Best cities to visit in india


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Best cities to visit in india

  1. 1. ExploreTheNaturalBeauty
  2. 2. Rajasthan is a veryfamous place around theworld for its most exotictourist destinations.
  3. 3. This diverse state is a home- land of Rajputs, warrior clans claimed to originatefrom the sun, moon and fire, who have controlled Rajasthan of India for more than 10000 years.
  4. 4. All types of natural beauty,scenery and places of tourist interest are very popular and also very well maintained.
  5. 5. JAIPUR(The Pink city as well as capital of Rajasthan)
  6. 6. JODHPUR (The Sun city and the second largest city of Rajasthan)
  7. 7. UDAIPUR (The city of Lakes)
  8. 8. JAISELMER(it is well known as golden city of India)
  9. 9. PUSHKAR (popular for its holy and divine architecture)
  10. 10. are the cities where if you don’t travel and explore the glorious past, heritage.
  11. 11. and culture (essence ofRajasthan) then your trip to Rajasthan will be of no significance.
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