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  1. 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. I used a DSLR camera to takepictures of my mainmodel, before this project I hadnever used one of these camerasso I learnt quite a lot. I had tothink about lighting andbackground, as well as choosingwhether to use a flash or not. Iused a compact digital camera totake images of the other model. Ialready knew how to use acompact camera since it’s aneveryday use camera, but whilstusing this I also learnt when it isappropriate to use flash andwhen it isn’t. During this project Ialso learnt what type of imageslook good landscape and whichlook good portrait. Andalso, because the quality ofthese images were really good Ilearnt that they do not need tobe edited too much.
  3. 3. Before AS media, I hadn’t ever used PhotoShop or InDesign before, my skills in usingthese two programs developed first by creating the college magazine, but then I reallygot into using it properly whilst creating the music magazine. One of the images that Iphoto-shopped was the image on the contents page, another image which I photoshopped quite a bit was the image used on my cover page. As you can see from these two images, I brightened it As you can see from these two images I photo up, and then chose to change the image from black shopped the picture quite a lot. I cropped the and white into colour. image, the I brightened it quite a bit.
  4. 4. I also used how to use online applications such asprezi and slide share. Before this project I had neverused these, but once I got started I found out thatthey are quite easy to use and effective ways topresent. Also, before this project I had never usedblogger before, which at first I found hard than laterdiscovered it isn’t as hard as I thought it to be.