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Evaluation question 2 final


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Evaluation question 2 final

  1. 1. Qu.2. How effective is thecombinations of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. The E4 brand representation was consistent through all three pieces ofmedia. In my trailer, common convention of purple background and white text represents the brand. Also the E4 logo and E4 twitter link also represent the brand. In my magazine, the mention of ‘FRESHERS’ represents the brand as its also an E4 show. In my poster the American typewriter font and E4 logo represent the brand
  3. 3. I used the synergy of the twitter link throughout my media products as itis a very popular social network at present with my target audience andso may widen the popularity of the show. Twitter link in my trailer Twitter link in my magazine
  4. 4. I chose to Crystal to be my icon and represent the show in all three media products because she plays the lead role in the trailer and is therefore the most memorable.I also chose Crystal as her style is something that not only represents theyoung, stylish E4 brand but is something that the target audience can admireand aim to be like. Her stylish clothes also represent the wealthy region.Her feisty attitude is also something that may cause controversy betweenmembers of the audience and so by featuring her in all of the mediaproducts it draws attention to the show and causes conversation whichincreases popularity.
  5. 5. The way that on all of the media products the schedule isthe same makes the show reliable and realistic. The magazine cover doesn’t say the time, however the feature inside will.
  6. 6. The key theme in the trailer is secrets and power and that isrepresented through all of the three types of media. The trailer clip not The way that Crystal is The way that Sierra is only shows a secret is winking and has her above and bigger than unrevealed on the finger to her lips with everyone else suggests text, but also shows ‘shhh’ written down the power. Also the way that the secret of who is side, again re-enforces she is controlling the sending the text. the theme of secrets characters like puppets also shows control.
  7. 7. The point of view of Sierra is shown through the three media products. Sierras point of view is shown in the trailer through title cards in which she tells her thought process throughout the story. Sierras point of view is again shown in the billboard as she feels she is in control, knowing secrets that nobody else knows. It also shows she thinks she’s better and above everyone else. Crystals point of view is shown through the magazine. The wink suggests that she isn’t feeling guilty about what she’s done. Also the way that she’s telling the audience to keep quiet suggests she too feels powerful.
  8. 8. The products use an informal mode of address which attracts theniche audience of fashionable young women. The colourful magazine not only gives The use of new technology also the impression that the soap is a gives the impression that the fun, lively soap. But also that its young soap is new and up to date which and so will appeal to the target again appeals to the target audience. The word gossip is something audience. It also brings in that brings reality to the soap and is reality, making the audience something that attracts the audience relate to it. The use of a black and white in the poster gives the impression that there is a darker side to the soap. However is still fashionable, as black and white together look stylish and so appeals to the target audience.