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Sharkey response


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My fathers response to Jeremy's Proposal

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Sharkey response

  1. 1. Mr. Sharkey A response to your request
  2. 2. I thought long and hard….
  3. 3. I considered how I would thoughtfully respond to such an important question
  4. 4. I had to admit that your method was quite humorous
  5. 5. And, although I struggled a bit with some of your quirks and a certain geekiness that (apparently) is an area that you have in common with my daughter…… My answer is…………
  6. 6. I had to put a Navy reference in there…. Right??
  7. 7. You’re a great guy Jeremy – you make Erica very happy (most important!) and I know that Erica loves you very much. I’m very happy to have another son!