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In what ways does your media product use


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In what ways does your media product use

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. My cover page follows The masthead is located at thethe rules and top of the magazine, which is done in all magazines, this isconventions of those set done so it makes it easier for theout by professional customer to locate themagazines in many magazines name, the mastheaddifferent ways. also acts as the logo of the magazine, so having it located at the top of the magazine willAlso, I stuck to using only easily catch the customers eye.three colours on my cover The masthead is also behind the model, which is also done inpage, which I found out most magazines.during my case studiesthat most magazines do. The fact that I used a brick wall for my background challengesDuring my research I the conventions set out byfound out that most professional magazines sincemagazines have the they usually have a plaincover lines located on background, but I did thisthe left hand side of the because I thought it would becover, which I also done. different. I chose my model to wear a red and black coat so it fits in well with the colour The image that I used scheme I had chosen. for the cover page is an example of mise- en-scene, and also I had the main cover line in a contracts well with bigger font then the other the background, cover lines, which also follows making the model the rules set out by stand out more. professional magazines.
  3. 3. My contents pagechallenges the conventions I chose this image to use of myand rules set out by those model on the contents page sinceof professional music her posture fits well, and allowsmagazines, since I haven’t space for me to put in someused a lot of images, writing. I also chose to have thehowever during my case image in black and white, since if itstudies and research I was in colour the colour redcame across vibe magazine wouldn’t have shown as much,contents pages, which and I needed to use these coloursinspired me a lot. in order to follow my colour scheme.Both models aren’twearing a lot of makeup The main model is wearing awhich also challenges the jumper, jeans and long boots, Irules and conventions set chose for her to wear this so theout by those professional audience can relate to her dressmagazines, however I sense and so she fits in as one ofdone this so the audience them.feels as if they can relateto the models and imitate Both photoshoots were taken at atheir style easily. park rather than at a studio to challenge the conventions set outThe small icons of another by those professional magazines,model are also in black and to make my magazine standand white to follow the out and be of the contents page.This model is wearing along dress, I chose for her As you can see the way I wroteto wear this so it is “contents” follows the styles ofdifferent to what the main vibe magazine, which I really liked.model is wearing.
  4. 4. The questions in my interview are bigger and in a different The DPS follows the conventions set out by those colour to the answers that my model gave, I also found out professional music magazines in a variety of ways. the most magazines do this during my research. I followed theThe pull quote is same colourused as the title scheme as onof the magazine, my cover andwhich during my contents pagecase studies I which mostcame to find out magazinesthat most tend to do,magazines do. and also used to same font. I also used four small icons, which are in black and I used one big image which took up both pages for the white to contrast with the main image and create background of my DPS, which challenges those rules since mise-en-scene. neither of the magazines in my case studies seemed to do this.