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Containers aren't just for Applications - The OpenStack easy button with Kubernetes and Docker - Robert Starmer, Kumulus Networks


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OpenStack has received a bad reputation from Operators, who claim it is difficult to get it running and keep it up to date. But the containerization revolution that has been sweeping application development is changing that for the better. We’ll investigate some of the issues with OpenStack deployment, and investigate how placing OpenStack services into containers dramatically simplifies the manageability of the platform. We’ll also cover how containers and virtual infrastructure can work hand in hand in a modern Datacenter architecture.

Speaker Bio
With 20+ years in the automation space I find all things cloud interesting. By focusing on the latest models for operations and application automation, I help enable value from OpenStack, Containers, CAPS tools, and Dev/Ops CI/CD pipelines. I am the CTO and Founder at Kumulus Technologies, a San Francisco Bay area infrastructure focused Dev/Ops consultancy. I am also a Certified OpenStack Administrator.

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Containers aren't just for Applications - The OpenStack easy button with Kubernetes and Docker - Robert Starmer, Kumulus Networks

  1. 1. @rstarmer @kumulustech Containers aren't just for Applications The OpenStack easy button with Kubernetes and Docker
  2. 2. @rstarmer @kumulustech Your Speaker Working on/with OpenStack since Bexar Summit (2012) Automating systems since 1995 Certified OpenStack Administrator Founder of Kumulus Technologies: Enable Cloud for Enterprise
  3. 3. @rstarmer @kumulustech Agenda Deploying OpenStack is Hard Packaging, Upgrades, HA Containers to the Rescue Simplified Packaging, Upgradeability Need a little more than just containers? Kubernetes and Helm for HA and modeling
  4. 4. @rstarmer @kumulustech Why is OpenStack so hard? So many parts - 6 core, tens’ in the tent Dozens of required dependent resources per service Networks/Storage are never the same (why complex) Upgrades are difficult (though they’re much better)
  5. 5. @rstarmer @kumulustech What do we need to fix this? Better management of the codebase/packaging/ deployment consistency Code management for upgrade consistency, and flexible upgrades KISS principal application, critical for functional networks, storage, etc.
  6. 6. @rstarmer @kumulustech Containers in Brief Container == linux process container (app + libraries) Container Image == file system containing ^^ Containers != VM (not even really a micro-VM) Container Engine == Docker, LXC, Rkt, etc. Container Operating Environment == Kubernetes, Swarm, etc.
  7. 7. @rstarmer @kumulustech Containers to the rescue Process segregation is what containers do Packaging made simple, everything is ‘pre-installed’ in a container image Install time is reduced, upgrade time (and downgrade if necessary) can be made very short Containers change the lifecycle management
  8. 8. @rstarmer @kumulustech Not a complete panacea Containers address the individual process service Need to be managed/controlled just like VMs/ applications Still need an HA/Scale management service Still need networking, distributed storage
  9. 9. @rstarmer @kumulustech Kubernetes to the Rescue Container Operating Environment, Supports distribution of scale components Provides a load balancing model Provides a persistent storage solution Enables simple networking Helm - Like HEAT for Kubernetes
  10. 10. @rstarmer @kumulustech Tools of the Trade OpenStack Kolla Project Kolla - Build Docker Containers Kolla-Ansible - Deploy/Configure with Ansible Kolla-Kubernetes - Helm Micro-service Charts Manageable OpenStack in Minutes, not days Don’t forget: Keep it Simple/Stupid
  11. 11. @rstarmer @kumulustech Kubernetes and OpenStack Enterprises need containers (app dev requiremnet) Enterprises still need bare metal,and VM services So: Kubernetes under OpenStack deploying Kubernetes
  12. 12. @rstarmer @kumulustech More from Kumulus Tech Newsletter: 5 Minutes of Cloud: fiveminutesofcloud Technology Education: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  13. 13. @rstarmer @kumulustech Q&A