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Step By Step Guidelines For Establishing A National Halliwick Association


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Step By Step Guidelines For Establishing A National Halliwick Association

  1. 1. Step-by-Step Guidelines for Countries Establishing a National Halliwick Association 1. Form a steering group of interest people who will: (i) Appoint provisional officers – a minimum of chairperson, treasurer and secretary. Additional personnel may also be appointed eg. a publications officer. (ii) Write a draft constitution or statutes, incorporating the aims of the Association and how it will be administered. (iii) You may consider the possibility of insurance for your members, opening a bank account and trying to raise funds. We realise that this may be difficult before the Association/Organisation is legally established. (iv) Inform the International Halliwick Association (the IHA) of your intention to form a national Halliwick Association/Organisation and ask for the application pack, which contains: • IHA application form; • IHA Constitution (and an abridged version of this) and guidelines on what should be your Constitution/Statutes; • IHA leaflet with information on what the IHA can provide; • Membership fee tariff. (v) Raise awareness amongst interest people/groups. All individuals and groups known to have an interest in Halliwick must be invited to participate, as membership must be open to anyone interested in furthering the aims of Halliwick. 2. Hold an inaugural meeting: (i) Adopt the Constitution/Statutes; (ii) Elect officers and a management committee; (iii) Establish sub-committees as required (eg. Education / Publications / Competitions); (iv) Apply for membership of the IHA.