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Personal Branding for Your Job Search


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Building your personal brand has a huge impact on your career. This presentation provides a guideline for starting the personal branding journey and using it for job search and career success.

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Personal Branding for Your Job Search

  1. 1. BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND @alexputman @muzebranding #BeYou
  2. 2. TODAY’S DISCUSSION • Who are you? o What can people find? o How are you influencing them? • Importance of Networking o Social Networking o Traditional Networking • Creative Ideas for Resumes • Stand Out in a good way
  3. 3. RULES OF PERSONAL BRANDING • Be precise with your time and focus on what really matters • Liars suck, don’t suck • Don’t steal content; do recreate, rebrand and reimagine • Don’t cheat yourself; network everyday • Don’t be a hater; keep it positive • Wake up, kick butt, repeat
  4. 4. WHERE IS YOUR FOOTPRINT? • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) • Job Boards • Aggregators (Indeed, SimplyHired) • Google, Yahoo, Bing • Video (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram) • Podcast ( • Blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) • Micro Blogs (IM, Texting) • Photo’s (Instagram, Flickr) • Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Digg) • Location Based Social (SWARM, Facebook Checkin)
  5. 5. CURRENT BRAND • What is your story? • Google yourself • Clean up o Photos/content o Profanity o Negativity • Background check (TalentWise) • G+ • Manage digital reputation o Google alerts o o Control your name
  7. 7. Short story
  8. 8. Tweet This! @alexputman is discussing #storytelling today #BeYou
  10. 10. PLACES TO BE VIDEO youtube vimeo vine JOB BOARDS monster careerbuilder FORUMS quora blogs comments SOCIAL facebook twitter linkedin blog PORTFOLIO behance slideshare website BRANDED SITES
  11. 11. LINKEDIN • Story • Complete profile • Keyword optimization • Active in groups • Showcase portfolio • Follow companies • Recommendations
  12. 12. TWITTER • Recruiters LOVE twitter, influence them • Follow and interact with influencers • Tweet and retweet influencers, brands • Directories (Twellow) • Hashtags: #jobs #Atlanta
  13. 13. FACEBOOK • What can people see (privacy settings) • Interact with people close to you • Search for content (ctrl +F) • Follow brands & conversations • Search company job tabs • Interact with companies
  14. 14. TRADITIONAL NETWORKS • Internships/CO-OP • Job Postings / Boards • Meet-ups • Volunteering • Community Services • Career Fairs
  15. 15. STAND OUT
  16. 16. What does a termite hill and architecture have in common?
  17. 17. The termite mound uses tunnels to cool control temperature at an even 82 degrees. The East Gate Centre saves $4 million annually on air conditioning cost! Think innovatively and creatively; many things outside your current scope are possible!
  19. 19. CONNECT • How do you apply for a job? • Who is your information going to? • Find the decision maker: o Google search for the hiring manager o LinkedIn search for 2nd and 3rd level connections o Search on Social and Branded sites
  20. 20. Tweet This! @alexputman showing great examples of standing out to employers #video #employerbranding #BeYou
  21. 21. BE MEMORABLE
  22. 22. BLOGS • Control the content • Great example of your interest and abilities • SEO: search and be found • Guest blog • Comment & Engage • Connect resume & content
  23. 23. Tweet This! @alexputman says build a blog to showcase your expertise, read his at #employerbranding #BeYou
  24. 24. Tweet: Thanks @alexputman for a great session #sizematters #BeYou QUESTIONS? @alexputman