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This is a quick Twitter 101 for the novice twitter user!

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  • Definition of Social MediaBrief description and examples of each.
  • Definition of Social MediaBrief description and examples of each.
  • Definition of Social MediaBrief description and examples of each.
  • Definition of Social MediaBrief description and examples of each.
  • Definition of Social MediaBrief description and examples of each.
  • Twitter 101

    1. 1. 101@alexputman
    2. 2. Twitter Introduction
    3. 3. Creating an Account•• Username (Letters, numbers & underscore)• Email Address• Password
    4. 4. What’s in a Name?• Use name from other site/blogs• Real name or business name makes it easier to find you• If using a pseudo name, ensure it is part of your brand: o SocialTRex o RecruiterChicks
    5. 5. ProfilePicture: Bio:• 700kb • Name• JPG, GIF or PNG file • Location • URL • 160 character intro
    6. 6. Definitions• Tweets: messages/links/info you post• Friend: Person you follow• Follower: Person who follow you• Retweet: posting a tweet from someone else• Hashtag #: used to tag or categorize tweets• @reply: reply to other users or tag them in your tweets by using @username• DM: send private direct messages to other users by using DM username (only dm people following you)• Link Shorteners: services like bi.tly or that shorten URLs to conserve tweet space
    7. 7. Find People to Follow
    8. 8. Finding FollowersYou can use the various Twitter user directories to find followers based on: • Location • Interests • Job Title www.FollowerWonk.comYou can also find followers using Twitter search by using: • Keyphrases • Hashtags • Location But don’t forget the simple Google Search… Or looking at who other people follow…
    9. 9. What to Retweet• News (especially breaking news)!• Links of interest• Search on the #hashtag o #shrmatl11• Tweets from other people you follow• Retweets are a simple way of sharing other peoples tweets• If your content is retweeted, it will reach a wider audience as the followers of the people that retweet your content will also have your tweet in their feedRemember: Tweets appear in the stream of people who followyou. Gain followers via Golden Rule!
    10. 10. @ ReplyBy using the @reply, you are ‘tagging’ another userin your tweet – this is then flagged up to themThe @reply can be used in a number of ways: 1. To reply to another tweet i.e. @socialtrex thanks for your assistance 2. To flag up a tweet to a certain user i.e. thanks for the link about browsers @socialtrex 3. To credit another user for a link or something else i.e. Great blog about social media via @socialtrex
    11. 11. Twitter ListsYou can use Twitter lists to organise your followers into different groups - this makesit easier to follow certain groups of peopleTwitter Lists can group people by: • Friends • Colleagues • Potential Employers • Journalists • Bloggers You can make lists private or public
    12. 12. Tweeting at EventsMost industry events now have predefined hashtags:e.g. Social Media Week London #smwldnYou can easily connect with other event attendees by tagging your tweets with anevent hashtag and setting up a specific search column for that event hashtagThis is an excellent networking and listening strategyThere also means that you can ‘liveblog’ from an eventgiving your followers access to these events too
    13. 13. Promoting Your Twitter Account • Add Twitter details to email footer and website • Add Twitter feed to blog or website sidebar • Ensure easy sharing of website content using Tweet Button • Add Twitter account to Twitter directories • Follow relevant users and start a conversation!Remember, it’s not about numbers! A small, targeted following is better than a million, unengaged followers
    14. 14. Hashtag #• 3 is the max you can have on a tweet• # on public tweets can be searched by everyone• Not case sensitive• #FF• Follow conversations at o
    15. 15. Trending TopicsA trending topic is aword, phrase or topicthat is posted(tweeted) multipletimes on the socialnetworking andmicroblogging serviceTwitter
    16. 16. Blocking UsersNote: This is for example only, you would be WISE to follow this user! She is a ROCKSTAR!!
    17. 17. @alexputman