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Menu-A la Mode – Meaning “In style menu card for Restaurants”

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Menu A La Mode Intro

  1. 1. Menu a La Mode PARC Technology Research Lab (P) Ltd.Menu a La ModeSee what you EatApurv Modi
  2. 2. Menu a La ModeMenu a La Mode – In Style DiningMenu a La Mode is an interactive menu designed specifically for the guests who can order from the restaurant,hotel rooms and bars. Menu a La Modeuses the Android based Tablet / Smart Phone with touch screen inreplacement of a paper-based menu along with complete point of sale (POS). This allows diners to view videos,images, rates of menu items and customize their order in a simple, intuitive way. Menu a La Mode offers youthe Point of Sale (POS), Reports, Feedback, Social Networks, WiFiHotSpot, Games and many more features.Diners can peruse the dishes and see a picture of what the dish looks like along with tasting notes beforecompiling their order and sending it wirelessly to the kitchen.Diners can flip through images of the dishes prior to ordering and they’ve additionally included information onpairings so each dish can be matched beautifully. On the back-end, the app ensures customers aren’t orderingdishes or wines that are out of stock or out of timing like “PaneerTawa Masala” will be available between12pm to 3pm and 7pm to 11.30pm. This smart feature automatically disables the item from the menu that isnot between available timing or no longer available.The need of the hour Increase in sales and revenue Excellent and varied customer service Reinforce businesses’ brand image Entertaining guests while they order & relish more food Reduce the waiting time period for customersMenu-a La Mode will provide you• Convenient, easy and fast payment
  3. 3. Menu a La Mode• Easy interactive interface• Easy navigable menu• Faster turnaround so lesser waiting• Onscreen ordering, bill view and payment• Easy food selection by attractive visuals and videos• Clarity about serving time for the guests• Customize dish as per test and flavor• Faster clearance of the table• Less human intervention• Special Promos• Brings speed, convenience and precision in ordering• More efficiency and hospitality• Feedback improves quality of service• Strengthen brand image and customer loyalty• No paper costly menu reprintingMenu-AlaMode brings your menus to life like never before with vivid, colourful tablet displays and high-resolution images of every offered food item. Most items on predominantly text menus go unordered due to alack of exposure. With Menu-AlaMode’s comprehensive cataloging of menu items, restaurant patrons areprovided with enticing visuals of your entire menu, exposing them to new food they would have otherwisenever ordered. During beta testing we found that restaurant customers are likely to order 20% more food withvisual aids as opposed to strictly text descriptions.Customer/Staff InteractionMenu-AlaMode provides an unparalleled dining experience in terms of customer engagement andpersonalization. With our Menu-AlaMode menus, customers are able to order directly from the menu, requesta waiter’s attention with the push of a button, send special instructions to the chef (ie. “I’d like my steakmedium rare”), and pay with their credit cards without the hassle of trying to flag down a waiter. Restaurantowners can offer their customers daily coupons, special promotions, and they can send them newsletters toupdate them on new menu items and offerings.Full Customization
  4. 4. Menu a La ModeSpending money to reprint your menus at the local print shop every time you make a slight tweak is a thing ofthe past. With Menu-AlaMode’s digital menus, you can make on-the-fly changes to your menu at any time.Our digital menus are essentially white-label products as restaurant owners can customize the look and feel oftheir menu by choosing from numerous design templates and by uploading their restaurant’s logo to themenu’s heading. You can feature your popular dishes more prominently for new customers that are unfamiliarwith your restaurant so that they will know what to order and be more satisfied with their initial diningexperience.Learn About Your CustomersIt’s no secret that the number one reason restaurants go out of business is because customers do not like theirfood. Our Menu-AlaMode menus (Android menus) will enhance your understanding of your customer’spreferences by telling you exactly what they think about each particular dish. Obtain instant feedback aboutspecific dishes with our post-meal rating and reviewing system. Improve or eliminate unpopular dishes and beconscious of your customer’s needs. See how many people recommend your restaurant to their Facebookfriends directly from your menus. Adapt to your customers before you risk losing them for good. Guest’s Viewpoints Owner’s Viewpoints Easy to use Faster turnaround time leading to higher earnings Item details, ingredients, calorie Optimized manpower & eliminated count, preparation time & more human errors Eliminated waiting Additional revenue through advertising Onscreen ordering, bill view and Effective feedback mechanism payment Unique entertainment features at Strengthen brand image and the tip of finger customer loyalty Interactive games, music, videos Promote weekly/daily special & for all age group new arrivals Easy food selection by attractive Increased sales by attractive food visuals visuals Clarity about the serving time for Promote favorite dishes leading to the patrons upselling Interactive dish modifiers Convenient, easy and fast payment option
  5. 5. Menu a La ModeWhy Menu a La Mode….Menu a La Mode’s All-In-One Digital Menu Solution offers the most complete package of features tobring your restaurant into the digital age. Our easily customizable digital menus are offered onAndroid tablets ( Android restaurant menus) and they can be seamlessly integrated with any of thePoint-of-Sale (POS) system, and Kitchen Printers, real-time advertisement, promotion , and smartphone app. It’s never been easier to interact with your customers, monitor your restaurantremotely, and flat out increase your bottom line!I am so confident that installing Menu a La Mode’s All-In-One Digital Menu Solution into yourrestaurant will directly benefit your business that.Consider the following effects on your bottom line:• Cut Costs on StaffWith digital menus, your waiters are capable of handling at least twice as many tables at a time sincethey will be primarily focused on serving rather than taking orders. Having fewer waiters on staffalready saves tens of thousands of dollars yearly.• No Menu CostsSave on what would otherwise be spent on reprinting menus at your local print shop every time youchange a price or add an item. Now you can update your Android menus within seconds. There’s noneed to write “market price” when you can simply update the market price every day in seconds.• Learn About Your FoodWith customers reviewing each specific dish after their meals, you can be instantly conscious of yourcustomer’s preferences by improving or eliminating unpopular dishes to prevent losing yourcustomers. Feature your top-rated dishes more prominently so that new customers know what toorder when first dining at your restaurant, and are more likely to come back.• Unlimited ExposureNot only would your establishment be listed on Menu a La Mode’s fast-growing online directory ofrestaurants, but your customers could recommend your restaurant to their Facebook friendsimmediately after their meals with the touch of a button, directly from our menus. They can alsotext their friends a recommendation using their smart phones on our app. Word-of-mouth is themost effective form of advertising in the food industry, no pun intended. With social mediacapabilities, the good word about your restaurant can travel quicker than ever thanks to digitalmenus and their wide swath of appeal.• Quicker Turnaround TimeSince the ordering and paying processes are expedited, customers will spend less time at theirtables. This means shorter lines for hungry, waiting customers and more sales for you.• Customer/Staff Interaction
  6. 6. Menu a La ModeCustomers can order food, send special instructions to the chef, request a waiter’s attention, andpay directly from their digital menu. Also, you can use your iPad menus to collect customer data inorder to stay in touch with them long after their meal, or to offer coupons or other specialpromotions through our network.• Wow factorThe most obvious benefits of touchscreen tablets is that are both attractive and interactive. Studiesshow that customers are likely to order 20% more food using a digital menu than they would with apaper menu. Enticing high resolution images of every dish with details about ingredients andpreparation not only provides customers with more information about what they’re eating, but theyare salivation-inducing. Throw in the ability to browse the internet, use apps, and play games withyour kids during your meal and you’ll notice a huge jump in customer satisfaction. Simply put, ourmenus are fun to use.Show off your digital menu display outside of your restaurant and impress your customers evenbefore they walk through your doors. Increase your bottom line and make the most appetizingchoice for your business.Contact us :-Apurv MODIManager –Business 90195 66465