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Taxonomy Of Subjects


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Taxonomy Of Subjects

  2. 2. Taxonomy of Subjects The Taxonomy of Subjects will help the HKA identify the kind of information being asked. A question may be constructed in a way that it doesn’t use interrogative words such as what, where or when, but when analyzed, HKA will be able to decide what information is to be sent.
  3. 3. The Taxonomy of Subjects, in conjunction with the Taxonomy of Inquiries, will help the HKA understand a question and deduce from the information gathered the correct way of constructing the answer. The following are the interrogative words by which subjects are classified: Taxonomy Of Subjects
  4. 4. Taxonomy Of Subjects WHO – an interrogative pronoun used to ask about people or people referents such as deities, gods, goddesses, personifications, etc. SUBJECTS WHICH – an interrogative pronoun used to ask about objects or people.
  5. 5. WHERE – a pro-adverb used to ask about location Taxonomy Of Subjects SUBJECTS WHY – a pro-adverb used to ask about reason HOW – a pro-adverb used to ask in what manner or what process, to what degree, or in what state A pro-adverb takes the function of an adverb.
  6. 6. HOW MANY - a pro-adverb used to ask about amount or quantity; used with countable nouns Taxonomy Of Subjects SUBJECTS HOW MUCH – a pro-adverb used to ask about amount or quantity; used with countable and uncountable nouns
  7. 7. Sample Questions The following examples will illustrate under which classification of subjects a question will be categorized. Be aware that a question is asked in a natural language format; so, it is imperative that the HKA will be able to understand what information is being asked.   Taxonomy Of Subjects
  8. 8. Who is Diana? Diana may refer to: - an English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles - the virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon in Roman mythology Note: If the answer given is the first or the second, it is still correct. Remember, the question asks for a person with the use of “who.” (OR) Diana is an English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles and whose death in an automobile accident in Paris produced intense national mourning. (OR) Diana is the virgin goddess of hunt and the Moon in Roman mythology.
  9. 9. Diana may refer to: - an English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles - the virgin goddess of hunt and the Moon in Roman mythology - a song written and made famous by Paul Anka in 1957 - a Portuguese film directed by Manuel Mozos, released in 2007 - a 1980 album by American R&B singer Diana Ross Note : Be sure to add in your list the most common definition of the word. But if the question is simply: Diana (Ambiguous or Unclear)
  10. 10. River Phoenix. (Unclear) Since the word river may refer to a body of water, and Phoenix is a place, the HKA might think that it’s a name of a river. But once searched in the Internet, the most famous referent would be: River Jude Phoenix (August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993) was an American film actor.
  11. 11. Who is God? (Broad) God is a deity in theistic and deistic religions and other belief systems. OR God may refer to: - Creator - Supreme Being - Lord - Allah in Islam - Ishvara for Sanskrit This is a broad query because there is no particular belief or conception stated (like God in Christianity or in the Islam faith or other belief systems).
  12. 12. Is Michael Jordan or Julius Erving the greatest NBA Player of all time? (Disjunctive) (Can be interpreted as) Who is the greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan or Julius Erving? Per www.associatedcontent. com, Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history, while Julius Erving is considered one of the top 50 greatest NBA players.
  13. 13. Give some Greek philosophers. (Example) (Can be interpreted as) Who are some of the Greek Philosophers? Some Famous Greek Philosophers: - Socrates - Plato - Aristotle
  14. 14. Whose house is the most expensive in the world? (Can be interpreted as) Who owns the most expensive house? The $500-M La Leopolda on the French Riviera, the world’s most expensive house, is owned by billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.
  15. 15. For whom were the 21 pairs of shoes Jessica Seinfeld sent as gift in 2007? (Can be interpreted as) Who received the gift of 21 pairs of shoes from Jessica Seinfeld in 2007? Jessica Seinfeld sent Oprah Winfrey 21 pairs of shoes after appearing in the latter’s show in October 2007.
  16. 16. What is the core? (Ambiguous) Core may refer to: - the central part of the Earth - a small group of indispensable persons or things - acronym for Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais, a national SWAT unit within the Civil Police Rio de Janeiro, Brazil What is the core as part of the Earth? (Concept Completion) The core, consisting of a fluid outer core and a solid inner core, is the central part of the Earth.
  17. 17. What? (Unclear/Ambiguous) What may refer to: - one of the 5 Ws used in journalism - a comedy movie written and directed by Roman Polanski in 1972 - a radio station in Philadelphia, PA What are the similarities of Earth and Mars? (Comparison) (Can be interpreted as) How is the Earth similar to Mars? Some similarities of Earth and Mars are with the presence of: - an atmosphere - an axial tilt - water ice
  18. 18. Does or doesn’t the term dinky refer to a childless couple? (Disjunctive) The term dinky does refer to a high-earning couple who choose not to have children. What is the meaning of Synecdoche? (Definition) OR What does synecdoche mean? Synecdoche means what? How will you define synecdoche? Define synecdoche. Synecdoche is a figure of speech wherein a part of something represents the whole thing, or vice versa.
  19. 19. Illustration of Synecdoche: - All hands on deck. (hands represent people) - I need some new wheels. (wheels represents car) Give an illustration of Synecdoche. (Example) OR Describe synecdoche. Example of synecdoche. How will you show synecdoche?
  20. 20. Information on the Dow Jones Composite Average today. (Interpretation) OR What are the info on Dow Jones Composite Average today? Dow Jones Composite Average (DJA), 03/25/09: - Index Value: 2,608.51 - Trade Time: Mar 25 - Change: UP 11.90 (0.46%) - Prev Close: 2,596.61 - Open: 2,596.59 - Day’s Range: 2,544.10 – 2,660.19
  21. 21. What makes Palawan a must-see destination in the Philippines? (Feature Specification) OR Edge of Palawan over other tourist spots in the Philippines. Exotic features of Palawan as a tourist spot in the Philippines.) Palawan is a must-see tourist spot in the Philippines because of its deserted islands, limestone cliffs, coral reefs, misty mountains and teeming wildlife.
  22. 22. Can you mention one of the latest musical gadgets? I’m a cellphone freak. (Extensional Attribute/Example) OR What is one of the latest musical gadgets in cellphones? One of the latest cellphones with awesome music is the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, the 1st of its series produced with QWERTY keyboard and a reliability feature called Homescreen XpressMusic.
  23. 23. Please tell me a free antivirus that will work with my Windows XP. (Intentional Attribute/Example) OR What free antivirus works with Windows XP? The AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.5 is compatible with Windows XP and downloadable at
  24. 24. What is the number of employees Dell had in 2008? (Quantification) OR Employees of Dell in 2008. How many employees did Dell have in 2008? Dell Inc., a multinational technology corporation, employed about 80,800 people in 2008.
  25. 25. What caused the downfall of the Gupta Empire in India? (Causal Antecedent) OR Why did the Gupta Empire meet its downfall? Reasons of the downfall of Gupta Empire. Causes of the Gupta Empire Downfall: - internal dissension - rebellion of provincial governors - growth and feeling of local independence - foreign invasions
  26. 26. What are the effects of the thinning ozone layer? (Causal Consequence) OR Consequences/ Aftermath of the thinning ozone layer. What happens if the ozone layer becomes thin? Possible Effects of the Thinning Ozone Layer: - skin cancer - lowered immune system response - crop and plant damage
  27. 27. What was the purpose of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the US in Summer 2008? (Goal Orientation) OR Goals/Objectives/Reasons of the Pope’s visit to US in 2008. Why did the Pope visit the US in 2008? Purpose of Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit to the US, 2008: - to put closure to the priestly sex abuse scandal - to set forth a moral challenge to the wider U.S. culture on issues such as economic justice and abortion - to appeal for unity in order to effectively evangelize society
  28. 28. What device should I use to measure my body temperature? (Enablement) OR How can I measure my body temperature? Tell me a device to know how hot am I. Thermometers Used to Measure Body Temperature: - glass (with galinstan, instead of mercury) - electronic - electronic ear - plastic strip - digital
  29. 29. What are NASA’s latest Mars missions to explore the possibility of human invasion? (Instrumental/Procedural) OR How does NASA explore Mars lately for a possible human invasion? Ongoing NASA Missions on Mars for Possible Human Invasion : - 2001 Mars Odyssey - Mars Exploration Rover - Mars Express - Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter - Phoenix Mars Lander 
  30. 30. What was Obama’s opinion of the G20 Summit in London? (Judgmental) Per, Pres. Obama said that the London G20 Summit was historic, not only because of the size and scope of the challenges faced, but also because of the timeliness and magnitude of economic leaders’ response.
  31. 31. When is the Tour de France 2009? (Answer can be an exact date) OR Tour de France 2009. Covered period of the Tour de France 2009. The 96th Tour de France 2009 runs from July 4–26, 2009, covering a total distance of 3,500 km. When does Ranma of Ranma ½ turn into a buxom girl? (Answer can be a situation or a phenomenon) Ranma turns into a buxom girl when he gets wet.
  32. 32. When do green leaves turn yellow or red- orange in the US? (Answer can be a season, a regular event, or a phenomenon) In the US, green leaves usually turn yellow or red-orange during Autumn or Fall, from September through November. Where is an Italian restaurant in Greenville, SC? (Answer is an exact location) Olive Garden Italian Restaurant: - 2695 Laurens Rd, Greenville, SC - Tel. (864) 234-0430
  33. 33. Where is Wallis and Futuna? (Answer is a description of the location) Wallis and Futuna, a Polynesian French island territory in the South Pacific, is located between Fiji and Samoa. Where is the core of the sun? (Answer is a part of a whole) The core of the sun extends from the center to about 0.2 solar radii. core
  34. 34. Where can I watch the Friends series online? (Answer is a website) The episodes of Friends can be downloaded at Where would Barack Obama be if he were not the President of the US? (Hypothetical – can be answered by STB,or if a good info is found….) Per, if Barack Obama were not the US President, he would still be a Senator until his term ends in 2010.
  35. 35. Coffee Beanery in my place please. Detected Location - Camarines Sur, Philippines: Coffee Beanery is located at G/F Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue. Tel. (054) 475-8822. OR Detected Location -Camarines Sur, Philippines Coffee Beanery: - G/F Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue - Tel. (054) 475-8822
  36. 36. How often does Michael Phelps practice? (To what degree) Per, Michael Phelps trains for six hours a day, six days a week, without fail. How is the atmosphere in the G20 Summit 2009? (In what state) Although tens of thousands of people have marched through London demanding action on poverty, climate change and jobs, the G20 Summit 2009 was generally peaceful.
  37. 37. How can I migrate to Canada if I’m from the Philippines? (In what manner or what process) For complete information about migration to Canada, log-on to How many rooms does the Manila Hotel have? (Countable) The Manila Hotel located at One Rizal Park, Roxas Blvd, has 500 rooms.
  38. 38. How much will the Nokia N97 be when released in the Philippines? (Countable-amount) OR What is the price of the N97? The Nokia N97 will be priced at about Php 34,000.00 when released on the first half of 2009 in the Philippines. How much sugar is needed for a teaspoonful of coffee? (Uncountable, but quantifiable) For heavy coffee, 1 teaspoonful of coffee needs 1-1/2 teaspoonfuls of sugar in 1 small cup of water.
  39. 39. How much G. W. Bush is there in President Obama? (Uncountable, descriptive) OR Similarities of former Pres. G. W. Bush to Pres. Obama. Per, Pres. Obama does not substantially differ from Pres. Bush especially when it comes to protecting his own freedom for action as President of the United States.
  40. 40. Why is Pluto demoted to a dwarf planet? (Feature Specification) Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status because it does not meet the third condition of being a planet which is to clear the neighborhood around its orbit, since its mass is only 0.07 times that of the mass of the other objects in its orbit.
  41. 41. Why is demand inversely proportional to price? (Interpretation) OR Is demand inversely proportional to price? ( Verification) Reason for the inverse proportionality of demand to price. In the supply and demand theory, demand is inversely proportional to price because the higher an item’s price, the less demand there will be among customers.
  42. 42. Why has the US House of Representatives more members than that of the Philippine House of Representatives? (Disjunctive, Quantitative) The US House of Representatives has 435 members, 197 more than the Philippine House of Representatives because representation in the House is proportion to its population. The US has 303.8 million (2008 est.), while the Philippines has 90.5 million (2008 est.)
  43. 43. Why was the US defeated in Vietnam War? (Causal Antecedent) OR What caused the defeat of the US in the Vietnam War? OR Reasons for US defeat in Vietnam. Some Reasons of US Defeat in the Vietnam War: - movement of Vietnamese troops or supplies to the south along the Ho Chi Minh Trail - emergence of the Peace Movement in the US - high numbers of American casualties
  44. 44. Why are diseases rampant now that the ozone layer is thinning? (Causal Consequence) Ozone depletion causes an increase in UV-B radiation which has effects on the immune system, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer, infectious diseases and eye damage in humans.
  45. 45. Why is there a need for the G20 Summit in 2009? (Goal orientation) OR What are the objectives of the G20 Summit 2009? Reasons for the G20 Summit 2009. Objectives of the G20 Summit 2009: - to reach a compromise that will reduce the crisis' duration - to set the base for reforms in the existing international economic institutions
  46. 46. Why didn’t Pres. Bush withdraw right away from Iraq when it seems that everyone back home in the US is clamoring for the end of the war? (Expectational) OR What was the reason of Pres. Bush in not withdrawing right away from Iraq? Per, despite failed intelligence and accusations of mismanaging the war, Pres. Bush’s decision not to prematurely withdraw troops from Iraq was grounded in his values and his belief that the US can win the war.