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3rd kingdom cyber security forum it gov in saudi arabia- aqel


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a 12 questions survey to assess IT Governance maturity in Saudi firms in parallel with similar global survey to compare results.

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3rd kingdom cyber security forum it gov in saudi arabia- aqel

  1. 1. By Aqel M. Aqel ISACA Riyadh Chapter May - 2016
  2. 2. Content • The survey • The results • Conclusions
  3. 3. The problem • What is the level of IT Governance practices in local organizations? • How far is it from what’s happening in the world? • What recommendations we can provide to fine tune it?
  4. 4. The Survey • 12 questions survey launched between Mar – April / 2016. 1. Do you have IT governance practices 2. Level of IT overseeing 3. Any regulatory mandates 4. Any awareness activities 5. Satisfaction about IT governance status 6. Efforts to align IT objectives with business objectives 7. Any measurable KPI(s) for evaluating IT effectiveness 8. IT governance impact on business 9. The main purpose behind IT governance 10. Major obstacles 11. Does management explain business objectives 12. IT governance activities ver IT management • Received Feedbacks • Locally 38 • Globally 22
  5. 5. Saudi Arabia is not that far behind
  6. 6. IT governance initiative need to be run by Board level in order to fruit and sustain locally Globally
  7. 7. KSA is so close to world average in regulatory mandates regarding IT Governance locally Globally
  8. 8. We have to work on the awareness to boost IT Governance in local firms locally Globally
  9. 9. Two points: 1) are some firms over estimating our IT Gov. Practices?? 2) many firms still to spin off IT governance initiatives locally Globally
  10. 10. Again, we are around the average .. Little bit behind. locally Globally
  11. 11. Well, KSA seems to be leading in IT KPIs locally Globally
  12. 12. We can say the trust in IT governance in high in KSA. locally Globally
  13. 13. Security and control is the main driver locally and globally followed by sys performance locally Globally
  14. 14. locally Globally
  15. 15. Local Sample Workers level Organizational level Leader/ Top management • Aptitude And Knowledge Of People • Daily Work Burden • Distracts People In Meeting Deadlines. • Unknowledgeable Staff • Perceived As Too Boring • Considered As An Additional Workload • Most People Are Not Aware Of The Concepts • Unprofessional Attitude Of IT • People More Attracted By Operations Than Loss Of Control • Power Silos • Align With Business Objectives • Best Practice And Maturity Level Of Applying It • Change Management • Culture / Awareness • Data Availability • Budget/Cost • There Is No A Budgets To Startup Many Projects • Shortage Of Skilled Resources • Lack Of Understanding Of The IT Governance • Cascading Down • Business Needs • Lack Of Team Spirits • Changing Priorities Of Tasks And Projects • Lack Of Knowledge • Low Maturity Level • Organization Structure Not Clear • IT Roles Needs To Clarify • Need Learning & Knowledge Transfer • Unknowledgeable Board Members • Management Support • Internal IT Staff Support • Senior Management Engagement • Lack Of Will • Lack Of Government Enforcement • Management Culture • Upper Management Follow Up • Haven't A Decision Maker • Define The Value And The Goal Of The IT • Senior Management Support • Weak Sponsor Support Q10 : What you think the major obstacles in launching an IT governance initiative? Actually; they are many, diversified, and Real
  16. 16. Is this acceptable ??
  17. 17. Conclusion 1. Saudi Arabia is not that behind in IT Governance practices. 2. IT governance need to be overseen by Board level in order to fruit and sustain. 3. Awareness and involvement is essential to boost IT Governance. 4. IT governance maturity is tightly related to corporate governance maturity 5. Without clear business objectives, IT gov. might become pointless initiative. 6. Without measuring IT performance we can not advance IT governance.
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