Q1 how did you use, develop or


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Q1 how did you use, develop or

  1. 1. Q1 How did you use, develop orchallenge codes and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Conventions Of Fabulous Magazine The magazine nameSimple colour scheme is located behind theof three colours: main imageYellow, White Black Date copy was releasedPicture entices both One main imagemen and women to on the frontread cover, draws the readers attention directly towards it Main story of the magazine linking to the picture Secondary stories offer information on other storiesI have chosen to base my magazine on the front cover of fabulous magazine I have done the because found in this magazine it aims itself at my target audience and is seen as a classy magazine which Is what I want my show to be linked with. I have challenged the conventions of a typical TV magazine by using a magazine that shows stories of fashion ext
  3. 3. My Front Cover Magazine title located behind the main image but is still clear what it is calledMarvellous has similar Date of Magazineconnotations to Fabulous releaseboth imply the magazine is agreat read Colour schemeOne main image of a consisting of only 3striking pose to draw colours: Black, White,in the reader Blue Secondary stories provide readers with extra information on Main text related to what to expect in the the image on the front edition cover, this provides readers with quick information on what to expect in the edition
  4. 4. E4 Made In Chelsea Billboard Show Name The main character of the show is centre ofSeries attentionNumberand dateSimple colourscheme of 3colours: Red,White and We don‟t no the girlblue, these Spencer is talking to,have British this creates suspenseconnotations
  5. 5. My Billboard I have challenged the conventions of a typical Made In Chelsea poster. Unlike the Made In Chelsea poster I have used a wide range of backgrounds this makes the billboard stand out and seem more interesting. In the Made In Chelsea billboard it is unclear what is going on as we don‟t no who the women „Spencer‟ is talking to, where as in my billboard it is clear that all the characters of my soap are angry towards Tarquin (bottom middle) this will make the viewers of billboard want to watch the show as they want to know what he has done wrong.This is the billboard I have based mine on. Thisis from the show The Only Way Is Essex.Though it is a scripted reality it is the oppositeof what Made In Manchester and my show aimto produce. I have chosen to base my billboardon this but have added a story to mine ratherthan just random images
  6. 6. Shot Types Close Up Made In Chelsea Made In Manchester Over The Shoulder
  7. 7. Shot Types Close Up 2 Shot
  8. 8. SettingThrough out the filming we needed to make sure we filmed our trailer in a set would fitted the conventions of Made In Chelsea. Made In Chelsea is a show that is about wealth and we needed to portray this.Both these shots are shot in a bar. The Made In Chelsea shot (left) has a bottle of champagne with has connotations of wealth and the brick wall decor shows its up market. Similarly the Made In Manchester shot (right) has a background that shows the bar is expensive and fancy this is shown by the nice decor and leather seats.
  9. 9. StorylineDuring the Made In Chelsea scene the story is easy to follow. It could easily be watched by someone who had never seen the show and they could still understand the storyline. Therefore I needed my trailer to be easy and simple to follow this can be done by strong dialog and the use of realistic storylineFriend cheats with friends The other girl who likes him Gets rejected by the girl hegirlfriend moves away as she thinks he thinks likes him doesn‟t like her Realises he likes the girl who is Runs to train station to stop her leaving going but is to late
  10. 10. TV TimesIn order for my show to reach its target audience I needed to make sure it was played at similar time to Made In Chelsea. The TV guide shows its on at 10pm on E4 on a Monday. I will put my show on E4 on a Wednesday at 10pm this is because my target audience won‟t be in bed as they stay up to watch Made In Chelsea on a monday
  11. 11. Conventions of Scripted RealityClose ups are used frequently to The actors who take part wear a lotshow of the glamour and beauty of of make-up and dressedthe actors , and long shots are used glamorously this portrays upperto show of the expensive class and wealth, this meanssurrounding area and key social people aspire to be them.areas Conventions There are a set of roles played in Lighting is not natural and usually the show fits the mood. If something positive •Player is happening the light will be bright •Bimbo where as if something negative is •Best Friend happening the lighting will be dark. •Cheater
  12. 12. Costumes These shots show the costumes we wore whilst shooting our trailer. The two lads are both wearing a buttoned up shirt and have there top button done up, this is a fashion that is seen to be smart therefore they are portraying the wealth and fashion that is needed to make a scripted reality work. The girl has a blazer on and has a lot of make- up this makes her look glamorous therefore fitting the conventions of a scripted reality actor
  13. 13. Evaluating Made In Chelsea Bright lighting used to show of the looks of the actors, the lighting is naturalPosh accents,doesn‟t use thestereotypical“cockney” River Temes isaccent so an iconictherefore shows London featurethere classstatus Smart Costume portrays wealth
  14. 14. Closing Shot The closing shot of a trailer is important firstly it shows a key feeling emotion based on how the episode is going to be. We can see that in this episode of Made In Chelsea something that is going to sadden Spencer is going to happen, so therefore in my trailer my closing shot shows Tarquin looking at a train station time board and by his body language you can tell he has missed what he was looking for. Also in a closing shot it advertises the show name, the time it is on as well as the date, this is so the audience know when to tune in.