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Apture announces integration of slideshare content into the Apture platform enabling publishers to layer slideshare presentations into their sites with just one click. Now readers can easily dive into related presentations without ever leaving the page.

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Apture + slideshare

  1. & Get immersed in the best ideas on the web.
  2. How can readers find the right content in the MOMENT. Today they need to jump… to here… from to these places. here… (20-30% of the time) 2
  3. But this is not the way the web should work! 3
  4. There’s a better way…
  5. Apture lets you layer nearly all media types into the page 5
  6. Let readers dive into a slideshare presentation while staying on the page 6
  7. Layer slideshare presentations into your site with just 2 clicks! 7
  8. Share your presentations with Apture’s Publisher Network …distribute via the Apture Publisher …and tag Network in them in thousands of slideshare blogs and premium publishers like Upload your the New York presentations Times and the Washington Post 8
  9. Apture is proud to welcome slideshare into our family of publishers! Documents Videos Reference Images News Music, Maps, and more… 9
  10. Get : What you need 1. Ten minutes Questions? 2. One plugin contact@apture.com www.apture.com 3. One line of code and follow us @apture! on your site 4. and that’s it! 10