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StackBuffet + GUTS: Dr Shunde Zhang, Aptira


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Audience: Beginner - Intermediate

About: This talk will cover two projects we developed at Aptira. StackBuffet is a CI-as-a-service that builds and tests customised packages. Users provide a code base, which can be a fork of upstream source with required patches, to StackBuffet and StackBuffet does all the building and testing work for the users and generates ready-to-use packages. These packages will then be placed in a package repository, being YUM or APT, which can be used directly by the users. GUTS is a workflow migration engine designed to automatically move workflows and virtual machines between virtualisation/cloud platforms. It can be used to migrate VMs from a traditional virtualisation platform to OpenStack or migrate VMs between two OpenStack clouds.

Speaker Bio: Dr Shunde Zhang – Senior Software Developer, Aptira

Shunde is a senior software developer in Aptira with over 15 years experience in software development, automation and system administration. He has worked with OpenStack since the Diablo cycle and has been involved in projects from OpenStack infrastructure to distributed systems running on top of OpenStack.

OpenStack Australia Day - Sydney 2016

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StackBuffet + GUTS: Dr Shunde Zhang, Aptira

  1. 1. StackBuffet and GUTS - the missing puzzle pieces in an OpenStack private cloud Dr Shunde Zhang, Senior Developer
  2. 2. StackBuffet: CI-as-a-Service
  3. 3. ● CI-as-a-Service ○ Local patches ○ Distros are rigid ○ Local CI too expensive/hard Overview
  4. 4. ● Build RPM/DEB packages from your source code ● Test packages ● Built-in repository (YUM or APT) ● Multi-OS support (CentOS and Ubuntu) ● Profiles ○ Virtualenv ○ system lib (/usr/lib) ○ docker image (future) Features
  5. 5. Workflow StackBuffet Dashboard StackBuffet Worker Repository Server StackBuffet Worker StackBuffet Worker StackBuffet Worker StackBuffet Worker StackBuffet Worker StackBuffet Worker User’s Source Code (git) Patches Upstream Source (git) Cloud clone apply build test update User’s Cloud use VM
  6. 6. ● Source code ○ Git URL ○ Gitref (tag, branch, commit ID) ● GPG sign ● Release number ○ enable/disable auto-increase ● Build log and history builds ○ Quota applied ○ Default 20 history builds Build your packages
  7. 7. ● Automatic test ○ Launch a VM ○ Install OpenStack using your packages ○ Rally Certification Test (Integration test) ○ Unit test in future version ● Reporting and troubleshooting ○ Install log and test report available on StackBuffet Test your packages
  8. 8. ● Built-in Repository (APT, YUM) ○ ● Delete packages ● Help messages ○ How to configure this repository Use your packages
  9. 9. ● Create/delete repository ○ Quota, default 1 repository ● Your subscription ○ Start date ○ End date ● Contact Info System Setting
  10. 10. Job View
  11. 11. Files View
  12. 12. Setting View
  13. 13. ● Hosted service ○ Beta users are welcome ○ Other information
  14. 14. GUTS: OpenStack Migration Service
  15. 15. “A workload migration engine designed to automatically move workloads and virtual machines between two virtualization/cloud platforms” Overview
  16. 16. ● Migrate VMs off your traditional virtualization platform onto OpenStack ● Migrate VMs between two OpenStack clouds ○ in two geographically distributed datacenters ○ during an upgrade ● Migrate VMs between two virtualization platforms/clouds ○ if they are both supported by GUTS Use Cases
  17. 17. ● guts-api service ○ Accepts and responds to end user migration API calls. ○ Enforces some policies and initiates most orchestration activities, such as starting migration processes. ● guts-scheduler service ○ Takes a migration request from the queue and determines on which migration service host it runs. ○ Selects a migration node based on conversion space available on migration nodes. ● guts-migration service ○ A workers daemon that creates and manages migration processes of computing instances. Components
  18. 18. Destination HypervisorsSource Hypervisors Architecture VMWare OpenStack Migration Node Hyper - V Keystone guts-api guts-scheduler VMWare OpenStack Hyper - V guts-migrationguts-migration guts-migration 1 3 2 guts-migration disk.vhd disk.vm dk disk.qcow2
  19. 19. Features ● Pluggable and distributed architecture. ● Provides virtual machine, storage and network migrations. ● Converts disk image formats based on hypervisor types. ● Installs / uninstalls cloud specific tools like VMWare-Tools and virtio tools. ● Optimizes migration process by scheduling migration operation to appropriate migration node. ● Currently Guts supports VMWare, OpenStack as source hypervisors and OpenStack as destination hypervisor.
  20. 20. Guts-Dashboard ● Horizon plugin extension which provides UI for guts workflow. ● Quickly bootstrapped with devstack
  21. 21. ● More Drivers ○ Hyper-V ○ OpenVZ ○ Xen ○ AWS ○ Google Cloud Platform ● More resource types ○ Volume ○ Network Future Work
  22. 22. ● Documents ○ ● Source Code ○ ● Screencast ○ Links
  23. 23. More questions? ● Talk to us today ● or go to and click “SALES and GENERAL” to send us a message Thank you!