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Aptage Intro


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Aptage AI for projects and management

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Aptage Intro

  1. 1. Aptage AI for Managing Innovation with Confidence (not Hope) John Heintz, CEO ( Murray Cantor, CTO (
  2. 2. APTAGE.COM | 2 Why Aptage Disruption will happen Innovation is necessary Uncertainty is natural Risk must go down Aptage helps you navigate these with Confidence… not just hope
  3. 3. APTAGE.COM | 3 Challenges to Innovation, Management, and Success Project Status Green-Green- Green-RED! Lack of Focus Whack-a-Mole Fighting Fires Decline Disruption Poor Economics Struggle To Invest With Success
  4. 4. APTAGE.COM | 4 Strategy Decision Support Execution Delivery Support • Make sound economic investment decisions • Digital Transformation, Product Launches, Innovation • Complex Systems, Construction, Hardware/Software • Manage innovation, risk, and uncertainty to success How likely to finish on time? When will work items finish? Innovation/Risk Portfolio Probable J-S Curves
  5. 5. APTAGE.COM | 5 Strategy Decision Support Evaluate Option: • Buy/Build • Different Strategies • Different Vendors Compare • economic forecasts, timelines, and risk CHOOSE, and execute with focus Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Aptage Portfolio View
  6. 6. APTAGE.COM | 6 Aptage Decision Support for balancing risk and reward of innovation Learns from new trend data to support both: • Initial investment • Ongoing go/no-go decisions
  7. 7. APTAGE.COM | 7 Aptage Delivery Support for project execution and delivery Identifies risk of delivery through the project lifecycle • Early and timely detection avoid further sunk costs Uses clients’ project Data Risk must go down to deliver
  8. 8. APTAGE.COM | 8 Aptage Risk Burndown for MS Project • Multiple teams • Dependencies • Probabilistic critical path • Likelihood of task start and finish dates. • Availability of resources
  9. 9. APTAGE.COM | 9 Proprietary AI that integrates the best thinking about managing uncertainty and risk. Elicit ranges, not averages Utilize team beliefs as probabilities Delphi Game theory Leverage intuition & mathematics Aptage Differentiators Our team has a unique combination • Data science (the mathematics of uncertainty) • Deep domain knowledge (econ of development) Our IP is a small data, in-place, learning AI • Continuously learns, predict, advices • Proprietary Algorithm (Trade Secret) • Although data available is small, Aptage can still provide actionable advice for strategy/execution AI Platform for Projects
  10. 10. APTAGE.COM | 10 In summary Disruption will happen Innovation is necessary Uncertainty is natural Risk must go down Aptage provides the AI to enhance your ability succeed at innovation
  11. 11. Thank You Aptage, AI for Innovation Management Contact us today at or via to learn how Aptage can bring confident data-driven strategy and execution Version 24
  12. 12. APTAGE.COM | 12 Key Staff John Heintz, CEO •John has the unique ability to blend technical leadership and intuitive organizational management to solve critical business problems. o •A decade ago, John founded Gist Labs, an internationally successful consulting company. •He is a product innovation expert, Agile/Lean development expert, published author in several journals, and speaker. Dr. Murray Cantor, CTO •PhD in Math. Long-standing industry expert in Development organization dynamics and economics. •IBM Distinguished Engineer. Former Rational Brand CTO team member leading development market strategy and team analytics. •He’s written dozens of articles and two books. For over 30 years he has been passionate about addressing uncertainty in development. Walter Bodwell, VP, Engineering •Experienced professional developer in many languages including Java, Ruby, Python, and others. •VP of Engineering for multiple startups. •Experience managing 150 engineers. John Gonzalez, Head of Sales John Gonzalez has over 28 years of Strategic & Global account sales, management and executive leadership experience. He was successful in delivering top line revenue and positively impacting the bottom line for both his employers and their customers respectively. Ricky Solomon, Advisor Through the years, Ricky has structured many financings, both public and private, in multiple industries, with a concentration in tech. He is also a very active angel investor and serves on multiple corporate boards. Kurt Sand, Advisor VP/GM with NetApp. Kurt is a seasoned executive with a proven track record in product management, product marketing and pre-sales. Wide-ranging experience in small and large companies, leading global teams that deliver strategic growth.