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  2. 2. CAMERASI used a DSLR camera to takepictures of my main model, beforethis project I had never used one ofthese cameras so I learnt quite a lot.I had to think about lighting andbackground, as well as choosingwhether to use a flash or not. I used a compact digital camera to take images of the other model. I already knew how to use a compact camera since it’s an everyday use camera, but whilst using this I also learnt when it is appropriate to use flash and when it isn’t. During this project I also learnt what type of images look good landscape and which look good portrait. And also, because the quality of these images were really good I learnt that they do not need to be edited too much.
  3. 3. PHOTOSHOPBefore AS media, I hadn’t ever used PhotoShop before, my skills in using this programd e v e lo p e d f i r s t b y c r e a t i n g t h e c o l l e ge m a g a z i n e , b u t t h e n I r e a l l y g o t i n t o u s i n g i t p r o p e r ly w h i l s tc r e a ti n g t h e m u s i c m a g a z i n e . O n e o f t h e i m a g e s t h a t I p h o t o - s h o p pe d w a s t h e i m a g e o n t h ec o n t e nt s p a g e , a n o t h e r i m a g e w h i c h I p h o t o s h o p p e d q u i t e a b i t w a s t h e i m a g e u s e d o n m y c o v e rpage. As you can see from these two images, I brightened it up, As you can see from these two images I photo shopped and then chose to change the image from black and white the picture quite a lot. I cropped the image, the I into colour. brightened it quite a bit.
  4. 4. INDESIGNBefore AS Media I hadn’t used InDesign before. Whilst usingInDesign during my project I found out a lot how to do a lot ofthings for example; how to add images, layers, text. I also found outhow to change the colour of text, and add shapes and objects.
  5. 5. BLOGGERBefore AS Media I hadn’t used blogger before. At first I found this site quite difficultto use, however after a while I discovered it isn’t as hard as I thought it to be. I foundout how to add an image as my header, how to add a background, and how tocustomise the layout and theme. Adding a post is easy to do, and whilst adding a postyou can add images, videos and you can also embed things that you have done online,for example this slideshow which was uploaded via slideshare.
  6. 6. PREZIBefore AS Media I hadn’t used prezi before. Prezi is quite hard touse, however after using it for a while I kind of got the hand of it,and it got easier to use. You’re able to create great presentationsonline and they’re easy and fun to watch aswell.