How To Increase Sales by Online Marketing and SEO especially for China


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Understand Online Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) and learn how to use them to increase sales for your company, especially if you want to expand your company to China. SEO is reported by most marketers to produce the highest and excellent ROI (return on investment) among all marketing investments.

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How To Increase Sales by Online Marketing and SEO especially for China

  1. 1. Alex Sum
  2. 2. ‘My website is really fantastic!......But I get about 2 visitors a month’
  3. 3. • Online Marketing is especially effective for small to medium businesses with high dollar values and knowledge-based products • Builds awareness and increases interests over time • Prospects are more likely to get informed and hire domain experts to provide services. • Picture source: Hubspot
  4. 4. Your essential toolkit of getting traffic to your site Email Direct Marketing (EDM) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Optimization (SMO) Pay Per Click Management (PPC) Online Marketing
  5. 5. “Your site can get 7 times more visitors in getting from the 6th position to the 1st on a given keyword”
  6. 6.  SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website in a search engine’s un-paid or organic search result.  Ranking on the first page of a search engine is essential as 80% of eyes’ of the users are looking at the first 3 organic results and then it decreases drastically
  7. 7. Paid Advertising 20% click thru Paid Advertising Organic Search Results 80% click thru Search key words
  8. 8. Most marketers report that SEO and EDM produce excellent and the highest ROI in online marketing campaigns. Source: Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2013
  9. 9. SEO Audit • Competitors Analysis • Search Engine Online Strategy • Keyword Research • Establish SEO Timetable On-Page SEO • Web Site’s Structure Optimization • Navigation Optimization • Meta Tags Optimization • URL Rewriting • Anchor Tag Optimization • Existing Content Optimization • New Optimized Pages Creation • Landing Page Optimization • Image & Video Optimization • Monthly Activity Report Off-Page SEO • Link Building • Business Directory Submission • Product Directory Submission • Industry Directory Submission • Monthly Activity Report • Other OM Augmentation P H A S E 1 P H A S E 2
  10. 10. •Definition of business goals and target customers; analysis of market competition.Business Analysis •Conduct audit of website structure and architecture. Identify area of optimization for best search performance. Website Architecture Audit •Keyword research and discovery; review rankings on Google/Baidu on main keywords; identification of new keyword opportunities and trends Keyword Mining •Conduct on-page and off-page optimization for website structure and contents. SEO copywriting will also improve search performance. Website Optimization •Conduct thorough quality review to make sure website is fully optimized.Quality Assurance •Submit website to search engines, and relevant and authentic online directories.Website Submission •Develop backlinks with qualified and relevant websites. We do not build backlinks with illegal link farms. Link Development Campaign •Ongoing web analytics monitoring and trend discovery. Strategy review where necessary. Monitoring and Data Analysis
  11. 11. ‘How to get inside the great firewall of China’
  12. 12.  513 million online Users, Rising up to 750 million by 2015*, more than double the U.S. population. Too big to ignore!  18.7 hrs average time spent online per week*  Baidu dominates Search Engine usage, 80% users choose Baidu  China SEO for Baidu and Online Marketing will make your company found by Chinese audience! * Source Mckinsey
  13. 13.  Services include › Execute SEO Process leveraging local expertise & knowledge in China For Baidu › Full Account Management with Baidu › Landing page optimization › Website translation services › Chinese Copy writing services
  14. 14. ‘The no-nonsense, fast track way to getting noticed’
  15. 15.  Refers to paid advertising area in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.)  Marketing model where you are required to bid for advertising spots and keywords in search engine results, then only pay for every referral or click on the advertisement  Fast, Direct, Effective and targeted WHEN managed properly  Google Adwords, Baidu 百度推廣
  16. 16.  PPC Management Service › PPC Account Opening and management › Competitor Analysis › Keyword Research & Bidding Analysis › PPC Advertisement writing service › Landing Page Optimization › Campaign & Conversion Monitoring › Monthly Progress & Effectiveness Report
  17. 17.  From a survey, up to 80% of traffic referred by Google come from organic search results.  For best search performance, combine SEO and PPC to capture all potential customers.
  18. 18. ‘Marketing by word-of- mouth is powerful & can now rocket-fuel it through the web!’
  19. 19.  Our Social Media Marketing Service › Target Social Media Platform Analysis › Target Audience Analysis › Content Creation and Post Management › Copy Writing › Press Release Management & Submission › Covers Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo (China), Blogs › Leverage WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing through sharing and liking
  20. 20. ‘The most direct way of reaching out to your potential customers’
  21. 21.  Our EDM System › Integrates perfectly with your website for efficient communication with your customers › Tracks each email so you will know when recipients open your emails or e-newsletters and which articles they actually read or which link they click into › Online WYSIWYG email editor for creating email templates › Let us design your EDM template and run your EDM campaign!
  22. 22. ‘Make your website the hub of your online marketing campaign!’
  23. 23.  From E-brochures sites to Full E-Commerce Shops  Bespoke design just for your business  Design content infrastructure  Design principles to guide building process › Fulfil business requirements › Maximises the user experience › Technical & structural integrity  Latest web building and CMS tools used with expansion capability  Multi-browser and multi-language compatible  Search Engines Optimized (SEO)
  24. 24.  Began Engagement with Vision One in Dec 2012  Reached Google No.1 ranking by Mar 2013  Result: Service enquiries (leads) increased by 300%  Result: Rental revenue increased by 60%  Services provided by Vision One : › Web design › SEO › Social Media Marketing on Facebook & Twitter › EDM (over 200,000 emails sent)
  25. 25. Number 1 Ranking
  26. 26.  Consultancy methodology & approach to all projects  Both On-page and Off-page Optimization techniques employed  Landing page optimization to increase conversion rate  Optimize with search terms that can bring TARGET customers  No hidden costs  Only ‘White Hat’ SEO techniques used  Full understanding in online marketing ecosystem especially in China  Local physical (not virtual!) presence in China
  27. 27. They claim they improve your search performance same as what we can do. But they may  Do “blackhat” SEO practices like using link farms which can destroy your rankings especially on Baidu and Google  Not optimize landing pages so referrals from search engines can’t convert to sales  Optimize your website with wrong search terms so they can’t bring target customers  Not review web analytics and may provide no consultation.
  28. 28. ‘Remember … Being on Google Page 1 is not enough, you need to get visitors to convert’
  29. 29.  Offices in Hong Kong and China. UK office will open in 2013.  Website:  Email:  Linkedin: one-seo-china