012 Abbreviations


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012 Abbreviations

  1. 1. Abbreviations For an HKA, abbreviations are used to save on space that can be utilized for additional information to answers given to customers. However, there are abbreviations that an HKA must not use. Only the guidelines outlined on the next pages are to be followed.
  2. 2. Words to be Abbreviated: Titles before names: Mrs., Mr., Ms., Prof., Dr., Gen., Capt., Sgt., Rep., Sen., St. (for Saint) Titles after names: Sr., Jr., PhD, MD, BA, MA, DDS Names of... familiar institutions : UConn, MIT, UCLA, CIA, FBI, NATO countries : USA, UK corporations : IBM, CBS, NPR, CNN, ITT famous people : FDR, JFK, GMA (use only when the full name is mentioned earlier in the answer) very familiar objects : TV, VCR, CD-ROM
  3. 3. Words to be Abbreviated: Terms of measurement (English Units): bbl. - barrel cu. - cubic doz. - dozen F., F - Fahrenheit fl. oz. - fluid ounce ft. - foot gal.- gallon gr. - grain gr., gro. - gross in. - inch k., kt. - karat k., kt. - knot lb. - pound LT, L.T. - long ton mi. - mile mph - miles per hour n.m. - nautical miles oz. - ounce pt. - pint qt. - quart sq. - square rpm - revolutions per minute T., T - ton T., tbsp. - tablespoon t., tsp. - teaspoon yd. - yard
  4. 4. Words to be Abbreviated: Terms of measurement (Metric System): b - bit B - byte C - Celsius, Centigrade cc - cubic centimeter cm - centimeter GB - gigabyte g - gram ha - hectare K - Kelvin KB - kilobyte kg - kilogram kl - kiloliter km - kilometer l - liter m - meter MB - megabyte mcg - microgram (or use the word) mg - milligram ml - milliliter mm - millimeter MT - metric ton W - watt kW - kilowatt kWh - kilowatt-hour
  5. 5. Words to be Abbreviated: Long common phrases: IQ (Intelligence Quotient) , rpm (revolutions per minute) , mph (miles per hour) , AWOL (absent without leave) Words used with numbers: B.C. – before Christ A.D. - anno domini C.E. - common era B.C.E. - before common era A.M. - ante meridien (morning) P.M. - post meridiem (afternoon) Latin terms: etc. – et cetera (and so forth) i.e. - id est (that is) e.g. - exempli gratia (for example) et al. – et alii (and others) A.M. - ante meridien (morning) P.M. - post meridiem (afternoon)
  6. 6. Words to be Abbreviated: Names of states & territories: NY (New York) , OR (Oregon) , DC (District of Columbia) , AS (American Samoa) Acronyms: www (World Wide Web) , URL (Uniform Resource Locator ) , DC (District of Columbia) , AS (American Samoa) Do Not Abbreviate: * Words such as through (thru), night (nite). * Days of the week or months of the year (unless giving a date) * Words at the beginning of a sentence. * People's names such as Chas. (for Charles) or Jas. (for James), unless those abbreviations have come to be accepted as nicknames for those particular individuals. * States' names such as Mass. (for Massachusetts) or Conn. (for Connecticut). When appropriate (as in the addresses for envelopes), use the U.S. postal service's approved two-letter abbreviations: MA, CT (without periods). * Courses such as econ (for economics) or poli sci (for political science). * Other words such as dev't (for development), nat'l (for national).