7 Google Similar Pages


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7 Google Similar Pages

  2. 2. Similar Pages Google displays a link under each search result called Similar Pages. This link takes you to pages that are relevant to your search result and most likely that particular result.
  3. 3. Here’s how to find results similar to another Google search result. Let’s say you’re interested in finding sites similar to that of Consumer Reports. First, search for their site.
  4. 4. Click on the Similar pages link that appears on the bottom line for the Consumer Reports result.
  5. 5. The link may be useful for finding more consumer resources, or information on Consumer Reports’ competitors.
  6. 6. How does Google find similar pages? Google shows similar pages by finding other sites listed on pages that link to the specified page. Let’s see how Google chooses sites similar to Google Guide. Use the related: search operator, which returns the same results as the Similar pages link.