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Basic Principles of African Internationalism


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Basic Principles of African Internationalism

  1. 1. African Internationalism: The Theory of the African Revolution The political theory of the African working class in Africa, the U.S. and where ever Africans are dispersed around the world by colonialism and imperialism. The theory necessary to reunite and liberate Africa and African people everywhere.
  2. 2. Key Points of African Internationalism #1 Capitalism is a parasitic system, born of and maintained through the enslavement of African people, the theft of African resources, and the colonial domination and genocide of African and oppressed peoples around the world.
  3. 3. Key Points of African Internationalism #2 Africans are one people, forcibly dispersed by imperialism and facing the same colonial conditions of poverty, powerlessness and oppression around the world. African people in the U.S. are in a state of domestic colonialism.
  4. 4. Key Points of African Internationalism #3 The wealth and power of U.S. and European imperialism are a direct result of the theft of the labor, land and resources of African and other colonized peoples.
  5. 5. Key Points of African Internationalism #4 Parasitic capitalism enables the entire white population, including white workers, to live on a pedestal of prosperity and democracy based on the stolen labor, resources, land of African people and other colonized peoples.
  6. 6. Key Points of African Internationalism #5 In Africa, the U.S. and around the world capitalism has set up neocolonialism, aform of indirect rule by which imperialist powers continue to exercise political and economic control of colonial populations through nominally independent puppet leaders.
  7. 7. Key Points of African Internationalism #6 The African working class, united around the world, must lead the struggle to liberate Africa, destroy the colonial borders, unite our Motherland and become its ruling class. The African People’s Socialist Party, a component of the African Socialist International, is the revolutionary organization of the African working class.
  8. 8. Key Points of African Internationalism #7 The only way African workers can launch a successful African Revolution, overturning imperialist domination in Africa, winning political power in our own hands and reuniting and liberating Africa and African people is through organization: – The revolutionary party led by and representing the interests of the African working class. – This organization is the African People’s Socialist Party.
  9. 9. Key Points of African Internationalism #8 The African People’s Socialist Party unites with all revolutionary and democratic forces around the world struggling for national liberation, the destruction of parasitic capitalism and the end of an imperialist world order.
  10. 10. Key Points of African Internationalism #9 North Americans and Europeans are called on to stand in solidarity with the struggle for African Liberation byjoining the African People’s Solidarity Committee, working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.
  11. 11. Oppressed andOppressor Nations
  12. 12. Oppressed Nation  African people wherever we are located face – Mass poverty, starvation, – powerlessness, martial law, – populations dispersed
  13. 13. Oppressed Nation  Inside the U.S.: – Poverty, homelessness, – mass imprisonment, – escalating police containment against African communities!
  14. 14. Oppressor Nation  America and Europe are rich because Africa is poor!  White people live at the expense of stolen labor, resources of African, colonized peoples!
  15. 15. Oppressor nation Oppressed nation
  16. 16. •Worldwide:Oppressed peoples arestruggling forself-determination,control over their land,governments and resources,creating crisis for imperialism!
  17. 17. HistoryThe European assault on Africa expropriated our right to self- determination.
  18. 18. Africa: For 5,000 years the mostPowerful civilization on the planet
  19. 19. The Silk RoadAncient world trade routes: From Africa to China
  20. 20. Europe was poor, diseased and warlikeIn the Middle Ages Europe was ravaged by the plague, killing half its population and destroying its economy.
  21. 21. •Europe rescued itself by attacking Africafor its gold and human and material resources.
  22. 22. Early 1400s: Portugal began its assault on Africa and trade in African people.
  23. 23. By 1500: Portugal alone had stolen700 tons of gold and 81,000 Africans from Africa
  24. 24. Trade in African human beingsreaped unprecedented profits and wealth for Europe
  25. 25. The slave trade gave birth to capitalism, transforming Europe into a wealthy, industrial, imperialist power
  26. 26. Before the slave trade,Africa was prosperous and Europe was poor. Now Europe is rich at Africa’s expense!
  27. 27. Chairman Omali Yeshitela:“In the U.S. imperialism was constructed off theenslavement of African people and the neardecimation of the Native population….the resources, the wealth, the near slave laborof the vast majority of the peoples of the worldhave been the basis for the development not onlyof the wealth of the ruling class, but the entireNorth American society.”
  28. 28. The white ruling class sits on a pedestal ofslavery and genocide
  29. 29. The white middle class and working class also exist on a pedestal of slavery and genocide
  30. 30. The entire whitepopulation sits on apedestal of slavery, genocide,colonialism
  31. 31. Entire capitalist economy: built on backs ofAfrican and other colonized peoples
  32. 32. Capitalism built on the stolen resources and labor of African people
  33. 33. Ship building for slave shipsin England became a huge industry
  34. 34. British ships stole people, ivory and gold from Africa. African people were sold in theAmericas to labor for free on plantations. Ships took tobacco, sugar, cotton back to Britain for manufacturing.
  35. 35. For almost 500 years African people were enslaved so that Europe and the U.S.could enjoy wealth, democracy, opportunity.
  36. 36. The Americas were builton the stolen land of the Indigenous people. The government andwhite settlers committedgenocide against them.•Indigenous people waged powerful resistance.
  37. 37. Throughout the Americas African people were auctionedlike cattle spawning economic prosperity for white people.
  38. 38. Plantation owners kept African people in *breeding pens* like animals.The resulting African children were sold in auctions.
  39. 39. The resistance of African people was relentless, contributing to the end of chattel slavery
  40. 40. The end of the colonial system of slavery putAfrican people in Africa,the U.S. and around the world under direct colonial rule. Only African people can liberate ourselves and regain our self- determination.
  41. 41. White workers carried out terrorism against African people to keep us from jobs, prosperity, independent communities
  42. 42. African peoplebuilt independent towns and economic institutions. Mobs of white peopleAttacked, terrorized and destroyed them.
  43. 43. For almost a hundred years after slavery ended, African people bythe thousands were put into forced labor camps called Convict Leasing.
  44. 44. Convict leasing was “Slavery by another name,” forcing even African children to work in mines, fields, roads.•This rebuilt the wealth of the South after the civil war
  45. 45. Today, African people live under brutalconditions of colonialism inside the U.S.
  46. 46. Millions of African people in the U.S. are either unjustly locked up or tied to the colonial prisons.
  47. 47. Like the slave trade prison labor is slave labor, making millions of dollars for capitalism
  48. 48. Colonialism in Africa
  49. 49. Berlin Conference 1884-5Carved up Africa for the benefit of the colonial powers!
  50. 50. Colonialism in Africa.Africans enslaved onour own land so Europe could steal Africa’s resources 1890s: Belgium murdered and cut off hands of millions of people in Congoso they could steal our rubber.
  51. 51. Millions of Africans died as we wereforced to hunt ivory for Europeans and North Americans. In South Africa, the British Forced Africans to labor in mines for precious diamonds.
  52. 52. African people were demeaned, enslaved on our own landwhile white settlers lived in wealth
  53. 53. Africans were placedunder apartheid and pass laws on our own land!
  54. 54. In Namibia German settlerscommitted genocide against Africans, especially the Herero and Nama people and stole Africa’s land.
  55. 55. African people waged constant resistance against our colonial oppressors.
  56. 56. Marcus Garvey: In the 1920s Garvey built a worldwide movement of African people with the slogan, “Africa for Africans, those at home and those abroad”
  57. 57. 1960s: anti colonial movements in Africa and around the world challengedimperialist power.
  58. 58. 1960s U.S. Black Power Movement:Urban African workers in U.S. • Anti-colonial movement
  59. 59. U.S. wagedcounterinsurgency against oppressed peoples struggling for national liberation
  60. 60. COINTELPRO U.S. counterinsurgency against Black Power Movement Assassination of Movement leaders, attacks on movement.
  61. 61. Neocolonialism:With the defeat of the movements for national liberation inside U.S. and around the world, the U.S. set up colonial puppets to carry out the will of imperialism.
  62. 62. Africa is rich in natural resources.But Africa’s resources are still controlled by the colonial powers!
  63. 63. Mandela and the owner of DeBeers diamondcompany: Neocolonialism facilitates the ongoing looting of Africa’s resources
  64. 64. The U.S. has set up AFRICOM to try to keep us oppressed
  65. 65. Despite Africa’s vast natural wealth, under neocolonialismhalf of Africa lives on a dollar a day
  66. 66. Much of Africa still hasno roads, no electricity, no running water.
  67. 67. Our children areforced into hard labor!
  68. 68. Diamond workers live on 30 cents a day while diamond corporations make millions of dollars!The diamonds belong to African people!
  69. 69. U.S. backed resource wars terrorize the people.
  70. 70. Millions are dyingin U.S. backed resource wars in Congo
  71. 71. Neocolonialism:White power in black face
  72. 72. Parasitic capitalism: Africa’s resourcesstolen for the benefit of imperial powers
  73. 73. Blood Oil Colonial corporations make billions of dollars from African oil while African people Starve.
  74. 74. There is no future for African people without African Revolution led by the African working class
  75. 75. Africans are one people around the world
  76. 76. Africa’s resourcesfor African people!
  77. 77. African workers must lead the African Revolution
  78. 78. The African Liberation Movementis part of the worldwide movement to overturn imperialism and win national liberation
  79. 79. African People’s Socialist Party African Socialist International Carrying out the legacy of Garvey, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Malcolm Xfor the liberation and reunification of Africa
  80. 80. African Socialist International African workers around the world: Unite to liberate Africa
  81. 81. Uhuru Movement: African workers doing for self
  82. 82. Build the African Socialist International!
  83. 83. Touch One! Touch All!One Africa! One Nation!