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KNO.E.SIS Approach to Impactful Research, Creating Exceptional Careers & Economic Development



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KNO.E.SIS Approach to Impactful Research, Creating Exceptional Careers & Economic Development

  1. 1. KNO.E.SIS Approach to Impactful Research, Creating Exceptional Careers & Economic Development Amit Sheth LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar & Exec. Director, The Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing & BioHealth Innovations (Kno.e.sis) Wright State, USA Presentation template by SlidesCarnival Photographs by Unsplash1
  2. 2. “ Given the record so far, what is it possible in the next decade? EDUCATION RESEARCH & INNOVATIONS TECH DEV & REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS ● Tech Transfer ● Incubation ● Commercialization ● Economic & Societal Impact 2
  3. 3. AS AN EDUCATOR: STUDENT SUCCESS 28+~30+>10 >1800 11/11>40% ~25 1036 KNO.E.SIS “Gurukul”
  4. 4. AS AN EDUCATOR ❖ Graduated 28 PhDs and about the same number of MS-Thesis students. Six employed as TT faculty in academia (NCSU, CWRU, GMU,...), majority in top industry research labs (IBM Almaden, IBM Watson, Samsung Research, Bosch Research,...) and top high tech companies (Amazon, LinkedIn, Target Labs, Walmart,...), and some are successful entrepreneurs. MS at the higher end of packages. All recent postdocs are also in good academic positions. ❖ Exceptional Accomplishments: ~15 publications, member of PCs- often for top conferences, workshop organization, tutorial, majority have patents, exceptional internships, networking and social skills. Avg citation of first 19 PhDs > 1800 (majority > 1000). ❖ Exceptional Diversity: > 40% are women ❖ Typically funded ~25 researchers at a time (~15 PhD students, 1-2 postdocs, 2-3 software engineers, rest: MS thesis and BS students). During the 10 years, funded 1,036 months of GRA, (~300 quarter/semesters of GRA support). 4
  5. 5. PhD Advisees elected Outstanding Student for each of the 11 years Sanjaya’s research on understanding rapidly growing Emojis, and development of EmojiNet, the first machine-readable emoji dictionary has garnered significant international attention and acclaim. inducted EmojiNet as a featured dataset and open-sourced his research. His work has been featured in nine media articles. He will be featured in an upcoming documentary on emoji, directed by Emmy winning film producers. His 15 co-authored peer-reviewed publications, including several in top venues, have already exceeded 100 citations. He has given two invited talks, served on eight programming committees, is co-organizing an international workshop and editing a special issue of a top journal. Advisor: Amit Sheth Cory is an exceptional representative of our accomplishments in preparing world-class graduates, represented by several unparalleled achievements: excellent publication record that has translated into exceptionally high citation (h- index 11, nearly 700 citations); co-editing an broadly used report for W3C resulting from an international activity; keynote at a major international event in Venice, Italy, along with 4 other invited talks - two at Dagstuhl Seminars; PC co-chair of an international workshops and serving on 19 Program Committees including top conferences like ESWC 2010-2013; guest co- editing a special issues of high quality journal and a top international magazine; coordinating funded projects and mentoring students. Advisor: Amit Sheth 5
  6. 6. Student Success: Our Most Important Performance Measure Exceptional First Jobs George Mason U., CWRU, IBM Research, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon; 10 of Raymer and Sheth’s advisee are/were faculty. Exceptional Starting Salaries e.g., $150-250K for a PhD; six figures for M.S. Exceptional Internships IBM Research Almaden/Watson, Samsung Research, Bosch R&D, GE Research, Google, Mayo, NLM, QCRI, etc. Major Awards 2015-2016 George Thomas Post-Graduate Fellowship, Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellowship, USAID and ICT4Peace Fellowship, ITU Telecom World Young Innovators, etc. Exceptional Publication Impact 11 out of Sheth’s first 20 PhDs have 1,000+ citations each (3 over 5,000); Average citation for Sheth’s first 18 PhDs: 1,800+ Exceptional Professional Services Invited talks; PC membership of 10-20 conferences, usually involving top conferences in their fields. 50% of the Sheth’s PhDs have filed at least 2 patents; 1 former PhD has filed 30+ patents. 6
  7. 7. Tenured/ Tenure Track WHERE ARE ADVISEE EMPLOYED? 7
  8. 8. SHETH Group: All Funded 8
  9. 9. DIVERSITY We encourage women in computing! 9
  10. 10. AS A RESEARCHER: IMPACT 27+/25+/9 57/75+/2+2 IEEE 98/95/<100 AAAI 10
  11. 11. AS A RESEARCHER ❖ IEEE fellow ❖ AAAI fellow ❖ 27+ million in research funds as a PI (4 NIH R01s, 25+ NSF, DARPA, AFRL, AFOSR, ARL, …; significant industry gifts (MSR, HP-R, IBM/IBM Faculty awards) ❖ 57 keynotes, 75+ international conferences/workshops organizations incl numerous PC/General Chairs, 250+ PCs, 2 EICs, 2 Book Series ❖ h-index = 98, i100 = 95, among top 100 scientist worldwide in CS (2018 and last several years) 11
  12. 12. AS AN ENTREPRENEUR: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & JOBS Taalee/Semagix Cognovi Labs OFC Commercialization Award [Runner-up] InfoHarness, METEOR, ASEMR,... ezDI 6+m 12
  13. 13. NSF IIS-0842129 III-SGER: Spatio-Temporal- Thematic Queries of Semantic Web Data: a Study of Expressivity and Efficiency $163,800, 09/2008-08/2011 IIS-1143717 III: EAGER - Expressive Scalable Querying over Integrated Linked Open Data $141,828, 09/2011-08/2013 NSF IIS-1111182 [Main Research Funding] SoCS: Collaborative Research: Social Media Enhanced Organizational Sensemaking in Emergency Response $518,408, 09/2011-08/2015 IIS-1343041 I-Corps: Towards Commercialization of Twitris - A System for Collective Intelligence $50,000, 08/2013 - 01/2014 From NSF Funded Research to Economic Dev IIP-1542911 [This project] PFI: AIR-TT: Market-driven Innovations and Scaling up of Twitris - A System for Collective Social Intelligence $200,000 (+ $12,000 REU) 09/01/2015 - 08/30/2017 Trial license with iKove Venture Partners and the launch of Cognovi Labs in Feb 2016. Exclusive license Oct 2016. $2.3m in funding. $492,500 for cluster/private cloud from AFOSR that supports scalable computing for Twitris. Additional $6, research funds from AFRL, NIH for applications and application supported development. NIH R01 DA039454-01 Trending: Social Media Analysis to Monitor Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabinoid Use (eDrugTrends) Total: $1,689,019: 08/2014 – 08/2017 Development & Applications 14
  14. 14. Sample Media Coverage of Twitris Technology/Startup Details at: [65+ since 2017] Dec 7, 2015 Chennai floods: How social media and crowdsourcing helps people on ground Sep 9, 2014 Digital soldiers emerge heroes in Kashmir flood rescue June 27, 2013 Using crisis mapping to aid Uttarakhand Feb 17, 2012 Web App Analyzes Tweets in Real Time for a Record of Historic Events Sept 26, 2016 Cognovi Labs will Study the Presidential Debates Tonight with Their Emotional Sentiment Tool June 29, 2016 The Twitris Sentiment Analysis Tool by Cognovi Labs Predicted the Brexi hours Earlier Than Polls 15
  15. 15. Example TechCrunch Coverage of Twitris & Cognovi Labs TechCrunch is the most viewed technology web site. 16
  16. 16. LEADERSHIP Institutional development, inclusive collaborations COE-4 colleges 10,000+ 864/17/18TB/435 17
  17. 17. How We Measure SUCCESS KNO.E.SIS is highly successful in its primary mission of ★ Exceptional student outcomes ★ Exceptional publication ★ Real-world impact ( ★ Our PhDs compete with their counterparts from top 10 schools for initial jobs in research universities, top industry research labs and highly competitive companies, while a few have been successful entrepreneurs. This is enabled by our vision to keep ahead of the competition, interdisciplinary faculty, world-class computing and physical infrastructure, exceptional funding, extensive collaborations with academia and industry. 18
  18. 18. DoD & Industry • Metabolomics & Proteomics • Medical Info Decisions • Human Detection on Synthetic FMV • Sensor & Information • Material Genomics • Cardiology Semantic Analysis NIH • kHealth - Asthma • eDrug Trends • Depression on Social Media • Drug Abuse Early Warning NSF • Harassment on Social Media • Citizen & Physical Sensing • Twitris - Collective Intelligence • Aerial Surveillance • Visual Experience • Web Robot Traffic Kno.e.sis’ research in World Wide Web ranks Wright State University among the top 10 organizations in the world based on 10-yr impact. Its total budget for currently active projects is $13+ million, with $6+ million for new projects starting after July 2015. The significant majority of funds are highly competitive federal grants. World-class research is complemented by exceptional student outcomes and commercialization with local economic impact. As an Ohio COE on Bio Health Innovation, Kno.e.sis conducts research leading to building intelligent systems for clinical, biomedical, policy, and epidemiological applications. Example clinical/healthcare applications include major diseases such as asthma, depression, cardiology, dementia and GI. This is complemented by social and development challenges such as marijuana legalization policy, harassment on social media, gender-based violence, and disaster coordination. 60+ Funded Students • 40 PhD • 16 MS • 5 BS Kno.e.sis: Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing 19
  19. 19. Additional Funded Projects (when Kno.e.sis faculty is a PI/jointPI*) NMR-Based Urinary Metabolomics in Rats Exposed to Burn Pit Emissions and Respirable Sand, $241K, Reo, Raymer PFI: AIR-TT: Market-driven Innovations and Scaling up of Twitris - A System for Collective Social Intelligence; 200K, Sheth, Mackay CRII: CSR: Towards Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of Web Robot Traffic on Web Systems; 174K, Doran Medical Information Decision Assistance and Support; 25K, Prasad, Sheth Choose Ohio First: Growing the STEMM Pipeline in the Dayton Region FY2016/FY2017; Raymer Westwood Partnership to Prevent Juvenile Repeat Violent Offenders; $200K, Sheth, Doran, Dustin Semantic Web-based Data Exchange and Interoperability for OEM-Supplier Collaboration; 89K, Prasad, Sheth NIDA National Early Warning System Network (iN3): An Innovative Approach; 299K, Carlson, Sheth, Boyer, Daniulaityte, Nahas CUTE: Instructional Laboratories for Cloud Computing Education; 200K, Chen, Wang, Mateti SemMat: Federated Semantic Services Platform for Materials Science and Engineering; 315K, Sheth, Prasad, Srinivasan Materials Database Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining; 190K, Sheth, Prasad, Srinivasan * Grants with Kno.e.sis faculty as coPI or investigator not included 20
  20. 20. Tanvi Banerjee Robert Carlson Pratik Parikh Keke Chen Raminta Daniulaityte Guozhu Dong Derek Doran John Flach Michael Raymer T.K. Prasad Nick ReoValerie Shalin Amit Sheth Maninder Kalra Thomas Wischgoll Funded students: > 60 • 30+ PhD • 20+ MS • Growing number of BS Kno.e.sis Faculty: Practically all have active funds, multidisciplinary collaborations William Romine 21
  21. 21. Clinical Research Biomedical Research Materials Engineering Cognitive Science Computer Sc. & Engineering AI (ML, NLP, KR/SW), IR, DM, BI, CC, Vis, … Biomed Industrial HF Engineering Epidemiology Clinical Psych Biological Sc. & Bio Stats Numerous orgs in humanitarian and crisis space 22
  22. 22. KNO.E.SIS [Partial] 23
  23. 23. 24
  24. 24. 25
  25. 25. We are World Class….(last available data, but not updated recently by MAS) 26
  26. 26. Kno.e.sis: VISIONS AND THEMES 01 Computing for Human Experience 02 Physical-Cyber-Social Big & Smart Data 03 Semantic, Cognitive and Perceptual Computing 04 Personalized digital health/connected health and medicine, Epidemiology, public/community health Looking forward: Contextualized & Personalized AI 27
  27. 27. Success Defined by OUTCOMES and IMPACT A key reason for Kno.e.sis' success is its unique work culture involving teamwork to solve complex problems. Practically all our work involves real world challenges, real-world data, interdisciplinary collaborators, path-breaking research to solve the real-world challenges, real-world deployments, real world use, and measurable real world impact. These are demonstrable in diverse forms such as policy impact (e.g., FDA advisory), operational real-time use of our tools to save lives during disasters, open source data and tools, and licensing/tech transfer and commercialization of our technology used to launch a local startup. 28
  28. 28. Artificial Intelligence Ambient Intelligence Augmenting Human Intellect Human-Computer Symbiosis Computing for Human Experience Machine-centric Human-centric John McCarthy Mark Weiser Douglas Engelbart Joseph C.R. Licklider Figure: Views along the spectrum of machine-centric to human-centric computing. At the far right is our work on Computing for Human Experience, which explores paradigms such as Semantic, Cognitive, and Perceptual Computing. Kno.e.sis Center, Machine-centric to Human-centric Computing 29
  29. 29. Social Media Big Data Twitris, eDrugTrends Let’s talk Big Data @ Kno.e.sis Sensor/ IoT Big Data CityPulse, kHealth Healthcare Big Data kHealth, EMR, Prediction Biomedical Big Data Biomarker from NextGen, Sequencing and Proteomics, SCOONER Big and Smart Data Certificate Kno.e.sis private cloud: 864 CPU cores, 18TB RAM, 17TB SSD, 435TB disk 30
  30. 30. Health Related Studies at KNO.E.SIS [Overview] HealthChallenges (Also, Dementia, Obesity, Parkinson’s, Liver Cirrhosis, ADHF ) Public Policy/ Population Epidemiology Personalized Health PCS + EMR kHealth Asthma in Children Bariatric Surgery Physical(IoT)/Cyber/ Social (PCS)+ EMR Marijuana Social Drug Abuse Social Mental Health Depression (Suicide) Social + Public + EMR Health Knowledge Graph Services Social + Clinical Data ...and infrastructure technologies: Context-aware KR (SP), KG development, Smart Data from PCS Big Data, Twitris 31
  31. 31. kHealth - Asthma Principal Investigators: Amit P. Sheth Co-Investigators: Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan , Maninder Kalra Other Faculty: Tanvi Banerjee Students: Utkarshini Jaimini, Hong Yung (Joey) Yip, Revathy Venkataramanan, Vaikunth Sridharan, Dipesh Kadaria Grant Number: 1 R01 HD087132-01 Project Title: KHealth: Semantic Multisensory Mobile Approach to Personalized Asthma Care Timeline: 07/01/2016 – 06/30/2019 Award Amount: $938,725 32
  32. 32. APH for Asthma and Bariatrics: Patient-centric drivers This not only prevent the disease, but also enhances the patient’s health BariatricsAsthma 33
  33. 33. Example 1: kHealth Asthma Data Sources Heterogeneous data and collection method (1852 data points/ patient /day) Semantic, Cognitive, Perceptual Computing Framework Smarter conversations with actionable meaningful information. Example 1: kHealth Asthma 34
  34. 34. Context-Aware Harassment Detection on Social Media Principal Investigators: Prof. Amit P. Sheth Co-Investigators: Valerie Shalin, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan Other Faculty: Debra Steele-Johnson, Dr. Jack L. Dustin PhD Students: Lu Chen, Wenbo Wang, Monireh Ebrahimi, Kathleen Renee Wylds MS Students: Pranav Karan, Rajeshwari Kandakatla Collaboration with Beavercreek High School NSF Award#: CNS 1513721 TWC SBE: Medium: Context-Aware Harassment Detection on Social Media Timeline: 01 Sep. 2015 - 31 Aug. 2018 Award Amount: $925,104 + $16,000 (REU) 35
  35. 35. Social and Physical Sensing Enabled Decision Support for Disaster Management and Response Principal Investigators: Prof. Amit P. Sheth, Prof. Srinivasan Parthasarathy (OSU) Co-Principal Investigators: Densheng Liu (OSU), Ethan Kubatko (OSU), Valerie Shalin, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan PhD Students: Sarasi Lalithsena, Pavan Kapanipathi, Hussein Al-Olimat MS Student: Siva Kumar Postdoctoral Researcher: Tanvi Banerjee NSF Award#: EAR 1520870 Hazards SEES: Social and Physical Sensing Enabled Decision Support for Disaster Management and Response Timeline: 01 Jul. 2015 - 31 Jul. 2019 Award Amount: $1,975,000 (WSU: $787,500) 36
  36. 36. Example 1: kHealth Asthma Timely delivery of right resources and information to the right people at right location! Chain of Plausibility (CoP) Pipeline 37
  37. 37. kHealth - Dementia Principal Investigators: Tanvi Banerjee Mentors: Amit Sheth, Larry Lawhorne Students: …. Grant Number: 1K01LM012439-01 Project Title: Managing Dementia through Multisensory SmartPhone Approach to Support Aging in Place Timeline: 09/01/2016 – 08/30/2019 Award Amount: $509,909 38
  38. 38. eDrug Trends Principal Investigators: Prof. Amit P. Sheth, Prof. Raminta Daniulaityte Co-Investigators: Robert Carlson, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Ramzi Nahhas, Silvia Martins (Columbia), Edward W. Boyer (U. Mass.) PhD Students: Farahnaz Golroo, Sanjaya Wijeratne, Lu Chen, Adarsh Alex MS Student: Adarsh Alex Postdoctoral Researcher: Francois Lamy Software Engineer: Gary Smith NIH Award#: 5 R01 DA039454-02 Trending: Social media analysis to monitor cannabis and synthetic cannabinoid use Timeline: 15 Sep. 2014 - 14 Sep. 2018 Award Amount: $1,689,019 + $162,505 39
  39. 39. eDrug Trends Project Overview 40
  40. 40. Modeling Social Behavior for Healthcare Utilization in Depression Principal Investigators: Prof. Amit P. Sheth, Prof. Jyotishman Pathak (Cornell) Co-Investigators: Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, Tanvi Banerjee, William V. Bobo (Mayo Clinic), Nilay D Shah (Mayo Clinic), Lila J Rutten (Mayo Clinic), Jennifer B McCormick (Mayo Clinic), Gyorgy Simon (Mayo Clinic) Other Faculty: Debra Steele-Johnson, Jack Dustin PhD Students: Ashutosh Jadhav, Amir Hossein Yazdavar, Hussein Al-Olimat, SoonJye Kho Master Student: Surendra Marupudi NIH Award#: 1 R01 MH105384-01A1 Modeling Social Behavior for Healthcare Utilization in Depression Timeline: 1 Jul. 2015 - 30 Jun. 2019 Award Amount: $1,934,525 (WSU: $505,600) 41
  41. 41. Depression Modeling Project Overview 42
  42. 42. 43 Problem Solved (Project) DL Technique Used Data Used Outcome Summary Diagnostic Mental Health Classification (Alchemy for Health) Autoencoder Reddit, Twitter Our evaluations show that compared to baseline system (SVM & CNN), our proposed approach yields 15.27% and 4.17% improvements in F-Score on the curated blog dataset. Medical-Severity Identification (Depression, Alchemy for Health) CNN, LSTM, CNN- SVM Blog-post, Twitter, Reddit Identifying Street Gang Members on Twitter Word Embeddings Twitter A 6.39% improvement in F1-score compared to the baseline models which were not trained using word embeddings. Emoji Sense Disambiguation Word Embeddings Twitter, Google News 180.41% and 111.69% improvements in F1-score compared to the baseline models which were based on overlap-based emoji sense disambiguation methods, when compared with Twitter and Google News-based word embedding models, respectively. Emoji Similarity Word Embeddings and Emoji Embeddings Twitter, Google News Our emoji embedding models learned over emoji sense labels perform best in a benchmark sentiment analysis task, outperforming the previous best emoji embedding models with an improvement of 7.73%. Smart Crowd Selection Word embeddings Twitter Our approach was able to select crowds that outperformed, based on a wisdom score measure, crowds selected at random as well as based on expertise defined by users' their previous performance. The approach is able to select such a smart crowd without using their current/previous judgement data. Adverse Drug Reactions discovery from Unstructured Data Bidirectional LSTM,sequence labeling Forum data In progress Embeddings for Ontological Concepts DBpedia/Wikipedia Submitted
  43. 43. Accomplishments & Accolades (a sample) From NSF Program Manager of recently completed project that lead to outcomes (# and quality of PhDs/MS/UG; publications, participation/use in real world disaster events, extensive national and international media coverage,....). “Thank you for your wonderfully informative final report for your collaborative project.” “I am pleased that your work has been reported in publications that will hopefully lead to an even broader adoption of your techniques and tools.” “I am glad to see your research results in developing an effective Twitris platform for use by PIOs that utilizes social media for coordination of efforts for an emergency response.” “I appreciate your efforts in broadening the impacts of your project via collaboration with emergency personnel and including them in the final testing of Twitris. It is commendable that your tool has been successfully used in past year’s major disaster events.” 44
  44. 44. Among top universities in the world in World Wide Web (cf: 10-yr impact, Microsoft Academic Search: among top 10 – 2013 data). Among the largest academic groups in the US in Semantic Web + Social/Sensor Webs, Mobile/Cloud/Cognitive Computing, Big Data, IoT, Health/Clinical & Biomedicine Applications. Exceptional student success: internships and jobs at top salary (IBM Watson/Research, MSR, Amazon, CISCO, Oracle, Yahoo!, Samsung, research universities, NLM, startups ). 100 researchers including 15 World Class faculty (> 3K citations/faculty avg) and > 40 funded PhD students. Extensive research for largely multidisciplinary projects; world class resources; industry sponsorships/collaborations (Google, IBM, …) 45
  45. 45. ❖Created Twitris, a Commercial Grade software, which had significant NSF and AFRL research funds, followed by NSF I-CORP and NSF-PFI-AIR funding; currently VC/entrepreneurs are evaluating for potential licensing/start up. ❖One recent patent awarded, two filed. ❖Many more patents filed by companies where Kno.e.sis students intern. ❖ezDI has funded Sponsored Research for the fifth year in the row and now has major successful products. ❖A local entrepreneur has just signed Sponsored Research that is essentially incubating his company in Kno.e.sis. ❖On going SBIR/STTR funding and participating; faculty (Raymer) led company. Economic & IP Development 46
  46. 46. KNO.E.SIS is the shining example of world-class research and student outcomes. Information…Meaning…Actions…Impact 47
  47. 47. Discussions 48
  48. 48. 49 Visit us at: