server Availability, JVM Statistics and Transactions. Affordable and flexible licensing modelAqualogics AMS helps you stay alert, collecting runtime gives ROIstatistics every 15 seconds. AMS helps users to take "Thread Dumps" to troubleshoot performance issuesAMS makes automatic monitoring possible. It seamlessly Detailed configuration view of servers tointegrates different types of application servers and ensures help validate deploymentremote monitoring consistently. Better capacity management based on analysis of historical statistics through Load trend analysis and reporting AMS enables users to access "JNDI” Tree Aqualogic Log Monitoring (ALM) WebLogic Server WebSphere Server USERS JBoss Server TOMCAT Server JBoss WebLogic WebSphere Tomcat Collector Collector Collector Collector Java Process WebMethods TIBCO Adobe LiveCycle Collector Collector Collector Collector WebMethods TIBCO Database Java Processes Server Server (Stand-alone Adobe LiveCycle LDAP Java Applications) Server
  2. 2. Datasheet Realtime Monitoring Collects runtime statistics of Connection Pools, Servlets, EJBs, Thread Pools, JMS Queues and Topics, Web Sessions, Server Availability, JVM Statistics and Transactions. Dashboards Allows users to create custom dashboards (Flex) to view the current and historical data. Users are now able to see the runtime attributes of single server or multiple servers on a single screen.Log MonitoringUnique log monitoring feature monitors log files suchas application server logs, web server logs, Java/J2EEapplication logs, database logs and any othersoftware/service logs. AMS generates alerts based onpredefined keywords/errors or any other specific text.Monitoring frequency can be configured to as low as15 seconds to get the real-time alerts. Inventory This help users to track and maintain the list of physical servers/VMs and their hosted application servers. Besides this, inventory gives a visibility to IT heads about the list of active projects and the associated application servers. AMS classifies different types of environments, thishelps IT administrators to track the application servers by environment type.Unique search functionality allows the user to find the right server by various parameters such as Server ID,Server Type, Server Name, Environment name, Project Name, IP address and Port number.
  3. 3. DatasheetKnow your Server Configuration in depth! Platforms SupportedAMS presents server and its components JBoss (4.* , 5.*, 6* and 7.* versions)configuration info at one place. WebLogic (8,9, 10 and 11 versions)AMS presents tabbed view of the configuration details. Userscan now view all server configuration details and make right Tomcat 5, 6 versionsdecisions based on the server status without any delay. WebSphere 6 & 7 versionsAMS help you to view configuration details of servers, clusters Java Process Monitoring / Standaloneand machines. It also displays the list of listen ports associated Java Application (JDK 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7)with the particular application server. Apart from theconfiguration, it also lists deployed EJBs, Web applications, Adobe LiveCycle and WCMS serverslist of configured connection pools, JMS queues and Tibco ESB & webMethodsJMS topics. Flex & BlazeDS SAP Data Services (Front End) Server Configuration Know the type and version of the installed server, supported Java platform and its version, server directory, log directory and other configurations associated with the servers. It also displays the start date of server.Machine Configuration Port Connection PoolGet the remote machine details Displays the list of listen ports of The connection pool acts as awhere your server is running. all active services running on the reservoir for databaseRetrieves info about OS of the application server and web connections. They are stored tomachine, available processor server. be reused when future requestscount in the machine, host to the database are and host address of the The Connection Pool tabmachine. displays the list of connection pools available in the server and its status.Web Applications EJB Applications JMS QueuesProvides information on web The EJB Applications tab JMS Queues tab displaysapplications running currently. displays available EJB (Enterprise available JMS queues in aIt helps the user to see available JavaBean) applications in a particular server.web applications in a particular particular server.server.
  4. 4. DatasheetThread Dumps Utility!AMS collects Thread Dumps easier way!Ever caught up in a situation where the usual meansfor generating a thread dump does not work, makingit difficult to track down irritating deadlock issues.AMS helps you a step further here by making ThreadDumps available in a centralized console. AMS provides “Thread Dumps” feature Why do we need a AMS makes it easier to take Thread Dumps, Thread Dump? bringing the thread Dump at your disposal When the application server freezes or without hassle hangs or becomes sluggish for no apparent AMS enables you to save and maintain Thread reason, Thread Dumps will reveal the exact Dumps for future reference state of your App server. Get to the Root Cause: Thread Dumps helps user analyze Server Hang Situations and the Root Cause of it JNDI Tree Utility! AMS empowers you with details. JNDI feature strengthens the administrators to confirm the deployment (EJB) status, validate JDBC data source, JMS queries, JMS Topics and JMS connection factories. AMS allows viewing the JNDI tree in the servers associated with it. AMS gives convenient JNDI view as part of its admin console.Salient Features of Aqualogic Monitoring System Collects realtime data and helps analyze server Single console for all the servers in the performance network Allows users to create dashboards (Flex) Generates alerts based on the predefined thresholds Allows users to see the configuration details of each server remotely Simplifies the process of taking the thread dumps. Thread Dumps are viewable on AMS Manages the inventory of servers, machines and console rather than from server logs IP addresses JNDI tree is visible on a single click Log file monitoring with alerting system
  5. 5. DatasheetAMS Increases ROI, Reducing TCOLower your total cost of ownership while fulfilling all your monitoringrequirements with AquaLogic’s Monitoring Solution.How AMS cuts cost? AMS lets you support servers anywhere in the globe via remote AFFORDABLE management. PRICING MODEL! AMS’s unique proactive monitoring eliminates the costs associated with poor performance. Aqualogic offers cost AMS automates routine monitoring tasks helping the support effective and flexible team organize their workload and focus on improvements. pricing model on AMS AMS provides a range of flexible, customizable reports that can be for its customers. automated to save the time and effort required to produce management reports. AMS helps you work with fewer support personnel, translating CUSTOMIZATION into lower service cost. AT ITS BEST! AMS helps to manage overhead because of its faster turn-around. Unlike other monitoring AMS’s flexible pricing model allows customers to save the solutions, AMS can be operational cost. customized according to the customer needs to meet the ever changingAMS generates quick alerts! business requirements.Quickest Alerts with AMS: Avoid undue delays in generating alerts, asthe Monitoring Frequency can be configured to as low as 15 seconds. Be notified of any changes in application servers immediately, any time.
  6. 6. Datasheet@ Please email us at for a demo. or Feel free to talk to us +91 80 6745 1000 Aqualogic tech systems No.13, LR Mansion, II Cross , Kodihalli, Opp.West Gate of Leela Palace, H.A.L. Main Road, Bangalore-560008, Karnataka, India www.aqualogic.inTrademarks disclaimer"Aqualogic", the Aqualogic logo, the AMS logo appearing on this datasheet are trademarks of Aqualogic Tech Systems.Brand names: The brand names “AMS” (Aqualogic monitoring system) and "Aqualogic", appearing on this datasheet and the Aqualogic’swebsite are trademarks of Aqualogic Tech Systems.Captions: The captions appearing on this datasheet and the Aqualogic’s website are trademarks of Aqualogic Tech Systems.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Use of the above trademarks is prohibited without the prior written consent ofAqualogic or the respective owner of the trademark. All materials in this document are protected by copyright laws and are the property ofAqualogic Tech Systems. Aqualogic Tech Systems reserves the right to modify these terms and content at any time.© 2012 Aqualogic Tech Systems