Planning sheets for final piece


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Planning sheets for final piece

  1. 1. Planning final piece The Edge
  2. 2. We drew diagrams ofwhat would happen ineach individual shot, ina note form, so that wecould look at thediagram and instantlyknow what to do whenfilming.
  3. 3. We also put detail perdiagram, with thingssuch as timeallowance, type ofshot, camera movementand the dialogue so thatwhen we filmedeveryone knew what wasgoing to happen.
  4. 4. I made a detailedscript, using my scriptresearch skills.Including stagedirections, emotionsand dialogue.However we didntuse the characternames for the scriptas it was easier todistribute andunderstand partsusing our real names.I also colour coded itso that it was easierto read and pick outinformation.
  5. 5. For the scene between Preston and Pandora in the cafe, we didn’t follow ascript. Instead we used the convention used in Made in Chelsea which webased our trailer on, which was to give ourselves a theme and scenario andthen improvise around it. This then gives the effect of reality and realemotions which characters in Made in Chelsea show.
  6. 6. After deciding that our costumes would have to be clothes that our targetaudience would aspire to wear, as thats the conventions Made in Chelsea,the programme we based our trailer on does. See evaluation question 1for more detail.
  7. 7. We drew out a rough diagram for the scene where Safire breaks up withSabbo and Sierra follows her. The airial view plan helped us so that we allknew the route which we would take when filming, and so reduced theamount of takes as no one would walk in the wrong direction.
  8. 8. These roles were set so that we had a rough idea of who would play which role in the team, so that we were organised.However during filming,certain roles changed,so that everyone had anequal chance at doingeverything.
  9. 9. We decided to think of extra scenes to film if we had time, so that when editing we had extra parts to add in, such as dramatic lines or emotional lines to make out trailers more complex.After doing all our details plansheets to arrangecostumes, scripts and cameraswe put the main informationinto a timetable that we wouldfollow, to keep us in a schedule.We also added in our locationand order of scenes so that weknew which to prioritise.