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Social Knowledge Management and the Knowledge Maturing Perspective


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10 years anniversary of the knowledge maturing model at the Special Track for Social Knowledge Management at I-KNOW 2015 in Graz

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Social Knowledge Management and the Knowledge Maturing Perspective

  1. 1. I-KNOW 2015, Graz, Austria Special Track on Social Knowledge Management Social Knowledge Management & the Knowledge Maturing Perspective Ronald Maier University of Innsbruck Andreas P. Schmidt Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
  2. 2. Social Knowledge Management  Oblivious or ubiquitous? The social media revolution has challenged knowledge management.  More than management, it is about social collaboration & social learning  Social knowledge management is an integrating concept  Informal learning  Collaboration  Open Innovation  Social learning programmes and analytics  … 6
  3. 3. An integrating view needs an integrating model  Informal learning does not replace formal learning and human resource development strategies.  Conversations do not replace documentation.  Emergence does not replace institutionalization.  Participation does not replace efficiency. 7
  4. 4. 10 Years Anniversary: Knowledge Maturing 8  E-Learning, Innovation & Knowledge management  Collaboration vs. HR  Implementation vs. instruction  Participatory processes
  5. 5. Knowledge Maturing Model 9
  6. 6. Knowledge Maturing Model: How knowledge develops 10
  7. 7. Contact Ronald Maier University of Innsbruck School of Management Information Systems Universitaetsstraße 15 6020 Innsbruck, Austria phone: +43 (512) 507 – 732 mail: Andreas P. Schmidt Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Institute for Learning & Innovation in Networks Moltkestr. 30 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany phone: +49 (0)721 925-2914 mail:
  8. 8. Track Social Knowledge Management Morning presentations  Christine Kunzmann, Andreas P. Schmidt, Carmen Wolf: Facilitating maturing of socio-technical patterns through social learning approaches  Dominic Stange, Andreas Nürnberger: When Experts Collaborate: Sharing Search and Domain Expertise within an Organization  Christian Ochsenkühn, René Peinl: Collaborative process maturing support by mining activity streams Afternoon presentations  Sebastian Dennerlein, Dieter Theiler, Dominik Kowald, Emanuel Lacic, Elisabeth Lex, Tobias Ley: The Social Semantic Server: A Flexible Framework to Support Informal Learning at the Workplace  Rebekka Alm, Mario Aehnelt, Bodo Urban: Processing Manufacturing Knowledge with Ontology-based Annotations and Cognitive Architectures  Eva Gatarik, Rainer Born and Viktor Kulhavý: Framing skilful performance to enact organizational knowledge 12